Primary success, Part 1/2

Aloha Friends. Things are looking UP. Part one of two as Labor Day is when voters begin to pay attention.

The Primary and General Election preparation.

-Meeting and Conference reports                            -Your donations

-By The Numbers                                                        -The scoop

-September 6 East Oahu Republican monthly meeting

-September 18 HIRA Roadshow, Hawaii Kai

-September 18-21 Eagle Forum Council, St Louis

-September 26-28 Gun Rights Policy Conference, Chicago

-September 26-28 Value Voters Summit, DC

-November 8 HIRA Veterans Day w/ NRA President


There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. Thank you. The Hawaii Republican Party can be better.

RNC Meeting, Chicago for two of five days. Hellreich showed, not Saiki or Liu or Executive Director (ED). Conservative meeting (your Hawaii members are not invited): Common Core with Jenni White, NOM Brian Brown, Republicans Overseas. Met with Pollster Conway, who I know from ACU BoD. You can attend these (now expensive) meetings to see your RNC: ED & Chair (both ours absent) meetings; VP Cheney lunch; Gov Pence, Sen Kirk dinner; Paul Ryan lunch; strategy and messaging sessions; Ricketts (soon NE Gov); Gov Walker dinner. Several asked me if RNC should commit resources in Hawaii (What do you think?). CB “Hellreich promised that money would flow through the party to all Hawaii candidates.” A few asked if Hellreich and I get along, because she has been whining (and lying) about these reports. Departed to …

RedState Gathering, Fort Worth. Erickson hosts 350 hardcore conservatives. Heritage’s DeMint, Senate Conservative Fund Cuccinelli, BBQ with Gov Perry, Sen Cruz dinner, Gov Haley, OK-1 Bridenstine, FreedomWorks’ Kibbe, RNC Priebus, dinner w/ soon Gov Abbott. No breakout sessions, strategy and stats were from the stage via Heritage Action, Townhall, RedState. Friday was 105 degrees (yes, I went for a run) making Cleveland (vice Dallas) for RNC convention look better. Program was ok, got more from the attendees.

-Reader “Thanks for the link to the 60 sec radio spot by HIRA. I love it. It’s so clear and concise. I emailed HPR and asked them to send some money to HIRA so they could air it often before the elections!

East Oahu meeting, always something. Giles (who overslept and kept both candidates waiting) orchestrates an explosive meeting. Ahu said he is not a single-issue candidate then spoke to SSM, gays w/ children, and “thruples.” Used ‘trust’ seven times to describe himself then, as happens in east Oahu, it went off-script. A district chair asked if he knew his campaign sent email which was ‘less than truthful’ about his Primary opponent. “He started out in denial, claiming to not know about it.” Ahu challenged the district chair to produce a hard copy AND made her read it out loud before “he admitted that he knew it was sent.” It’s not the ‘white lie’ which bothered attendees, good move for our pastor turned politician. It is the cover up from a pastor whose talking point with Aiona is ‘trust’ that concerns voters. Ahu apologized, admitted he wasn’t truthful

Aftermath: Giles was upset with the questioner whose softball question caught Ahu unprepared, hoping Dems/media will be gentler. Hemmings, who quit HRP to join Dem Anderson’s race, wants Rs to be nice to each other, then for HD50 he sent “Thielen has a history of being an obstructionist to the detriment of Kailua.” Ahu beats Sutton in the primary. End story.

RNC staff helps, sort of, clean our lists. New for Primary week is a GOPDC and HRP list of registered voters. HRP has candidates making voter ID calls. That’s good. Not-so-good: too late for the Primary to ID voters from generic lists of EVERY voter and candidates are disgusted that HRP wasted their time. This list-culling should be done a year earlier with blind ID (hint for 2016). By now, we should be working lists of previously IDd voters who would potentially vote Republican if they were to vote.

-Saiki scraps her ineffectual voter registration effort, goes straight to voter ID. 1. HNL Rohlfing hopes to walk a precinct/weekend, 120+ remaining. From HD18 “The last (small) district we did was 900 homes and we almost completed it.“ Instead of districts w/ a local district team or candidate, cover districts where Djou or Aiona have no one local. No report of a similar effort by Maui Fontaine, Kauai Hickling, or Big Island vacant chair. 2. VOIP phones misused. Candidates calling ALL registered voters is a time-waster. Few districts obey Saiki’s demand to provide volunteers, candidates chip in. 3. Urge ‘leaders’ to speak in metrics, not flowery descriptions of work that probably isn’t being done. # volunteers, voters IDd, phone calls, door knocks, $ raised etc. We need more than the party (or candidate) is “doing well.”

-HRP FEC. HRP in the RED again. July receipts of $33,068 = only $18,953 contributions + $8,766 from RNC ($2,516 computer and now two staff salaries) which should be used to win a mainland Senate seat (already 34k total) +$5,344 from IBS, Inc to pay off the old copies contract. No transfer from State account. Disbursements are $37,585. CoH drops to 50k (32k fenced for mortgage payments) = only 18k for operations with zero Victory Funds for local candidate support or electioneering. RGA $ for Aiona and NRCC for Djou should arrive soon. Still DEBT = $14.9k. No push for sustaining member program, report shows: down to 4/14 Exec Cmte, up to 3/51 District chairs, down to 19/23,000 members. When leaders don’t buy in, don’t expect others to do so. Expenditures include 1499 mortgage, 2803 building maintenance, 1000 debt payment (doubled after my comment that it’d take them two more years to pay their debt), 2000 mail appeal, N Shore event another 3699 (3159 in-kind & 540 payment)(+1416 from last month so they didn’t break even), 805 copier AND 5344 for old copier early termination, 2742 IMS accounting, and Berube’s (final) 3096 & Parson’s 2832 salary & Sick’s 854 +2593 payroll tax+440 health insurance+1189 unemployment insurance … and 141 to pay volunteer Hasha’s HQ parking. Mortgage = $134k. This month marks HRP’s dive into the RED for the election cycle. HRP in the red 12 of last 19 months, and 2/4 months since Hellreich installed Saiki. Party of fiscal responsibility in debt for 46 consecutive months, Hoping Felix’s Finance Cmte comes through.

HRP CSC. HRP six-month state report has receipts = $34k, disbursements = 23k, with 19k CoH. For the election cycle, CSC account is also in the RED with 81k raised and 91k spent! Top donors are candidates who use campaign funds to purchase tables or tickets to HRP events; such as Aiona 4k, Johanson 3.5k, Ward 1.1k, Fukumoto 1.3k. Corporations, business, PACs money goes here; for example, A&B 5k, Island Insurance 4k, Altria 2.5k, Aston Hotel and Resorts 5.7k. Counties’ money, about 4k, is here. Expenditures include another 1.5k for LDD and another 3.5k for state convention (which means they probably didn’t break even), 2k more to IMS accounting, $1,800 for the January ‘honoring Saiki’ event. State cmte should question ROI on $734 for a Kauai County Fair booth and $600 to fly Berube around the state; $604 for Mukk lodging at HHV; $211 office supplies to Lussier for Maui convention; $535 to Klompus for caucus robocalls is a LOT of robocalls; $125 on convention name badges. HRP paid for Kailua July 4 parade on May 28…. didn’t tell anyone until the week before the event. ONLY $5.8k in transfers to the federal account. No funds yet to any candidate.

-‘New’ copier is nice. But, when candidates used the old one, HRP paid and candidates kept their hard-earned (or nonexistent) funds. Now, HRP charges even for $.77 (yes, they charged a candidate 77 cents) because HRP has no Victory Fund.

Other. Oahu League has 8k. Republican State Leadership Cmte PAC (national) has updated org report. Kauai Republican Women has 1k, gave to two candidates. Republicans for Life w/ .5k. HIRA at 3k. HIRA-Action (SuperPAC), only R organization on the air, has 9.6k. Hawaii Solutions (nonpartisan SuperPAC for Rs and Ds) only 3k after they pay bills, Nonaka stopped paying himself. Hawaii Family Advocates has 16k. Defend Marriage Hawaii (Federal SuperPAC, twice hit by FEC for failure to report) has 0. Hawaii Right to Life raised $0.

What you want and why you want it. Optimally, Cavasso would be strong enough after three senate races (he’s not) to cause national Dems to spend money in Hawaii….to the detriment of Dem mainland Senate races. And, you don’t want Rs spending money in Hawaii. NRSC puts 1.4m for NC Tillis and Crossroads GPS does 1.1m to counter the DSCC 9.1m to save Hagan, liberal billionaire Steyer (who maxed to faux-R Theilen) dumps 2.6m against our IA Ernst, also against our CO Gardner. DSCC forced to put 1m to CO Udall defense. DSCC spends another 2.5m for LA Landrieu. Planned Parenthood spends big for AK Begich as AFP does 1m to hit him, and Crossroads does 5.5m for Sullivan. Liberals do .5m to hit our MI Land. When HRP asks for $ from national cmtes or PACs, they’re not on the R team.

Same locally. Individuals who file to run for office are appreciated. However, this is about winning races. You don’t want HRP wasting time or funds supporting Marshall, who raised zero $ and said he won’t campaign, or supporting Maui’s DuBois against Baker or dozens other who cannot win. Doesn’t make sense. We need those ‘candidates’ to try, even a little, in their respective races so credible Rs might win. Focus on winnable races and encourage the others to do their part.

By the numbers:

-One. Connector insurer after HMSA bails Ward, Theilen, Fontaine, Johanson, Pine voted FOR Connector.

-Two. ‘Porno’ Choice updates

-Five. HRP lack of integrity to address Rs – Thielen, Carroll, McDermott, Pine, Fenton – who endorsed Ds against Rs in the last election.

-Six. Years without a HRP strategic plan, finance plan, campaign (Victory) plan.

-Six. Net R seats for US Senate majority. 2014 is ALL about the Senate, again. Support: AR, LA, IA, AK, NC, CO, KY, MI, KS, NH. SD, MT, WV are ours. Sabato : Rs “pickup of six-to-seven seat the likeliest outcome.”

-Eight. Net expected US House R gains (and at least five). Rs retain solid control.

-Ten.NRA’s Trigger The Vote voter registration campaign features Norris delivering his Top Ten reasons to register to vote. Individual reasons are 15-second online ads.”

-Nineteen. Months since the 2012 required HRP financial audit was to be conducted. Eight since the ’13 audit was due. Difficult to get donors if finances are in question.

-Twenty-two. Months this election cycle and seventeen after Hellreich wrote “the need to use massive voter registration drives in all states to increase our chances of winning local and national elections.” Last month, Hellreich “There is no substitute for registering new voters,“ something HRP doesn’t do.

-Twenty-two. Years (until last week) that Smart Business Hawaii leased their Hawaii Kai office. Finances cause SBH office to go ‘virtual’ but continues to represent small business interests.

-113th. Best Congress ever passes the LEAST legislation in the history of history. 114th needs to dump tons of unnecessary, liberty-strangling government regulations.

-798. Days (as of September 2) to Presidential election. (1000+ in last report was corrected by a reader.)


OCare/Health Connector. Dems want single-payer. “Most enrollees will see a 7.5% increase in their premiums under ObamaCare in the next year. Nevada could potentially be hit with a 36% increase.“ “The nation’s third-largest health insurer had 720,000 people sign up as of May 20. Aetna expects to have ‘just over 500,000’ by December.“ “Obama administration to cut off health insurance for up to 310,000 people who signed up through the system unless they can provide documents showing they are U.S. citizens or legal residents.”

-Rumor is Buck tells listeners that Humphries is off radio because Humphries headlined a HIRA event. That gets this supporter’s response “I will inform Mike Buck that his rumor is a lie. Buck is trying to destroy HIRA and conservatives any way he can. Funny Mike said Rusty is a close friend and made it sound like he heard it direct from Rusty,“ based on this Humphries email “Wow! No, I was not taken off the air because of that speech nor am I mad at HIRA. I had a wonderful time and would go back in a moment. I’m off air because of a disagreement with the company I used to work for. This is in no way associated with HIRA. I had a great time… And bring me back!  All the best, Rusty Humphries.“ I met with Humphries at CPAC in March, he is doing very well at TWT.

-Responding to supporters who want Aiona to ‘take overHRP, Aiona in National Review “I am a part of the Republican Party because the fundamental values I have are the fundamental values the party has. But I am not a party person.” Either a ‘misquote’ or Aiona doesn’t understand life/assisted suicide, ‘porno’ choices, religious freedom or gambling when SA writes “Aiona essentially said it is time to move past the culture wars.” If accurate, this should concern his supporters.

-Rs for H. HRP’s only and first coalition in five years isn’t what they want. Republicans for Hannemann coalition took shape when R leaders (County, District, Incumbents, candidates, fmr party officials) met with Hannemann to recruit him for Governor. Hannemann instead went Indy. Rollman (McDermott’s Office Manager) messages: Mufi listens A message from Hannemann

-You can be a lot of things but you can’t be a fiscal conservative if you support “the Akaka bill, ongoing efforts by the Obama administration to engage in rule-making or an executive order to give federal recognition to a phony Hawaiian tribe, the Kana’iolowalu process to create a state-recognized tribe, and race-based government entitlement programs (there are more than 850 of them for “Native Hawaiians)” and the Hawaii secessionist movement. Conservatives don’t support growing government, increasing taxes, or race-based initiatives. Know before you support, contribute, vote.

-’Computer’ phones are only as good as what goes into them. Candidate left us laughing “My team went to HQ, all excited. HQ RNC guy proudly explained the phone and that it had been uploaded with the latest Republican lists. “Watch how easy this is” and hit the keypad. The phone dialed the number, it is all a computer or something. The person answers and says, loudly, “Why the hell are you calling me. I am a Democrat. I never talk to Republicans. Don’t you ever call me again” and hung up. My team was in shock, The HQ guy quickly confessed that the list maybe had some soft Democrats. One of my guys said “THAT was not a SOFT Democrat.” Discouraged, we called for two hours, about 200 people. We spoke to ten Republicans.“ He adds “the HRP walk lists are junk.” His people trash them before the end of the first block and knock on every door and put information in a notebook. He says Ds have [handhelds] receiving and sending voter information directly to their party dbase.

-HIRA’s Get involved with conservative solutions.


ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.  Part 2 on the way.



Last five: Primary/ Changes/ Convention/ Meetings/ Relevance.