Classic Fail, part 1

Aloha Friends. Part one of two.


You receive this report because you expressed an interest in Hawaii conservatives or Republicans. Reports have information and opinions from local and national sources, and a tad of personal opinion. Reports are absolutely not in coordination with any candidate or organization.

HRP adds to November’s failure – Hours after Djou & Aiona emails ask people to support Saiki’s HRP, Johanson switches to Dem. Saiki, Hellreich, Fukumoto, Finnegan said he is HRP’s future. I told you this guy is a principle-challenged, weak leader. You decide who is truthful.

Meetings & Events – HRP finances – By The Numbers

If not for committed and dedicated volunteers and donors, HRP would be considerably worse than it is. Supporters and candidates were superb this past cycle. Yet, somehow we lost, again. Read on.

Demonstrating they don’t want a better HRP, ‘leaders’ who proved to be incompetent, corrupt, and both did not accept responsibility for HRP’s November disaster, nor were they held accountable. Such is your Hawaii Republican Party. HIRA’s scathing exposé of the HRP crew Broken Promises Part 1 – State Officers, Part 2 – Vice Chairs, Part 3 – County with It’s Time To Go Petition. HIRA “Much went wrong and you deserve to know the truth.“ New year, new legislature, same HRP. Ready to get involved and make HRP better?

-January 3 East Oahu Republican monthly meeting

-January 24 March for Life

-February 6 HIRA Reagan Dinner National Right to Life President (will pro-abortion Saiki post at HRP?)


-February 7 Kauai Life Talk Story w NRLC

-February 7 East Oahu Republican caucus meeting

-February 26-28 CPAC, Washington DC

-March 7 Maui Friends of NRA

-March 21-22 Honolulu Gun Show, Blaisdell Center

-April 10-12 NRA Annual Meeting, Nashville


CPAC planning. American Conservative Union (ACU) again convened, at Blackwell’s Leadership Institute’s HQ (prior was at Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform), to plan the February conservative confab in DC. Several of us, host ACU Foundation board, joined in. 38 top conservative & conservative-libertarian organizations culled lists of topics and speakers. Lots of (civil) disagreement (Jeb Bush?), and considerable cooperation. LAST MAINLAND MEETING OF THE YEAR!!

-RNC CSC. Conservative Steering Committee met by phone about resos, rules and activities for the San Diego Meeting. Though no longer an RNC member, still 1 of 20 founders of the Republican National Conservative Caucus which spawned the CSC to include members who call themselves conservative. Saiki/Hellreich/Liu have not been invited to join this group of >70% of RNC members (nor was Chang).

State Cmte. Ask a friend to send you last month’s ‘Special’ meeting report, it’s a hoot. Arguably a quorum with only one week’s notice, HRP still short half their district chairs, and 1/3 of the rest don’t bother. Members were jovial and the mood celebratory; after November 4 in Hawaii, weird. No agenda, previous minutes, Treasurer’s report provided in advance.

  1. Saiki hid her proposed budget to avoid questions. She gave ten minutes of scrolled print on a screen for the Cmte to review her $1/2 million budget, then called for a vote. Your speed-calculating Cmte approved it! Kulbis objected there were no funds for anything political (Saiki “We don’t know if we’ll have any money to do political work”) and that there was no line item for state convention (Parsons “If the revenue is the same as the expense, it doesn’t need to be on the budget.”).
  2. Cmte approved IMS accounting firm which does HRP financials to audit the financial reports they prepare. Special report: “The new HQ story is, you’ll understand why some call these people liars, ‘the books’ are at HQ so IMS can audit them independently. Begs the questions 1. Why wasn’t this mentioned the past five years and 2. Why didn’t the Cmte see those five ‘audits’?“
  3. Cmte passed a BI motion to hold Convention 2015 on Oahu because ‘county chair’ says “there are no Republicans on the Big Island.” The motion was rehearsed, yet ’leadership’ is unprepared – Parsons says Convention is April or May, not sure only four months from now. (Jan 2, still TBD.)

-Parsons reads Klompus’ Treasurer’s report “from a scrap of note paper.” It had not been submitted, no one saw a copy, or saw Klompus. No vice chair reports because they haven’t done anything.

-Hellreich thanked Saiki “for giving new credibility to the Republican brand in Hawaii.” Saiki prohibited discussion of her election failure so Hellreich blurted “Don’t tell me Republicans can’t win in Hawaii. Just look at Linda Lingle.”  Attendee “Never mind that after eight years of Lingle, Hawaii is facing the same problems; with Lingle and Aiona generally reviled by the public.” Hellreich writes “Republicans can be elected in our state if we recruit district and precinct workers,“ taking a shot at vice chair Ready and county guy Rohlfing, who failed to recruit.

Liu was absent, totally, no report. Again.

-Attendee “[Saiki] again blames voters for not supporting Republicans.” Saiki holds Parsons accountable for his part in her election disaster by giving him a pay raise. Saiki said (Dec 6) she is “about to announce” her LDD speaker; Jan 2 not yet, only six weeks away. District chair “[Saiki] highlighted all the things she wanted to do and how they failed, without any accountability.” Attendee “Take Aways – Tough to address issues when you get no advance copy of the minutes or agenda. Too much back-patting, in light of TOTAL FAILURE!!! No reports from the Vice Chairs though Chong-Kee is working on “replacing District Chairs.” 5 months since appointing a committee to look at our Auxiliaries and no results. 2nd meeting and Pat still looks lost, improper voting procedures, no vote to accept minutes from January meeting; not knowing how to adjourn the meeting.“

-Kulbis email helps Saiki, Parsons, Rohlfing understand HRP rules. “Section 417 clearly states “Except as provided in these Rules, no financial commitment or expenditure may be made unless it is consistent with the Party’s budget or management plan or is approved by the State Committee.” Kulbis warns that there was no budget item for Convention, therefore HRP cannot expend funds on Convention until the State Cmte reconvenes. Kulbis notes that this rule confirms that the annual audit is to determine if Saiki spent funds approved by the State Cmte, as opposed to the establishment desire for the audit to simply confirm that money was spent.

Unable to ‘run’ the party, Saiki makes it up. When they couldn’t cope, Kaauwai, Fukumoto and Chang established a precedence of breaking their own party rules, and now add corruption (to lying) to the Saiki legacy. In one week, Saiki (1) anoints a BI chair without a vote, (2) commissions an annual audit on false pretenses, and (3) hides Convention spending to avoid State Cmte oversite. Informed of rules violations, Saiki lashes out at her volunteer district chair. She’s feeling pressure, and not coping well.

-HRP hasn’t told its members of the State Cmte results. Of frustration, Hellreich emails her report (and resume) to members and media. S-A blog comments “[Hellreich] has the writing skills of a 6th grader. With a national committeewoman like her, the local GOP don’t need no stinkin’ enemies!“ “They stifle new ideas, stack committees with their lemmings, moved further left, don’t take a stand on issues, don’t follow their own rules.“ “This Democrat in Republican clothing gives the exact same report every two years.“

East Oahu . Only one district, of 51, has regular meetings. Ward and Slom are regulars. Something always happens at this meeting. Few recognized the significance of this month’s discussion. Attendee’s recent encounter: “[County chair Rohlfing] said he recruited Hannemann to run as a Republican. Hannemann would have nothing to do with Lieutentant Governor (for Aiona). We couldn’t get Hannemann and Aiona to work together.” Ward interjects “I was at that meeting.” Member: “Aiona was asked to wait to run in a later election cycle so Hannemann could run unopposed on the Republican ticket. Mormon’s did not come out to vote. Mufi was very upset he lost because his Maui supporters and polls showed he would win.” We knew about the late 2013 meeting of party bosses at Rohlfing’s home, including then party chair Chang and Fukumoto, when Hannemann was asked to run. Now, we know the state chair, county chair and house leader emeritus were with Hannemann, though Aiona had already signaled his intent. This led to the shout down at the December State meeting between Hannemann and Aiona supporters. With Aiona asked by top party officials to NOT run and hearing Hannemann is to announce, Aiona was on the radio (FISH) in early January awkwardly saying that he’s in but would “officially announce later.” This schism explains much of why Aiona avoided HRP (instead worked with Let’s Do This and Defend Marriage) and why HRP failed to sincerely support Aiona. One NI Aiona manager asked his county chair for assistance to initiate a coordinated campaign because the county and Ready weren’t. He was passive-aggressively put off for two months, then ignored and never received anything from HRP. Then, there’s the Saiki-Djou thing which explains her loyalties.

-HRP FEC. Post-General filing, mid-Oct to Nov 24. Federal account AGAIN in the RED. Receipts of $144k = only $28k contributions though Sustaining Donors gave double (longer period) + 115k from political cmtes (101k from RNC). No State account transfer. A website shows almost all of the party finance cmte are NOT in the top 100 party donors. Sustaining donors on FEC report: down to 3/14 Exec Cmte & 3/51 District chairs, up to 14 party members. When leaders don’t buy in, don’t expect others to do so. Disbursements = $146k. 100k for Federal Election Activity with ZERO used for TV/radio to support local candidates or electioneering. $46k expenditures include $1499 mortgage+2937 building maint, 5477 IMS accounting, staff salary+Parsons’ 4554+4465 payroll tax+678 health insurance+1387 unemployment insurance while still using liberal PIRYX. CoH drops to 48k (+29k mortgage and 4.7k counties’). HRP in the red 14 of last 23 reports, 4/8 reports since Hellreich installed Saiki. HRP left 80k in the bank, NOT winning elections. 113k received the final two weeks = Djou gave HRP 12k of your donations, RNC gave HRP 13.5k, NRCC gave HRP 90k to help Djou. For the cycle, RNC gave HRP 114k, to lose.

-HRP left $30,000 MORE in their state account NOT used to elect Republicans. HRP gave nothing to candidates. Counties gave candidates <1,000, Rohlfing/HNL raised 0 and provided 0. RGA gave HRP 25k for the Virginia contractor to do Aiona emails.

-HRP financials say they spent 131k on the election. Where the rest went: After 48 months of debt prevented HRP from claiming “fiscal responsibility,” Saiki paid the vestiges of the debt incurred by Kaauwai/Nonaka, grown by Fukumoto/Chang, and was appropriately criticized for paying off debt the month before the election instead of supporting candidates. Reader: “With contributions so low, how did Saiki pay off the debt?” Let’s see:

The debt was carried by and paid from the FEC account. Saiki was anointed in March, debt = $18,397. From March to November 24, Saiki took $216k of your contributions. HRP received more from cmtes (222.5k from RNC, RGA, NRCC) and candidates to support campaigns. Same period, Saiki/Hellreich/Liu (S/H/L) spent 270.5k to administer HRP i.e S/H/L did not save any funds for the Victory program, they spent 53.5k MORE than they brought in. That 53.5k+18.4k debt payment = 72k from funds given to HRP specifically to support campaigns and elect candidates. There are a lot of reasons our candidates win, and lose. HRP using campaign funds to cover excessive expenses and past debt instead of supporting campaigns is one reason.

Overheard. “If you gave your stockbroker all your disposable funds and volunteer time, and the stock broker lost it, all of it, would you give him or her more next year? Look at the Republicans in Hawaii. They give HRP all their funds and time for HRP to do the same thing every two years. Who is crazy – the members or the party leaders?”

By the numbers:

-0. House R caucus credibility as Fukumoto is minority leader.

-0. Caucus packets, for districts. Usually issued in December. Only three weeks until meetings.

Two. Months this cycle and twenty after Hellreich wrote “the need to use massive voter registration drives .. to increase our chances of winning..” Not yet.

-Three. National conservative speakers brought by HIRA vs one ‘squishy’ by HRP.

-Five. HRP lack of integrity to address Rs -Thielen, Carroll, McDermott, Pine, Fenton– who endorsed Ds against Rs in 2012. Add 2014 Cheape, Fukumoto endorse Ing, district chair Egge in Takai ad, and all those Rs who supported Hannemann.

-Six. Years without a HRP strategic plan, finance plan, campaign (Victory) plan.

-13. More bills passed by 113th Congress, 297, than 112th record low. MSNBC “Some conservatives celebrate this number because they believe Congress should prevent bad bills from becoming law.”

-18-22. Veterans committed suicide each day for more than a decade. 2012 VA Report.

-24. Months since the 2012 required HRP financial audit was to be conducted. 12 since the ’13 audit was due. Donors don’t give when finances are in question.

-76. Legislators back to work this month. Scorecard tells why you aren’t heard. Legislator Scores.

-676. Days (as of January 2) to the Presidential election.

OCare/Health Connector. Ds want single-payer. First lie “If you like your doctor, you can keep him,” now Gruber’s “stupidity of the American voter” is OCare lore. WashEx: The numbers of Senators who voted for OCare and are now gone “has risen to 30. In other words, half of the Senators who voted for Obamacare will not be part of the new Senate.” S-A writes the Connector “has been plagued with problems since its inception.” “14,903 residents have signed up for health insurance coverage that will begin on Jan 1.“ Johanson, Theilen, Ward, Fontaine voted FOR Connector.

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.  Forward this – people need to know, people need to act. Part 2 coming.



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