What’s Wrong With This Picture?, 1/2

Aloha Friends. Part one of two.

As the world goes to war, we go to politics. Good luck to all our candidates.

Meetings and conferences – HRP finances – How we got here, corrected – By The Numbers

HRP forwarded this familiar phrase to members. “Aiona: ‘People want hope, they want changehttp://westhawaiitoday.com/news/local-news/aiona-people-want-hope-they-want-change. Hope and change? Can’t make this stuff up.

-October 4-5 Gun Show, Blaisdell Ctr www.hawaiihistoricarms.com

-October 23 HIRA Roadshow, Salt Lake www.hawaiirepublicanassembly.com

-November 1 East Oahu Republican monthly meeting Marian243@hawaiiantel.net

-November 4 General Election http://hawaii.gov/elections

-November 8 HIRA Veterans Day w/ NRA President www.hawaiirepublicanassembly.com

-November 9 FNRA Banquet, Kaneohe Dawn Horn dawnhorn@hawaii.rr.com

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. Thank you. The Hawaii Republican Party can be better.

NRA Board meeting, Virginia. www.NRA.org  As a ‘non-Board, Committee member,’ I attend two of the four days. Appointed to the Urban Affairs Cmte, also sat with the Military and Veterans Affair Cmte. Did the coordination for NRA President Porter’s Hawaii visit to HIRA and FNRA. One highlight: talked hunting with Ronnie Barrett, manufacturer of the first cal.50 sniper rifle. When you’re ready to defend your civil rights = www.NRAJoin.org. Good Guys ads = http://home.nra.org/home/video/neighbor/list/good-guys-tv and with a SEAL wife http://home.nra.org/home/video/work-ethic/list/good-guys-tv. Bloomberg’s spewing anti-gun money so http://meetbloomberg.com and http://meetbloomberg.com/videos. You should attend the Annual Meeting, Nashville, April 2015.

Gun Rights Policy Conference, Chicago. Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) and Citizens Cmte for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) friend Alan Gottlieb’s annual meeting. 700 attend in spite of ATC fire in Chicago that left 14 speakers and 200 planned attendees at home. Reviewed this year’s many SAF/CCRKBA legal and political successes in international, national and states’ defense of the 2nd Amendment; with Joe Tartaro, Julianne Versnel, Massad Ayoob, Alan Gura who won the Heller and McDonald SCOTUS cases, John Fund, John Lott and more. www.hawaiireporter.com/29th-annual-gun-rights-policy-conference-set-for-sept-26-28/123. Zimmerman is SAF national Secretary, Slom is SAF Treasurer. The latest in Hawaii http://watchdog.org/173630/second-amendment-advocates.

-The ONLY Republican ad. Reader “Why isn’t the [HRP] distributing this? This is why I don’t trust Saiki. Even though she is embarrassed without an ad, this supports all Republicans.” Unlike Hawaii Solutions, Christian Coalition, Grassroot Institute, and Family Forum, HIRA contributions go solely to electing Republicans – partisan, no ‘salaries.’ www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-vlv-3J_xU

East Oahu meeting w/ Tax Foundation of Hawaii www.tfhawaii.org. E. Oahu Rs agreed on something – opposing oppressive taxes in our sinkhole state. We challenged Yamachika to find five high schoolers and watch them make better ‘guesses’ than the Hawaii Council on Revenues. Puzzling: Neither R House caucus nor HRP has EVER asked TFH for a presentation for legislators or candidates (Senate has).

NRA President with HIRA for Veterans Day. S-A writes the obvious “Gun registration, meanwhile, has reached record levels. Violent crime in Hawaii has significantly declined over the past decade.” Two years ago, I asked NRA President Keene to attend our FNRA Banquet and tour Hawaii shooting, it was a first for a sitting NRA President. This year, join veterans and Porter on November 8 http://hawaiirepublicanassembly.com/enews/NRAporter_veterans_dinner_092214.html. The following evening, we attend the FNRA banquet dawnhorn@hawaii.rr.com. Seabright ruling favors 2nd Amendment http://watchdog.org/173630/second-amendment-advocates.

-HRP FEC. HRP federal account in the black this month. August receipts of $44,345 = $38,065 contributions + $6,250 from RNC which should be used to win a mainland Senate seat (already 42k+ total). No transfer from State account. Disbursements are $31,877. CoH up to 63k (31k fenced for mortgage payments) = only 28k for operations with zero Victory Funds to support local candidate or electioneering. DEBT = $13.5k. Sustaining members on FEC report: only 4/14 Exec Cmte, only 3/51 District chairs. When leaders don’t buy in, don’t expect others to do so. Expenditures include $1500 mortgage+2774 building maintenance+3457 property tax, 1000 debt payment (speeded up to beat next year’s convention), 4172 mail appeal+1847 telemarketing, 2148 IMS accounting, 540 city permit, 148 insurance, and more Berube 1548 & Parson’s 2832 & Sick 1709 salary +2977 payroll tax+440 health insurance. Saiki’s ‘free’ VOIP phones cost 1,800 this month. Mortgage = $133k. HRP in the black 8 of last 20 months, but 3/5 months since Hellreich installed Saiki. Party of fiscal responsibility in debt for 47 consecutive months, RGA support for Aiona arriving, no NRCC yet for Djou.

HRP CSC. HRP six-month state report receipts = $34k, disbursements = 23k, with 19k CoH. For the election cycle, CSC account is in the RED with 81k raised, 91k spent. Top donors are candidates who use campaign funds to purchase tables or tickets to HRP events; such as Aiona 4k, Johanson 3.5k, Ward 1.1k, Fukumoto 1.3k. Business and PAC money goes here; for example, A&B 5k, Island Insurance 4k, Altria 2.5k, Aston Hotel and Resorts 5.7k. State Cmte should ask the ROI on $734 for a Kauai Fair booth or $600 to fly Berube weeks before firing her. There’s $604 for Mukk HHV room; $211 office supplies to Lussier for Maui convention; $535 to Klompus for caucus robocalls which is a TON of robocalls; $125 on convention name badges, ONLY $5.8k transferred to the federal account.

Other. OLRW to soon distribute to candidates. Republican State Leadership Cmte supporting several house candidates. Kauai Women gave to two candidates. HIRA-Action, only R organization on the radio, up with their second ad. Nonaka’s Hawaii Solutions (nonpartisan PAC for Rs and Ds) ineffective this cycle. Hawaii Family Advocates sent several mailers. Christian Coalition hosting candidate rallies.

-Saiki says RNC money is coming to Hawaii, that’s good. Donors, however, ask why funds to win the US Senate goes to Hawaii for races such as Aiona’s loss by 17 or Lingle’s by 25. HRP gets another RNC staffer (and loses one). We better win the US Senate.


By the numbers:

-One. Republican no longer. Pine dropped from HRP website.

-Two. Late reports CSC fined H40 Martinez (vs McDermott) and for a false report. 39 more campaigns and PACs fined. www.civilbeat.com/2014/09/golf-bags-are-not-a-legitimate-campaign-expense-in-hawaii-commission-says

-Two. Months RNC-guy Sick was here before leaving the state. Saiki says a new guy has six-months here but his salary doesn’t show on finance reports and no one has heard of him.

-Six. Net R seats for US Senate majority. Support: AK, IA, CO, KS, NC. We have SD, MT, WV, LA (in December), AR. KY and GA (in January) are safe. “FiveThirtyEight forecast has Republicans a 60% chance of winning the Senate.” Still, a month to go.

-23. Months this election cycle and eighteen after Hellreich wrote “the need to use massive voter registration drives in all states to increase our chances of winning local and national elections.”

-76. Hawaii legislators rated. http://hira.hawaiideservesbetter.com/pdfs/HIRA-2014-Hawaii-Legislative-Scorecard.pdf

-100. Million dollars the Council on Revenues is off (again). Rail station bids also off by 110M. ‘$100,000,000 here, $110,000,000 there. Pretty soon it becomes real money.’

-“365. Incumbents in the 435-member House and 18 of 28 senators on a glide path to another term,“ according to AP.

-700. Physicians short in Hawaii, began long before OCare because of lack of tort reform. Don’t get sick. Certainly don’t get sick on a neighbor island.

-767. Days (as of October 3) to Presidential election. (1000+ in last report was corrected by a reader.)

2016. Sabato “There are many talented [Republican] politicians.” First tier: empty. Second: Bush, Paul, Ryan. Third: Rubio, Cruz, Walker, Christie, Portman, Kasich, Jindal, Perry, Santorum. Wild Card: Romney, Huckabee, Pence, Carson.

-360,000. Dollars not reported by PRP PAC to defeat Cayetano. Dems, PRP and Winer (Schatz Chief of Staff) do anything illegal to win.

-Why political messages repeat: Rasmussen “Over one-third of Likely Voters remain unaware which political party controls the House of Representatives and which has a majority in the Senate.”

Paychecks Hawaii, SBH affiliate. What’s wrong with this picture? Ds endorsed because they’re better for business than the Rs: H25 Luke over Lam, H33 Kong over Helsham, H42 Har over Moses. Ask HRP why only three R senate candidates of 13 races are endorsed by business, plus S5 Kamaka, S6 DuBois, S21 Ku, S24 Danner don’t earn the endorsement. Many House R candidates NOT endorsed: H3 Dickson, H4 Thomas, H5 Bateman, H6 Valenzuela, H8 Kapoi, H10 Marten, H12 Pohle, H15 Yoder, H16 Franks, H21 Manutai, H24 Amsterdam, H32 Tagavilla, H35 Poti, H37 Svrcina, H41 Jeremiah, H48 Kukahiko.

-What’s wrong with this picture? Saiki in CB “Her political work began with her successful drive to create the first teachers’ union for Hawaii’s public school teachers.” “Saiki successfully urged the [HGEA] to create a new teachers chapter, which she led.” “Saiki told teachers to embrace the national unions..” “Saiki’s decision to become a Republican seems surprising..” “She supported abortion rights ..”

OCare/Health Connector. Dems want single-payer. “Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) officials knew of massive security risks with Healthcare.gov and chose to roll out the website without resolving the problems.” “[OCare] site was hacked and the incursion went undetected for six weeks.” “Roughly one fifth [of employers] say they’re moving from full time to part time, more than one in ten are saying they’re doing more outsourcing – all because of the new health care reform.” “An [OCare] provision that requires individuals to pay separately for abortion coverage to ensure abortions are not funded by taxpayers is being widely ignored by insurance providers.” “[OCare] massively funds abortion on demand.” Ward, Theilen, Fontaine, Johanson, Pine voted FOR Connector.

-Last report noted that Awana (fmr Lingle CoS/campaign manager) was working several campaigns. That caused S-A to break that Awana works for BOTH GOP (Aiona) and Dem (Martin). Only in Hawaii do consultants – Awana and Nonaka – work both sides.

HIRA STILL the only R organization on air www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-vlv-3J_xU&feature=youtu.be. Ask HRP why they aren’t using this Republican-supporting ad. HIRA scorecard allows you to explain conservative solutions. http://hawaiirepublicanassembly.com/enews/hira_scorecard_090214.html.

-You can be a lot of things but you can’t be a fiscal conservative if you support “the Akaka bill, ongoing efforts by the Obama administration to engage in rule-making or an executive order to give federal recognition to a phony Hawaiian tribe, the Kana’iolowalu process to create a state-recognized tribe, and race-based government entitlement programs (there are more than 850 of them for “Native Hawaiians)” and the Hawaii secessionist movement. Conservatives don’t support growing government, increasing taxes, or race-based initiatives. Know before you support, contribute, vote.

-“The 2014 Hawaii Primary Election results are overall positive for gun rights supporters.” Hawaii Rifle Association (HRA) ratings. What’s wrong with this picture? Aiona C, Ige A, and Hannemann B. Tsutsui B and Ahu won’t respond. Ds (including Tokuda, Kobayashi, Ichiyama, Jordan, Say) are more supportive than Rs (including Johanson, Jeremiah, Poti, Lam, Clemente, Lethem, DuBois, Kamaka). Rs refuse the survey = Akina, Fukumoto, Pouha, Helshem, Agustin, Tagavilla, Tupola, Fowler, Marshall, Amsterdam, Allen, Danner, Ku. There are as many Libertarians who support gun rights as there are Rs. www.hawaiirifleassociation.org/images/Candidate_Ratings_2014_General_Election.pdf.

-RNC temp guy at HRP, not knowing better and expecting HRP to want to win elections, asks if TEA is active in Hawaii. He should ask Hellreich, Aiona, Finnegan, Kaauwai, Chang, Djou et al, why they hate and are afraid of the TEA Party. Arrived in July, Sick is already back on the mainland.

-Encourage HRP to do something. “[NH] Republicans are attacking Shaheen (D) for holding a September fundraiser with a ‘fat cat lobbyist’ in Washington.” R Senate candidate McFadden partnered with NRSC and MN Republican Party to create a joint fundraising committee. Even Hannemann’s Independent non-party is running ads. Where is HRP?

Common Core/Pono Choices is THE grassroots issue. Ohio may be next to exit Common Core and join IN, LA, SC, OK. While Lingle stumps FOR Common Core, neither Djou nor Aiona give a position. McDermott is fighting for you www.hawaiireporter.com/controversial-sex-education-program-reinstated-in-hawaii-public-schools-with-some-changes/123

-Prevedouros. Fix Oahu! August 17, 2014 “The pain in cost overruns and construction congestion will be severe. The only thing we can do now is kick the people responsible for rail out of office. Six are out already (Mufi, Peter, Linda, Neil, Stanley, Rida*).”

-Hawaii polling. www.nationaljournal.com/hotline-on-call/hawaii-polls-demand-a-critical-eye-20140218 and http://fivethirtyeight.com/datalab/racial-voting-lines-in-hawaii-senate-primary-leave-pollsters-mostly-clueless

-When you fight your (conservative) base in Primaries: “[Dem Senatorial Cmte] has outraised the [Republican Senatorial Cmte] by $29 million this cycle.“ NRSC got the mainstream candidates they want, now they’re in a money panic to produce. GDIAF www.redstate.com/2014/09/19/gdiaf-nrsc. In spite of Ds in the White House and Senate, RNC’s Priebus wins: “RNC has now raised $150 million since January 2013… DNC $133 milion.“

-“Her elite escort business offered prostitution services to some of Hawaii’s most prominent law enforcement, politicians and entertainers.” www.hawaiireporter.com/former-portlock-madam-wants-drug-charges-against-her-dismissed/123

-HIRA’s Roadshowwww.hawaiirepublicanassembly.com. Get involved with conservative solutions.

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.  Part 2 on the way.



Last five: Primary Success/ Primary/ Changes/ Convention/ Meetings. http://hawaiideservesbetter.com