What’s Wrong With This Picture?, 2/2

Aloha Friends. Part two, or, ‘Ds look like Rs, Rs look like Ds.’

As the world goes to war, we go to politics. Good luck to all our candidates. Talk around town – Races, $ – Issues – Quick Hits

-October 4 East Oahu Republican monthly meeting Marian243@hawaiiantel.net

-October 23 HIRA Roadshow, Salt Lake www.hawaiirepublicanassembly.com

-November 4 General Election http://hawaii.gov/elections

-November 8 HIRA Veterans Day w/ NRA President www.hawaiirepublicanassembly.com


There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. Thank you.

-Ask HRP to tell their story, or at least tell the public about our candidates. Or, listen to the Republican radio ad = www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-vlv-3J_xU&feature=youtu.be

http://hira.hawaiideservesbetter.com/pdfs/HIRA-2014-Hawaii-Legislative-Scorecard.pdf Slom is the only conservative. McDermott is high House score. Your House Republican caucus averages a liberal 45% = what’s wrong with this picture?

-Low turnout: Primary election “41.5% turnout. 47% Kauai, 43.4% Oahu, 37.5% Big Island, Fontaine w/ 33.1% Maui.“ Same day voter reg begins in 2016 so Dems can introduce more voter fraud into the process. Your R House members voted FOR same day registration = what’s wrong with this picture? Expecting low turnout for the General, there is no excuse for Saiki/HRP/four counties to lose a race.

-Saiki anointed Kubo as HRP Victory Coordinator because Vice Chair Ready isn’t doing his job of coordinating campaigns and electioneering. Hawaii Ds tap US Senator Hirono to run their program.

-Lingle tried to out-D-the-Ds and lost by 25. S-A: Takai takes a reflective and cautious approach to the effects of race-based benefits. “Djou says he is the only candidate for Congress who would be able to change minds & persuade fellow Republicans on Capitol Hill to end a stalemate over federal recognition for Native Hawaiians.” What’s wrong with this picture? Djou could also push his positions for abortion, gays and gun control. Besides, the House has several times passed ‘Akaka’ without Djou’s help.

-S-A blog on ‘Republicans for Hannemann’ “How come you never read about the secret meeting held at Hawaii GOP county chairman [Rohlfing Jr.’s] house where he and [Hannemann] tried to convince the entire GOP leadership that they should support [Hannemann] as a Republican for governor instead of [Aiona]? Everyone was there (including Chang and Fukumoto).” = what’s wrong with ….

-I don’t necessarily agree with ALL our readers: “?Is this really TRUE: Djou takes $1k from Republican Majority for Choice, dedicated to preserving access to abortion and federal funding for stem cell research, incl embryonic stem cell.“ (Yes.) Candidate “Is HRP coordinating grassroots efforts? I have no evidence.“ “Unless the party is raising money I see little they can do to help candidates.” (Even then, HRP is ideologically-challenged.) “The lists they have for walking are poor, phone numbers dirt, and addresses old.“ “Imagine not having any list from the presidential caucus voters available after over two years.“ (Imagine that.) “Hellreich promised that money would flow through the party to all Hawaii candidates.’ Does this include Kawika Crowley?“ (No) “Not $40,000. Are you sure Kaauwai/Nonaka debt was not $70,000?“ (My mistake. More like $100k! Correction coming). “I have turned Independent because I am convinced political parties should be abandoned.“(It is not the party. It is the people running the party.) “Libertarians support same sex marriage based on two ideas. One is equality under the law. Two is the government should not be in the marriage licensing business. Since two is not an option we support one.“ “Charles Djou wants to help the tribes get sovereignty? When did that become a Republican platform item?“ (It isn’t.) “GRIH has thrown in with the ‘unity’ crowd controlled by Hellreich and Saiki.“ (Implying they already weren’t?)

October 3 = 32 days to General Election

-This cycle is ALL about winning the US Senate, focusing our effort on the winnable Senate races, and contributing and volunteering to those Senate races. Everything else is a distraction. Yet, a few local races could be won… if HRP focuses on the 2-3 winnable races.

What you want and why you want it. You want national Dems to spend money in Hawaii….to the detriment of mainland Senate races. You don’t want Rs spending money in Hawaii. When HRP begs for $ from national cmtes or PACs, they’re not on the R team. When R candidates aren’t strong enough to threaten D candidates, they’re actually a detriment. Same locally. We appreciate individuals who run for office. By now, we know who may win, and who won’t. You don’t want HRP wasting time or $ supporting candidates who suck air the rest of us could use. Focus on winnable races.

Races, with amounts raised in thousands for the cycle and CoH to begin the General. Gov: Ige 604 raised/94 CoH vs Aiona 500 raised/198 CoH vs Hannemann 207/175. CB poll 43-39-8. Last time, Aiona raised $3.2m. Senate: Schatz 4,914/976 vs Cavasso 158/13, Rasmussen 60-28, Silver D+33/99% D win. CD1: Takai 701/165 vs Djou 491/434. CB poll 42-46, RCP says Leans D. Some are attempting a PAC to support Djou ”My all-volunteer campaign team is working hard.“ CD2: Gabbard 1,364/945 vs Crowley no FEC acct. CB poll 70-17. Sabato: Senate & HI-2 Safe D. HI-1 Likely D. Gov Lean D.

-Watch, also. S23 Fale 51/38 vs Riviere 31/19. H22 Brower 14/0 vs Grace 19/8. H27 Fowler 53/21 vs Ohno 40/29. H36 Fukumoto 51/36 vs Lee 44/22. H43 Awana 17/1 vs Tupola 28/9. H47 Fonoimoana 14/8 vs Pouha 14/4. H51 Lee 44/22 vs Hikida 34/14. HNL Council IV Waters 106/24 vs Ozawa 98/26. OHA Ahu Isa vs Trask.

-Here, last month “RNC likely to support to Aiona pending (my suggestion) campaign metrics.” Then, www.staradvertiser.com/news/breaking/20140906_RNC_invests_in_Hawaii_Republicans.html?id=274232081. While S-A acknowledges the R priority to win the US Senate, they’re afraid to name conservatives. S-A calls the only critical person (me) Some Republicanshave been critical about diverting national money to Hawaii.” No excuses anymore, “Saiki said the national money would be used to hire local residents as field representatives and to assist the party’s “ground game” of voter outreach.“

-Money isn’t everything, unless you don’t have it. CSC candidate reports. Numbers are $ raised for the cycle in thousands, and CoH for the General. Arakawa 870/329, Couch 52/14, S Aiona 14/0 vs Fukunaga 134/26, Ahu 174/41 & Tsutsui 847/34. S5 Kamaka 6/1 vs Keith Agaran 74/27, S6 Dubois 0/0, S12 Lethem 3/1 vs Galuteria 44/34, S18 Kim 15/10 vs Kidani 162/150, S21 Ku 0/0 vs Shimabukuro 30/39, S24 Danner 0/0. H3 Dickson no rprts vs Onishi 36/12, H4 Thomas 5/1 vs San Buenaventura 22/5, H5 Bateman 4/1 vs Creagan 21/7, H6 Valenzuela 14/6 vs Lowen 47/20, H8 Kapoi 9/0 vs Souki 96/51, H10 Marten 0/0 vs McKelvey 60/28, H12 Pohle 2/0 vs Yamashita 36/67, H14 Hoomanawanui 3/2 vs Kawakami 51/36, H15 Yoder 13/1 vs Tokioka 64/43, H16 Franks 3/0 vs Morikawa 22/8, H17 Ward 25/56 vs Stump 6/3, H18 Halvorsen 6/2 vs Hashem 23/27, H19 Mathieu 1/0 vs Koybayashi 19/15, H20 Allen 12/9 vs Say 13/38, H21 Manutai 6/1 vs Nishimoto 52/55, H24 Amsterdam no reports vs Belatti 23/16, H26 Marshall 1/0 vs Saiki 66/60, H28 Kaapu 18/9 vs Mizuno 39/6, H31 Johanson 47/61, H32 Tagavila 17/13 vs Ichiyama 27/28, H33 Helsham 13/3 vs Kong no rpt, H34 Augustin 10/0 vs Takayama 49/44, H35 Poti 9/2 vs Takumi 17/8, H37 Svrcina 2/1 vs Yamane 49/80, H40 McDermott 43/21 vs Martinez 7/3, H41 Jeremiah 1/0 vs Berg 0/0 vs Lopresti 15/1, H42 Moses 2/0 vs Har 59/55, H45 Cheape 36/13 vs Magaoay 11/6, H48 Kukahiko 9/4, H50 Theilen 57/19 vs Browman 0/0. Red = Rs raised < $10k.

Other Ds: Aquino 45/21, Baker 124/96, Cachola 55/172, Cullen 35/35, English 70/59, Choy 13/43, Green 219/486, Harimoto 5/8, Ing 20/23, Inouye 58/3, Ito 34/38, Jordan 16/14, Kahele 100/27, Woodson 35/1, Luke 121/101, Nakashima 50/46, Nishihara 50/46, Oshiro 12/64, Rhodes 36/53, Tsuji 45/82, Tokuda 40/58 i.e. Ds have money, Rs don’t.

-1. CSC reports highlight HRP’s flawed strategy of running people who are not prepared to campaign (or govern). Candidates who are bad or don’t try are a strain on the Victory program (if HRP had a program) and a distraction for volunteers and donors. 2. Rs using PIRYX to process credit cards include: HRP, Ahu, Fale, Fukumoto, Johanson, Cheape, Manutai, McDermott – profits which liberal billionaire Steyer turns around to beat Republicans. 3. Nonaka paid by as many Ds – for example Martin, Ozawa, Onishi – as Rs and media call him a ‘Republican.’ Heh.

-“We don’t pay for landslides and we don’t invest in lost causes.” RGA chair Christie. CB “Hellreich promised that (national) money would flow through the party to all Hawaii candidates.”

-We’re looking for principled politicians, whose principles are our principles. There is no discernible difference between Hawaii D and R candidates. From HRA ratings, to HIRA rankings, to Paychecks Hawaii, to Family Advocates, to candidate surveys and speeches. Or, WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?

-Even for naïve Rs who adhere to what is often attributed to Reagan – 80% friend & 11th commandment – R candidates are so far removed from Republican platform, principles and beliefs that one’s brain must be off to consider them Republicans. You’re wondering to whom to commit your time and political dollars. Voters should have a choice.

-How’s the view from under the bus? Reader “I’ve heard Aiona say he was not a “partisan” guy and he was “not a Party guy” before. He seems proud of that. That tells me he is an Aiona guy – whatever Aiona stands for, that’s what he stands for, whatever his platform may be. Screw that!!  If he can’t say that he stands for Republican principles or even put an “R” on his campaign posters, he’s not getting a cent from me.“ Another “Who does that? – Perform gay marriages, that he says are immoral, just for the money? Now comes his ‘Hope and change’ slogan. If he thinks he needs avoid issues because ‘it’s Hawaii,’ at least don’t denigrate conservatives. Make him stop, please.“ S-A “Aiona essentially said it is time to move past the culture wars.” Either he is lying to get the D vote or he doesn’t understand life/assisted suicide, ‘porno’ choices, religious freedom or gambling.

-Aiona chooses gay marriage over principle www.hawaiinewsnow.com/story/26432674/exclusive-aiona-says-hed-perform-same-sex-marriage-if-asked. It must be for the money because the SSM issue is “not a priority with me as a candidate.” No one makes him perform weddings.

Aiona is pro race-based initiatives, refuses to sign the taxpayers’ protection pledge, HRA C rated, will conduct gay marriage, will fund universal pre-school (CB “Those who identify as liberal say they will vote “yes” while moderates and conservatives say they will vote “no.”” Except Aiona.) = What’s wrong with this picture? No executive experience. LG when we blew the state surplus and fumbled Superferry and furlough Fridays. Flip-flopped on a marriage constitutional amendment.

-Why you don’t trust ‘our team.’ Why hasn’t Family Forum, Hawaii Christian Coalition, Transformation Hawaii, Hawaii Aloha Advocates or religious supporters asked for a clarification? S-A blog comment “Aiona has yet to prove he is a Republican” or a man of principle.

-CB “Congress needs more centrists. I (Djou) was named by the National Journal as one of just 10 centrists during my term in Congress. As a congressman, I voted in favor of the DREAM Act.“ First vote in congress was with Ds to repeal DADT. Pro-abortion, pro race-based initiatives = what’s wrong with this picture? His fiscal policy only gets a Club for Growth 79%. Lifetime rating of 38(!) from ACU.

-OHA candidate Akina & GRIH says anti-Akaka bill is their top priority. But, to get himself elected, Akina campaigns for Akaka bill advocates Djou and Aiona. What’s wrong with this picture? THIS lack of principle is why politicians keep the bad name they’ve worked so hard to deserve.

-Local House and Senate candidates are as bad, or worse, if they take any position at all.


Quick Hits:

-HIRA’s second (and first) radio ads. Latest www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-vlv-3J_xU   1st www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmBqdtrcMyk&feature=youtu.be. Another coming.

-“Red, White, and Blue Candidate Rally. MauiTEA promotes candidates because Maui HRP is broken.

-Aiona did a September Super Saturday. Late notice = less success. They should do another (perhaps HRP Coordinated Campaign could help), with advanced notice.

-HNL Council Pine email Council Action Needed to Restore Honesty. Pine & honesty, an oxymoron.

-Last report had the wrong billionaire maxing to faux-R Theilen was incorrect. Not the environmental guy, it is gay-rights billionaire Singer who maxed-out.

-HRP email rhetoric still focused on members. They NEED to instead inform the public.

Nago, Office of Elections fails again. Why is he still there?

Rail and rail overruns. Slom “It is not too late to cancel the project and cut our losses.

-S-A suggest Abercrombie had been around too long so people wanted change. Same writers argue Schatz should be in the Senate because … he can stay around a long time.

Why Does Hawaii Government Fail So Often? Milner says because there is a failure to implement policy, a lack of accountability, a lack of followup. Sixty years of democrats. Uh huh.

-Google ‘Inouye’ + ‘chubby.’

Cruz booed off the stage. http://dailycaller.com/2014/09/10/ted-cruz-booed-off-stage-at-middle-east-christian-conference-video.

-Another Bloomberg anti-gun $1m. Gottlieb on the front lines www.gopusa.com/news/2014/09/02/1m-from-bloomberg-group-to-background-check-campaign

White male party, not Republicans. www.redstate.com/2014/09/10/93-democratic-senate-governor-candidates-white

-Republicans Overseas challenge constitutionality of FATCAwww.fatcalegalaction.comwww.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/sep/23/mike-lee-to-fight-us-tax-law-targeting-americans-a

-Obama “we have no strategy.” Duh.

-If you didn’t read about our candidates here, or from HIRA, or see them at church-sponsored forums you wouldn’t hear of them at all. Ask HRP to begin telling us (honestly) who are our candidates, why they are running and what are their platforms (in the absence of a party platform).

www.nra.org “The [NRA] has reserved $11.4 million for its initial fall advertising campaign… in the Arkansas, Colorado and North Carolina Senate races. They will be followed with ads to help the GOP Senate candidates in Georgia, Kentucky, Iowa, Louisiana and West Virginia.” NRA protects your 2nd Amendment (gun) rights only if you support NRA. Join www.nra.org

-GOPUSA “While [Obama] is pursuing a sweeping climate change agenda, a disturbing Pew Research Poll reveals that 68 percent of Democrats believe climate change is a “major threat to the U.S.” — and only 65 percent believe the same of ISIS. You can’t make this stuff up, folks.“

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



Last five: Primary Success/ Primary/ Changes/ Convention/ Meetings. Not my posting but tells the real story = HRP transparent at www.hawaiideservesbetter.com.