ELECTION, finally. Part two

Aloha Friends. Part two of two. Good luck to our candidates.

Talk around town – Races, $ – Issues – Quick Hits

-November 4 General Election http://hawaii.gov/elections

-November 8 HIRA Veterans Day w/ NRA President www.hawaiirepublicanassembly.com

-November 9 FNRA Banquet, Kaneohe (SOLD OUT)

-December 6 East Oahu Republican monthly meeting Marian243@hawaiiantel.net

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. Thank you.

-Ask HRP to please tell their story, or at least tell the public about our candidates. Or, listen to the Republican ad = www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-vlv-3J_xU&feature=youtu.be

-How YOUR legislator voted; why OUR caucus should NOT again elect Souki as leader. http://hira.hawaiideservesbetter.com/pdfs/HIRA-2014-Hawaii-Legislative-Scorecard.pdf


-I don’t necessarily agree with ALL our readers: “Why did [Pine’s] Picture get taken down (from HRP website)?” Reader correction “No one in the Hawaii Christian Coalition is getting “salaries.”  We are all volunteers.“ “Is Fale a conservative?“ “It would be great if we had competent Republicans running the HRP.“ Reader in S-A blog “Will Djou promise to go away and stop pretending to be a Republican? Djou’s supporters are just too delusional to notice.” “OHA has $12-$15 million in ceded lands funding, there is no reason any of them should be homeless. Why does the DOE budget take up half the state’s budget?  Taxes are too heavy for us to sustain it. What is OHA doing with all this Kakaako money? I object to union leaders mandating dues from paychecks then taking that money to give themselves salaries nearing half a million.“

-S-A blog comment “After the 2012 general election, blowhard Aiona consultant and liberal Republican puppetmaster Hellreich told the state committee that HRP would lead an unprecedented voter registration effort.“ Two month’s ago Saiki congratulated Oahu’s Rohlfing, Kauai’s (can’t recall his name) and Fale for their voter registration success. Now, S-A “Hawaii Republicans and religious conservatives wanted to significantly increase voter registration, but the drive has fallen flat….voter registration is at 706,890, a marginal 0.17 percent increase from the 705,668 registered in 2012. [Saiki] said at the party’s state convention that the GOP wanted to register 25,000 new Republican voters. Miriam Hellreich, the state’s Republican National Committeewoman, was even more candid, cautioning that Republican candidates could not win in Hawaii with the existing pool of voters.“ Failing to register even 1,000 new voters, of her 25,500 mission, Saiki understands the skepticism when she asks for money to fund “our immense get-out-the-vote efforts happening on every island.”

-SBH: “Brand Loyalty. Have you noticed on local TV political commercials that Democrat spots are clearly and boldly labeled “DEMOCRAT David Ige” and “DEMOCRAT Mark Takai, but Duke Aiona and Charles Djou don’t seem to have an “R” anywhere in the spots? Mufi Hannemann is “INDEPENDENT” and Jeff Davis is “LIBERTARIAN.” Where are the REPUBLICANS? Fear? A political strategy? Not new, but certainly noticeable.“

-CB “Djou and Aiona have generally distanced themselves from their own party.” When Hawaii Dem Party supports their candidates with www.youtube.com/watch?v=6T6OeatngSM&feature=youtu.be, HRP leaves ours out to dry. Ask HRP what she’s doing with our donations?

Rs identified as Rs. Reader “I received an 11″x 6″ postcard from Kaniela Ing (D) with pictures and political party labels for Beth Fukumoto (R), Lauren Cheape (R) and dems Takashi Ohno and Tulsi Gabbard. If the State Party officials take no action on this blatant endorsement of a Democrat by Republicans, the party might as well finish the job and close the doors and shut down the web site.  A desirable alternative would be resignation by the party leaders and turn the official party back over to Republicans with principals and backbone.  We know that isn’t likely to happen.“ Reader “I can’t even believe this.” The media doesn’t mention it because they like their Rs being like Ds.


-Sierra Club hits Fale for being “belligerent” and “polarizing.” CB reports Fale agrees and says that’s “ironic” because he is simply a Republican clone of Clayton Hee.

-HRP District chair, the head of a military-related endorsing organization, does a Takai (yes, the Dem) TV ad. He writes “It is me! Mark asked if I would support his campaign, before the primary. No one else asked since.“ Reader “HRP will take no action to censure or throw out these guys. The whole thing is beyond sad it is pitiful and speaks to weak leadership. When leaders are respected, members want to imitate them. That’s what we have going on but in reverse.“

-SSM. Aiona refused to testify. “Aiona said he didn’t feel the need to speak out on the issue.“ www.hawaiinewsnow.com/story/26720113/why-aiona-hannemann-didnt-speak-out-on-same-sex-marriage It’s not principle, it’s money www.hawaiinewsnow.com/story/26432674/exclusive-aiona-says-hed-perform-same-sex-marriage-if-asked. S-A blog comment “The only problem with Duke ‘solidifying his religious core’ is that he ran away from their main social conservative issues, and they noticed.”

-Djou damaged by get-along Rs. State House Rs unanimously approved what they called a “fiscally conservative” state budget. http://hira.hawaiideservesbetter.com/enews/hira_code_blue_052213.html. HIRA called out Rs for voting with Ds. http://hira.hawaiideservesbetter.com/enews/hira_code_blue_041813.html. During debate, Takai hammers Djou with the Republican caucus vote FOR the state budget.

-Rs spend two years complaining about the liberal S-A, then your candidate gets an endorsement and Rs think that’s good?  S-A editors like HD17 Ward for “bringing a moderate GOP perspective to a Democrat-dominated chamber.” HD22 Grace is “a solid alternative.” Fale is, well, they have nothing good to say about him as not one other R senate candidates receives even a footnote. They call Johanson’s go-along/get-along philosophy as ‘common-sense approach.” The major reason given to elect House Ds is their usurping of Rs = our House caucus is the biggest detriment to more Rs being elected.

-You can be a lot of things but you can’t be a fiscal conservative if you support “the Akaka bill, ongoing efforts by the Obama administration to engage in rule-making or an executive order to give federal recognition to a phony Hawaiian tribe, the Kana’iolowalu process to create a state-recognized tribe, and race-based government entitlement programs (there are more than 850 of them for “Native Hawaiians)” and the Hawaii secessionist movement. Conservatives don’t support growing government, increasing taxes, or race-based initiatives.

-If you didn’t read about our candidates here, or from HIRA, or see them at church-sponsored forums, you wouldn’t hear of them. Ask HRP to tell us (honestly) who are our candidates, why they are running and what are their platforms (in the absence of a party platform).

November 1 = 3 days to General Election

– What you want and why you want it. This cycle is ALL about winning the US Senate. Everything else is a distraction. You want Ds to spend money in Hawaii to the detriment of mainland Senate races. You don’t want Rs spending money in Hawaii. (An example is Ds sending an emergency $200k against Djou.)   When HRP begs $ from national cmtes, they’re not on the R team. Locally, thank you to our candidates. By now, we know who may win, and who won’t. Local races can be won… if HRP focuses on the 2-3 winnable races. You want HRP to focus on winnable races.

-HRP’s misplaced focus on Aiona’s campaign, sacrifices the race they could win. Aiona is behind Ige, Djou is ahead or tied with Takai. Well after early voting began, HRP finally assists Djou (Saiki and Djou whining about the Dems whining.) This lack of leadership and disciple could cost the win, but may be what Djou desires – for HRP to stay away.

Races, & amounts raised in thousands since last report/CoH/debt/amount raised for the cycle. Gov: Ige 1,250/509/0/1,860 vs Aiona 729/146/0/1,230 vs Hannemann 111/91/82/318. Hawaii Now poll 47-35-12, CB 40-34-11, RCP & Politico Likely D. Aiona raised $3.2m in 2010 vs 1.2 this cycle. Senate: Schatz 646(inc 260 from PACs)/555/0/5,560 vs Cavasso 115/37/126/274(inc 44 self loan), poll 71-17 & 71-20, Silver D+41/>99% D win, CB 55-29. CD1: Takai 682(inc 269 PACs)/189/26/1,430 vs Djou 445(inc 69 PACs)/416/5/931. No independent polling; only CB Takai+4 & now S-A at 47-47, RCP Toss up, Politico & Cook Leans D, WaPo 66% R win. CD2: Gabbard 208(inc 74 PAC)/1,000/4/1,570 vs Crowley no FEC account. CB poll 70-17, now 69-19. Sabato: Senate & HI-2 Safe D. HI-1 Lean D (from Likely) and Gov Likely D (from Lean) “It would be a shock to us if former Rep Charles Djou (R) won back HI-1,… but stranger things have happened.” Governor: “The only good news for Democrats in an open-seat race can be found in Hawaii.”

-Watch, with total raised/CoH in thousands. S23 Fale 51/38 vs Riviere 53/8. H22 Grace 26/5 vs Brower 14/0. H27 Fowler 66/16 vs Ohno 59/5. H43 Tupola 43/4 vs Awana 24/3. H47 Pouha 24/4 vs Fonoimoana 25/13. HNL Council IV Waters 174/27 vs Ozawa 140/23. OHA Ahu Isa vs Trask.

-CSC reports. Money isn’t everything, unless you don’t have it. Ds raise money, Rs don’t. Some Rs came on strong – Valenzuela, Yoder, Hikida, Kaapu, Tagville, Kukahiko and the incumbents. A third of HRP’s candidates failed in fundraising. Less than $15,000 – Manutai, Marshall, Kamaka, Lethem, Thomas, Bateman, Kapoi, Franks, Agustin, Svrcina, Jeremiah, and Moses. Less than $5,000 – Mathieu, Pohle, and Hoomanowanui. Amsterdam, DuBois, Danner, Dickson, Ku, Marten submitted no records or raised virtually 0. House leaders, Ward and Johanson, finally provided a few candidates some assistance. Nonaka on as many D campaigns as R. Many R candidates still using liberal PIRYX. HRP soaking candidates for copier use, even $1.13 for one job.

Quick Hits:

-Saiki has RNC money, RNC staff and resources. No excuses.

-Following last report that Nonaka works both sides, sort of AC/DC, the media tweaks their romance and refers to him as ‘political’ consultant, rather than ‘Republican.’ Thank you.

-There is no discernible difference between Hawaii D and R candidates. Instead, we want for principled politicians, whose principles are our principles.

Maui R candidates are afraid to attend Hale Mauka forum. County chair Fontaine isn’t in the loop (HRP doesn’t provide contact info) or working with candidates.

-CB: We Believe drew ‘several thousand’ to a “gathering for God – and for Duke Aiona and Elwin Ahu.”

Common Core/Pono Choices is THE grassroots issue. As Lingle stumps FOR Common Core, Aiona is noncommittal and Djou doesn’t say. McDermott is fighting for you.

-HR’s Zimmerman is national with http://watchdog.org/177834/hawaii-ranks-worst-for-tax-burdens.

-SBH. “watch for more nasty, negative, outside campaign ads. Nearly all are directed at Republicans and the GOP appears to have taken a rope-a-dope attitude in not refuting the baseless charges.“

Improving. CNBC ranks Hawaii 49/50 for Top States for Business. That’s up from 50/50 last year.

-Bluest state, or Red http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/house-races/221721-how-red-or-blue-is-your-state

-Daily Signal “So far, the [NRA], the largest and best-known defender of the Second Amendment, has spent more than $19 million in congressional races.“

-RNC Priebus “there’s an incompetency malaise across this country where people are not confident in the job that the democrats have done.”

Heritage says if typical family spent like the feds: median income $51k, they’d spend $60.5/year, so they’d have $9.5k on the credit card, despite being $300k in debt. www.heritage.org/federalbudget

-“Truth includes that though the government may recognize marriage between same sex couples, God does not.“ www.redstate.com/2014/10/07/you-will-be-made-to-care-the-semblance-of-normalcy

Voters. It’s funny. www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=tTCXR8uaCHg

-Reed, Faith & Freedom Coalition “What is on the ballot is literally whether America will survive as a free nation, or continue a downward slide into moral decline and big government.”

Abortion funding. www.redstate.com/diary/2ndvote/2014/10/08/follow-money-susan-g-komen

-SBH newsletter “McHugh, Johns Hopkins Hospital Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, said that transgenderism is a “mental disorder” that merits treatment, that sex change is “biologically impossible,” and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder.“

-NRA dinner http://hawaiirepublicanassembly.com/enews/NRAporter_veterans_dinner_092214.html. NRA protects your civil (gun) rights only if you support NRA. Join www.nra.org. Plan to attend the Annual Meeting, Nashville, April 2015.

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



Last five: What’s Wrong/ Primary Success/ Primary/ Changes/ Convention. Not my posting but tells the real story = HRP transparent at www.hawaiideservesbetter.com.