Already Voting, part 2

Aloha Friends. Welcome to part 2 of 2.  Already Voting


– October 1-2 Gun Show Blaisdell (i.e. stop reading, go now)

– October 9 Presidential Debate St Louis

– October 14 CWA meeting Aiea

– October 19 Presidential Debate Las Vegas

– October 22 Trump National Sign wave  Hint:Hawaii – make phone calls instead.


Readers’ Comments – Quick Hits – Campaigns

I don’t necessarily agree with ALL our readers. “What is the point of even being a Republican in Hawaii? This is so discouraging half of the party is Rhinos the other half sends out constant criticisms of the Rhinos.“  “I have tried to contact Fritz a couple times, but never an answer.  I can’t say it matters because I would expect nothing more than lip service from these guys.“  “it seems whenever self-professing “Republicans” are mad these days and are in a pissing contest, they feel the need to recite their DD-214 or academic CV as if that makes a difference.“  “I cannot campaign for a candidate because there is no one qualified running in Hawaii.“  “The best part is that Trump is loved by all these Hawaii Republicans who used to complain that HIRA, Lee and Ryan were too hard-hitting!!“

Degracia “there is ALWAYS the same pattern to self-declared political alignment when one is a RINO. When first called out for voting the wrong way, they call themselves “moderates.”  When called out over another vote, they call themselves “bipartisan.”  When they persist in voting with Democrats they become “independents” though still carrying an (R) for ballot access, and, if conservative outcry persists, they finish the evolution by doing a press conference to announce they have become Democrats.“

Already Voting, part 1

Aloha Friends. Welcome back. Part 1 of 2.  Already voting

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii.  Thank youThe Hawaii Republican Party can be better.

Writing to conservatives & Republicans, mostly in Hawaii, I email rather than blog because this is a (quasi) private discussion. These reports chronicle HRP’s story with enormous amounts data and solutions. My perspective is that of conservative, Republican, former State Party Chairman & RNC member. I am not here writing for any of my current conservative organizations, nationally or in Hawaii. These reports augment what you should hear from HRP, or what you need to research. Ask party leaders to act, or continue to lose. We won’t always agree but we should be informed. Hawaii conservatives should know they are not alone. Please forward this to conservatives or ask to be removed.


– October 1-2 Gun Show Blaisdell

– October 9 Presidential Debate St Louis

– October 14 CWA meeting Aiea

– October 19 Presidential Debate Las Vegas

– October 22 Trump National Sign wave  Hint: make phone calls instead.

– November 13 Hawaii FNRA Banquet w/ NRA President Cors


Meetings – Finances – By the Numbers – Elections

NRA Board of Directors Northern Virginia.  Committees met, mine are Military & Veterans Affairs Committee led by Ollie North, and Outreach Committee with Sheriff David Clark.  Hosted several Texas guests focused on 2A minority outreach.  Three committee days before Saturday Board meeting.  General Operations does more than imaginable – ranges, collectors, competition, historians, training, safety, conservation are just a few.  There is the NRA Foundation and legal actions.  However, 2016 focus is on ILA with a month until election.  Political Victory Fund endorsements NRA Political Victory Fund Grades.  Collecting signatures to run for NRA Board by petition – signees include Wayne LaPierre, ILA Chris Cox, Gen Ops Kyle Weaver, President Allan Cors (Hawaii in November), 1VP Pete Brownell, 2VP Richard Childress, HRA President Harvey Gerwig, Ollie North, Dave Butz, R Lee Ermey.  NRA does much more than politics but the political message is clear: vote for Trump and hold the US Senate.