Accountability 1/2

Aloha Friends. Part one of two. Election – Meetings & Events – HRP finances – By The Numbers

Thank you Republican candidates. Glad to have some winners. Many worked hard, learned, and lost. Having courage to be the candidate or volunteer campaigner is just that, courage. Please, read on.

Election day, second best reality show. Embrace the moment. Republicans don’t often have days such as November 4. 13 hours, 25 big races. Hispanics, women, African-Americans – all elected, all Republican. Win after win, Senate, Governor, House, some unexpected because polling was inaccurate. Every half-hour we’d win another, and losses were oh-so-close. Red & blue states, east, Midwest, south, west. As of the morning after, Rs won 8 Senate & 13 House, 3 Governorships.

Hawaii’s only surprise is the margins. In a year of Dem disarray and infighting, nationally about Obama and locally about Inouye, HRP nets zero to DC, zero state officials, 0 for state senate, 1 in state house, 0 for council. Voter turnout set a record low. Despite touting her ground game, Saiki failed. Failing to focus on winnable races, Hellreich again failed. When HRP could have won with even a mediocre GOTV effort, Liu again failed. If $2M national money had not been wasted on HRP, we could have won CO Governor and VA Senate races. There is good news: Net of one to the state house. We learned that Saiki and Hellreich and Liu (S/H/L) were not honest in their assessment of the candidates or the races; S/H/L failed to raise and allocate resources; and S/H/L appear incapable of learning OR they are incompetent What Went Wrong for HRP. S-A eulogy “This election puts the Hawaii GOP at ground zero.” Republicans can’t run a state party, no wonder voters don’t trust Rs to run the state. There is so much HRP info, we’re saving lots for January.

Stunner headlines read “Saiki blames everyone else” instead of “Saiki and state & county officers accept responsibility and resign, immediately.” No one has heard from HRP, or Saiki; Nothing like last time’s faux ‘youth movement.’ There is no anger, sorrow, introspection, determination, joy or anything at all because supporters and party ‘leaders’ don’t care. When people spoke out (or wrote long reports), they still cared.

The take away: RESIGN. All of you. The public must learn that Rs take responsibility and WANT to do better. HRP ‘leaders’ called for D officials – incompetent, corrupt, or both – to be held accountable and resign. Rs who proved to be incompetent, corrupt and both in ‘leading’ our local party should resign. Don’t wait for replacements, most of you did nothing anyway. Take responsibility.

Not the first to call for resignations. Svrcina, district chair who stepped forward to run for a House seat, was the first to email candidates and the State Cmte and call for resignations of several officers especially an-all-of-a-sudden-reappearing vice chair Ready. Then, HIRA gave this.

saiki resign petition

To the S-A blog, Saiki responds “I have no comment.” That received laughs such as “No comment. REALLY!! Two weeks after an across the state shellacking and the best you can do is No Comment. Here’s a novel idea…take responsibility…. that’s what leaders do!“ and “No comment”?! That lady has no clue. Exit stage left with the rest of the RINO’s” and “Hawai’i voters were uninspired by this lack of leadership. Please move aside” and “lukewarm HRP leadership has to go.” HIRA begins a scathing justification for “It’s Time To Go” Broken Promises, Part 1. HR’s Zimmerman led with HIRA’s call for HRP resignations on her November 21 KHVH update. HIRA followers asked for It’s Time To Go Petition.

Writing to conservatives and Republicans, mostly in Hawaii, I email rather than blog because this is a (quasi-) private discussion. My perspective is that of conservative, Republican, former State Party Chairman and RNC member. Now, work with several local and national conservative organizations. These reports augment what you should hear from the Republican Party, what is not on your radar, or what you need to research. We won’t always agree but we should be informed. Hawaii conservatives should know they are not alone. Please forward this to conservatives or ask to be removed.

-December 6 East Oahu Republican monthly meeting

-January 3 East Oahu Republican monthly meeting

-February 6 As HRP flounders, HIRA has Reagan Dinner Reagan Dinner Save-The-Date

-February 26-28 CPAC, Washington DC

-April 10-12 NRA Annual Meeting, Nashville

-National Rifle Association of America President Porter joined HIRA, not HRP, to honor veterans. HIRA is not waiting for HRP to begin the 2016 campaign. I asked Porter to come to help HIRA secure our civil rights in Hawaii. Media noticed Hawaii Reporter, Washington Times, Hawaii News Now, Hawaii Rifle, Big Island, Alabama, NRA, Missouri, New Mexico, Montana. The week of R’s mainland success and HRP’s embarrassment, Porter arrived. Great evening with like-minded people supporting (gun) civil rights. Porter “When I see an NRA hat or t-shirt, I know we share the same values. A strong family, strong faith in God, a thriving economy, a belief in our 2nd Amendment rights.” HNN NRA Pres with local Republicans and S-A “The dinner Saturday, which celebrated the Second Amendment and Veterans Day, showed the divide between [HRP’s] elected officials and leaders and conservative activists in [HIRA]. Rep. Bob McDermott was the only elected official to attend, and no party leaders participated.“ Conservatives, veterans, 2nd Amendment and no party leader attends. Go figure.

NFRA Board meeting. Republican Assemblies chapters in 28 states had success with their candidates or eventually supporting establishment-types to win a US Senate majority. National Presidential Endorsing Convention is August 28-30 2015 in Nashville with the major contenders invited. HIRA next summer elects state delegates to attend the national convention.

-HRP FEC. Federal account again in the RED, for the two-week Pre-General filing. Receipts of $17,683 = only $12,534 contributions+5k RNC in-kind (VOIP phones); 2014’s second SMALLEST haul comes just before an election. No transfer from the State account. Disbursements are $40,624, none for radio or TV. CoH drops 23k to 83,991 (29k fenced for mortgage, 3k is counties’), with zero designated for Victory Operations support to local candidates or electioneering. Zero provided to candidates. Expenditures include $1499 mortgage+2907 building maintenance, $12.556 debt payment, 6262 mail, 148 insurance, 1605 VOIP phone software, and salary = Parson’s 1519 & Sick (still?) 342 & field staffers 3424 (Dotimas, Haight, Hoke, Kanoho, Mayforica)+3113 payroll tax+440 health insurance+127 insurance while still using liberal PIRYX. HRP in the red 13 of last 22 reports, 3/7 reports since Hellreich installed Saiki. Party of fiscal responsibility in debt for 49 consecutive months. So far, RNC gave HRP 101k+ to lose the governor’s race. As of October 15, HRP left 84k in the bank, NOT winning elections. We’ll do a final election review next month.

-“Are You Kidding Me?” paragraph. HRP paid off the debt incurred by Kaauwai and Nonaka in 2010, made larger by Fukumoto and Chang. DEBT remaining = $12.5k is paid. Good? Yes. But, tell that to anyone in politics and you’ll get an immediate “Why would they do that now?” No one pays off debt the month before an election. For example, RNC took a $5M loan to ensure the Senate majority.

-“Never contribute again” paragraph. Djou gave HRP 12k with two weeks to go. Think that’s dumb? The RNC gave HRP 13.5k. But, wait, the NRCC gave HRP 90k with two weeks to help Djou. Waste.

-HRP left $30,000 in the state CSC account as of Nov 4. HRP again in the RED with receipts of 9,877 and disbursements = 12,712. CoH dropped 3k to 29,717. $30k NOT used to elect Republicans. HRP gave nothing to candidates; two counties (not Honolulu) provided candidates only $600. Even the tiny Oahu Republican Women at least split 9,300 to a dozen candidates. Expenditures include $1,000 copier overage though HRP charged candidates as little as $.90 for copies. RGA gave $25k which every cent went to non-HRP ‘Communications’ Qwong, a consultant in Virginia, to eblast the HRP hit pieces for Aiona. Republican State Leadership Cmte gave to only Cheape and Fukumoto, saving us a lot of tears.

Johanson, minority ‘leader.’ Received liberal PAC money – failed to support his caucus. He could have won seats with that union money. Johanson spent 35k and left 76k in his account at election’s end. He was not in danger: Dem Sharsh lost 61-32 to him in 2012; 2014 raised $1,600 and lost 68-27. Johanson split only $2,200 to five candidates. $26,276 of the 77,000 Johanson raised, one-third, was from liberals including UPW, UHPA, Ironworkers, 2xCarpenter unions, Plumbers, Subcontractors, HGEA, Firefighters, and HCUL (more from solid Ds including Menor, Chong).

-$ notes. (1) When Vice chair Ready wrote post-election that HRP will prosper by growing on campuses he omitted that HRP’s College Republicans CLOSED their finance account a month BEFORE election. (2) Hawaii Solutions, investigated by CB, received 15k from Heidi Kaumaka Wong and gave 2,500 of that to Ofner’s LLC for ‘administrative services.’ (3) HRP & 20% of R candidates still use liberal PIRYX to process payments. (4) Fale and Fukumoto used government military goods/services for their campaigns.

By the numbers:

-Zero. Movement in R House leadership fight. Liberals want to retain control, conservatives know Hawaii wants change.

-1st vice-chair Ready appears. Replaced by Kubo when he disappeared six months ago, Ready surfaces the day AFTER the election, writes that he worked so hard and it is everyone else’s fault we lost.

-Three. Souki dumps vice-chairs Johanson, Ward, Thielen. Jettisoning the Johanson/Fukumoto team, Souki says they need to fix their own side before taking on Ds.

-Four years, four races. Djou epitomizes the quote attributed to Einstein… doing the same thing and expecting…. Waffle his decision, announce late, all-volunteers, hoard resources, try to out-D the Ds.

-Five. HRP lack of integrity to address Rs – Thielen, Carroll, McDermott, Pine, Fenton – who endorsed Ds against Rs in 2012. Add 2014 Cheape, Fukumoto endorse Ing, district chair Egge does Takai ad, and all those Rs who supported Hannemann.

-18 December. McDermott fighting for you as his SSM case hits the Hawaii Supreme Court.

30%, minimum votes which any R would receive. No longer. HRP’s lack of message, poor preparation of candidates, and absent party ‘leaders’ garners NI candidates average < 25%.

-705. Days (as of December 4) to the Presidential election.

-2012, AP called Lingle’s 25 point loss two minutes BEFORE the polls closed. In 2014, AP waited an hour to call Aiona’s loss.

-4,500. Dollars for ‘new’ HRP website yet still not updated, no leader contact info, member link inop.

-38,000 Fale left in his campaign account, suspiciously reporting he did not raise or spend any funds the last three weeks of the election. Too confident, or a false report, that’s lots of left money when you lose.

100,000,000. Bloomberg anti-gun dollars down the drain.

18,000,000,000,000. Dollars. Obama’s debt on our grandchildren.

CB investigates. SuperPACs cannot coordinate activities with candidates. Nonaka said his Hawaii Solutions SuperPAC was to ‘support conservative candidates.’ Last cycle, PAC funds found their way to Nonaka’s wallet, similar to his stint at HRP. Original PAC boss Sam Aiona quit when Solutions ditched their stated purpose and supported anyone who would pay Nonaka’s ‘consulting firm.’ Enter (1) Perez, who replaced Aiona, (2) the money-man who is related to Fale, and (3) the north shore hit pieces. CB: The negative mailer came from Hawaii Solutions, a [PAC] whose treasurer is Earle K. Kealoha, Fale’s father-in-law. Kealoha and Hawaii Solutions chairman Jose Perez did not reply to requests for comment. Dylan Nonaka similarly did not reply. Perez told Civil Beat he had never heard of Hawaii Solutions despite being registered as the group’s chairman.” FB entry: having inherited big money, “Heidi Wong donated $15,000 to Hawaii Solutions to fund their smear campaign against” Fonoimoana, Riviere, Waters. Wong was on the HRP payroll with Fale’s now wife (daughter of PAC treasurer) when Nonaka was ED and Kaauwai (Fale campaign chair) was party chair. Reader ‘Smear-mama Wong showed her real Christian values.” Fale attracts trouble Fale’s father-in-law runs SuperPAC, Shedding light on Noanka’s Hawaii Solutions, Fale, Nonaka Duck the Media Epilogue: Fale, Nonaka, Solutions lost to a more mature Riviere.

-Walden makes the news. CB: “[Journalists] expressed their concerns about [Walden’s] journalistic bona fides … some may mistake him for a journalist.” Perhaps recalling the fabricated story Walden posted on HR, Zimmerman “He is a hack. There are lots of factual errors and he is an embarrassment for [HRP] and the Grassroot Institute.”

-Saiki Newsletter to party members, no public statement, drops the day before Thanksgiving to ensure the least readers possible (same as Obama’s What Obama Did Not Want You To Know). Taking NO responsibility for, or even acknowledging she had anything to do with HRP’s November 4 destruction (Obama-like, she blames predecessors Fukumoto & Chang). She 1. tells what HRP didn’t do and promises to fix, simultaneously writes 2. she needs a cmte, of unnamed members to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it. (She has two other faux cmtes on the Audit and Auxiliaries.) Contradicting herself, Saiki says HRP should stand for something. This summer she said “It is up to our candidates to define the party” and “The Republican Party should not take a stand on issues.” No one trusts an untrustworthy politician. CONTRAST: S/H/L says that they are considering a cmte, so they can then make a plan, which would drive preparations to eventually bring action. WITH THIS: HIRA already brought the NRA President to rally conservatives and for Reagan Dinner has NRLC President.

-Baby steps. “Planned Parenthood‘s Kona [abortion den] will shut down because it has lost its lease. Commercial property management companies are often reluctant to lease to abortion businesses, so relocation is never assured.“

OCare/Health Connector. Ds want single-payer. Will Roberts ‘make up’ something to save D ‘subsidies,’ the way he saved OCare by redefining ‘tax?’ Ds drop their 2015 goal from 15M to 9M. “The average price of the most popular [OCare] plans rose 10 percent for 2015, according to [HHS].” Johanson, Theilen, Ward, Fontaine voted FOR Connector.

-Immigration. Saturday Night Live Obama’s Immigration Decree

Gunstores vs museums & libraries

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.  Part 2 coming, plus more next month.



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