Accountability 2/2

Aloha Friends. Part two of two. This report got long so more ‘election’ is next month. Talk around town – Readers Comments – Turnout – Races & $ – Quick Hits

-December 6 East Oahu Republican monthly meeting

-January 3 East Oahu Republican monthly meeting


-February 6 Reagan Dinner Save-the-Date Reagan Dinner

-February 26-28 CPAC, Washington DC

-April 10-12 NRA Annual Meeting, Nashville


There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. Thank you.

-HRP – particularly Saiki, Parsons, Ready, Nonaka – want to ‘move forward’ or like Clinton “What difference does it make?” That’s why HRP keeps doing the same thing and losing, again. Reader: They’re “still not able to take responsibility. We’re seeing Obama-like shirking here in the [HRP].“

-Rules-required fourth quarter State Cmte meeting noticeably unscheduled before the election disaster. District chair “Any bets on whether our caucus materials will be ready this year?” We’ve known for more than a decade that there would be a quarterly meeting. Suddenly waking from the election beat down the weekend of Thanksgiving, Saiki & Parsons announce a meeting for the next weekend. Then, Parsons requires district chairs to request from Saiki in writing for an agenda. Two days out, no agenda.

I don’t necessarily agree with ALL our readers. Nothing like losing to generate reader comments (continued next month). These care enough to be angry, the majority just quit caring. “The incestuous personal-professional deals between Kaauwai and Nonaka are especially alarming, above & beyond Kaauwai’s time spent on Fale’s campaign, and Chang-Fukumoto’s apparent business ethics (which I’ve gleaned from other sources too).” “They care more about history recording the vice chairmanships than standing for conservative, socially crucial, family values.“ “Marilyn Lee asked Beth Fukumoto about Hawaii Family Advocates not supporting her again if Beth supported Souki. Beth, to the cheers of her people, boldly declared that “I answer to no one! The people of Hawaii want bipartisanship!” and that’s what she was going to do!” (The next month, Souki kicked her bi-partisanship out of House leadership). On the Gov debate “The question was on health dept efforts and Ige spoke, then Mufi, then Duke. Duke’s comment “I agree with my colleagues”! Does he not know anything about showing he has some views of his own?“ The pot calling the kettle …. “Seems Pine just sent out a scathing video accusing Duke/Elwin of being liberal; disappointed they have not hammered Ige for his huge support for the public will over-ride session.“ “Djou is totally out of touch; the fact that on the night that his party swept the Congress across the nation he said in his concession speech that he still believes America needs a “two party system” is yet another tell that had he won he would have likely been milquetoast on conservative issues.“ District chair “As of 19 November, 14 days and nothing heard from HRP leadership regarding the November 4th shellacking.” “Fale leaving his House seat and losing his Senate bid raises the maturity and intelligence of both bodies.” Candidate response to Ready’s “self serving propaganda piece. “You’re telling us how you (Ready) worked so hard “Really? Where have you been hiding last 5 months? Where was the HRP leadership supporting all of the candidates? Under your fake unprincipled lukewarm leadership, [HRP’s] transformation is impossible. Your group of leaders have caused enough damage. Resign, if you care of the good of Hawaii.“

-Blog comment “Executive Director “PARSONS OUTS THE INCOMPETENCE OF HELLLREICH AND SAIKI“ S-A “Parsons said the party should have focused on voter identification and its get-out-the-vote drive sooner.” More: “There was a low turnout. I think there was a lot of apathy out there.” “There’s still people who don’t feel like there is an opportunity, but that’s where the Republicans have to do a better job of showcasing candidates.” HRP did NO job of ‘showcasing candidates.’

Big Island reader: “I understand voter turnout will be lower than our usual “low”. What an opportunity Republicans have to make a difference. Ref the lack of “R”s in candidate literature and yard signs, it has been a big red flag. When Aiona says “I am non partisan” or “People over Party” – a Lingle cop out term – I ask why I should vote for him, so do others… No position, no vote……low voter turnout because there is no reason to vote…”both sides sound alike”…“

-And, Maui “I have been able to witness the complete dysfunction and self serving agenda of the [HRP], coupled with their left leaning tendencies. I have concluded that its existence is a waste of time and a disservice to the republican voters in this State.”

Kauai “It is no wonder that the [R] forerunners are silent about their HRP support, primarily because there isn’t any. The HRP has no interest in bringing a republican agenda into being, there really isn’t one.“

-Saiki too little, too late. D party addresses their challenge. S-A: Dem party chair “[Ige] has got to bring the Democrats together.” There is a divide in the party. There will be much to talk about before getting to presidential politics because Hawaii’s Democrats are neither united nor happy. D chair “That is my job, to bring everyone together.” S/H/L and Ready purposely divide the already irrelevant Republican Party. HRP needs better, more inclusive, stronger leadership.


Turnout. 52.3, new record low. 369,554 voted/706,890 registered of 1.4M residents. A little over half of them by absentee. Turnout: Big Island 47.7, Maui 52.7, Kauai 57.4, Honolulu 52.8.

-HRP wastes 21 of 24 months of an election cycle NOT identifying voters; don’t be surprised when there are too few to GOTV at election time. Missing her goal to register 25,500 new voters by 24,600, Saiki gets skepticism when she asks money for “our immense get-out-the-vote efforts happening on every island.” Saiki, Hellreich and Liu (S/H/L) allowed 13% of Hawaii to elect Ige.

-HRP self-destructed and we (naively) expected S/H/L to own up to it. They didn’t. Saiki, in S-A, blames voters, SuperPACs, media for low turnout; Parsons blames voters; Ready emails things HRP should have done (he knows because they were his duties). Berish S-A letter “Political Class, Not Voters, to Blame for Low Turnout.” Saiki, Djou, Aiona, Parsons, Rohlfing blame democrats for Rs losing. S/H/L, Ready and county chairs failed and never accept responsibility.

What you want and why you want it. When Aiona and Hellreich asked for and received RNC, RGA & NRCC funds, it probably cost us the CO governorship and VA senate seat. Djou’s stronger campaign, may have enabled HRP’s favorite ‘squishy’ McSally to barely win her AZ recount (we’ll see). S/H/L lost in Hawaii at every level, HRP also caused Rs to lose elsewhere.

-Gov loss by 12. Top-of-ticket losses by 40 (Senate) and 58 (HI-2). Blogger says state senate races were an average 64-36. NI were not competitive in any race, lost state Senate contests by 37, 33 and state House by 56, 41, 30, 26, 30, 32, 51, 48, 48, 44, 44. That’s not what Rs received, that’s margin. No one can think Saiki and these county chairs should be leading the party. On Oahu, state Senate losses by 16, 37, 15, 34, 4, 67 and state House by 31, 40, 32, 53, 14, 39, 36, 35, 28, 34, you get the idea. No one can think S/H/L, Ready, Rohlfing or any Exec or county cmte deserves to be reelected, or even still in office. If you do, bless your heart, then you’re one reason Rs continue to lose. If you think voicing this is mean, then you are part of the problem. If you don’t forward this report to your friends, Rs will lose again.

-In a three-way race for an open seat against a first-time state candidate, a fmr LG Aiona got destroyed by 21 on the Big Island (Cavasso by 49, Crowley 61), lost Maui by 24 (Cavasso 47, Crowley 62), Kauai by 20 (Cavasso by 46, Crowley by 62), Honolulu by 8 (Cavasso by 37, Crowley by 52). Abandoning his base, failing to ID & GOTV, Aiona brought little fire. Aiona got 136,000 votes, 21k less than 2010. Even districts won by R legislators did NOT go for him. Reader: “Where were the HRP leaders who supported Hannemann?” Aiona left $105,000 of your donations in his account. That’s, say, 200 people who could ease their cost of living (Aiona’s self-proclaimed big issue) by $500 each.

-On Maui, six R state house/senate races lost by an average of 39 points. No one can think Fontaine should remain county chair, Saiki as state chair, Ready as vice chair, or NCW Hellreich, NCM Liu. Big Island without a county chair, four R races lost by an average margin of 35. Kauai’s Hickling lost three races by an average 45. On Oahu, R senate races including Fale’s four pointer, lost by an average of 23 points. Too many House losses to mention but if you heard of Rolhfing doing ANYTHING, please raise your hand. Before you write or call me, go to and look at the destruction.

-HRP’s misplaced focus on Aiona’s campaign, sacrificed the race they may have won. Aiona trailed the whole time, often badly. Djou was ahead or tied with Takai. Not until a week left, did HRP assist Djou (Saiki and Djou whining about the Ds whining) and it was only ineffective eblasts to HRP members – no ads, no ground. This lack of leadership and disciple cost a possible win.

According to HRP finance reports, not one of Saiki’s State Executive Committee traveled to a neighbor island this year. You decide. Resign Petition at

-Saiki predicted, and on some shows promised, big wins. At first she said 10,11,12. Later, she promised 4, 5, 6 in the house and several in the senate. Nonaka, giving clients hope, said four in the house, 2-3 senate. Ward predicted a house with 9-11 members and an increase in the senate.

I wrote: HRP needs to focus only on the 2-3 winnable races. Watch: SD23 Fale vs Riviere. HD22 Grace vs Brower. HD27 Fowler vs Ohno. HD43 Tupola vs Awana. HD47 Pouha vs Fonoimoana. HNL Council IV Waters vs Ozawa. OHA Ahu Isa vs Trask.

What happened: Tupola upset a D and Pouha wins an open seat on the last printout. SD23 was the closest senate race, HD22 the closest House race. HD27 was the race targeted by the Ds (and HD51). Council IV was the state’s closest race. Nominal R Ahu Isa narrowly beat Trask. Good guesses, more accurate AGAIN than your ‘Republican strategists,’ ‘leaders,’ or pundits.

So, here we are. Another cycle of failure. Two years to prepare for the next.

Quick Hits:

-Where was Lingle?

-Last month’s report “Saiki has RNC money, RNC staff and resources. No excuses.”

Hochberg, Hawaii Family Forum & Family Advocates, sues to keep Cavasso from running against Schatz. Roco lost the Primary and hired Hochberg according to Court News.

-Hear HIRA’s radio ad (the first) from the election. HIRA FaceBook

-Losing by 12, after losing by 17, Aiona in CB “you never say never.” If he does consider another campaign,”… With Gabbard eyeing a step up, don’t expect Aiona to consider the HI-2 open seat.

-SBH “watch for more nasty, negative, outside campaign ads. Nearly all are directed at Republicans and the GOP appears to have taken a rope-a-dope attitude in not refuting the baseless charges.“

McDermott cares. On Porno Choices child sex education “The University believes I am trying to influence its research. But I’m not. I’m trying to kill the program.” (‘Bright colors’ quote of the month.)

-R candidates say Nonaka’s Hawaii Solutions final week hit piece against Ds cost R votes. Voters said the disgusting photoshopping changed their vote. Nonaka/Solutions elected more Ds than Rs.

-D takeaway is, based on the GMO fight and Ige’s Primary win, ‘money doesn’t win elections.’ They’re wrong but when they complain about money in politics they should review this post-2014 talking point.

-Hawaii Rifle Assn. Cooper “The Ige/Tsutsui winning ticket .. is good for Hawaii gun rights supporters.“ i.e. the R ticket was not. Join and ask HRA for their good article on NRA President’s visit.

-Two years to prepare, a practice run three months ago and Elections Office can’t give a first printout until 7:15 PM.

-PBS has three liberal pundits, interviewed by liberal reporter. ‘Does the media here have a liberal bias?’ These liberals, bless their hearts, unanimously agreed the Hawaii media is fair, balanced.

-Slom out, Rourkma in, at Smart Business Hawaii. Thanks, Slom, for 31 years at the helm.

-Week of NRA President visit, radio guy & HRP event MC Buck rails against guns.

-My ACUF Board Chairman, Carly Fiorina, posed to announce a Presidential run.

-Others get it: WaPo “American Renewal national field director said targeted low-propensity voters were contacted seven to 11 times to get them to the polls.”

-Leithart “Pastors don’t need to enter politics – they’re already in it.”

-Salmon AZ-5, with CoS Deguire, our former HRP Exec Dir, made several visits to the Mexican prison and were instrumental in bringing home Tahmooressi.

-WSJ/NBC fav/unfav: Huckabee 52-8. Paul 48-6, Bush 44-12, Carson 33-2, Rubio 37-7, Walker 29-2, Christie 40-19, Perry 33-13, Kasich 23-6, Cruz 27-12.

-‘Stupid voters.’ HD17 chair Giles failed Aiona and lost Halvorsen’s HD18 campaign, writes “Does anyone else find it strange and peculiar that the rest of the country votes to send Republicans to Washington DC and Hawaii does the opposite. What’s wrong with Hawaii?“ Instead of blaming Hawaii, take a look at yourself and HRP.

-Reader: “(Scott) Brown and Djou lost and in 2009 those two were cast as the GOP “rising stars” but both once in office voted liberal on key bills. The lesson learned is being a GOP collaborator with the Democrats doesn’t pay because voters will choose a flaming liberal over a lukewarm Republican.“

NRA protects your civil (gun) rights only if you support NRA. Join NRA. Come to the Nashville Annual Meeting, April 2015.

-Duke University Basketball season began. I’ll be distracted until, hopefully, April 6.

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



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