HRP Controversy, Part 2

Aloha Friends.  Welcome to part 2 of 2.


Readers’ Comments – Party News – Quick Hits

-September 9-13 NRA BoD meeting, Arlington VA

-September 11-13 Eagle Forum Council St Louis

-September 25-27 Values Voter Summit Washington DC

-October 3-4 Honolulu Gun Show, Hawaii Historic Arms Association

-November 8 Oahu Friends of NRA

I don’t necessarily agree with ALL our readers. “HRP has not failed to disappoint at a level that makes the Keystone Cops look like the L.A. Lakers.  It boggles the mind“.  Wiggins HD 41 “Regarding our party being screwed up or being worthless – As I discussed with my District Chairman, he and I are the party“.  “Couch (Maui Council) is going to crawl out of Arakawa’s pocket and run for Mayor.“  email to HIRA “it distresses me that you and the other Republican Party cannot seem to agree on anything.“  “Am sick n tired of the dems being in utter control. pardon me while I vomit about it.“  “Unfortunately our Vice Chair of Communications only does FB and Twitter, maybe his title should be changed”.  “How can the HI GOP do this with the little money they have?  Where’s the fiduciary responsibility?  Or is it important to have an ‘ethnic’ face to the party?  No common sense here.“  Referencing HIRA’s Rohlfing-Tagavilla blast “Hey—-where can I get a job like this in HI?”.  Reader about the Mililani ‘conservative’ district chair who supports the HQ establishment “[Rohlfing and Hellriech] couldn’t have a more useful idiot brownnoser. If [she] had her way, Jesus would have left the moneychangers in the temple after she lectured him to mellow out and to ‘pray over his strategy’.“

HRP Controversy, Part 1

Aloha Friends.  Welcome back.  Part 1 of 2.

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii.  Thank you.  The Hawaii Republican Party can be better.

Format note:  beginning this month, when we name legislators, we’ll give their ACU rating in parenthesis.  100 is conservative, 0 is liberal.  Explanation at  2014 is the first-time ratings of Hawaii legislators from the respected American Conservative Union, hosts of CPAC.

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Meetings – HRP finances – By The Numbers

– September 9-13 NRA BoD meeting, Arlington VA

– September 11-13 Eagle Forum Council St Louis

– September 25-27 Values Voter Summit Washington DC

– October 3-4 Honolulu Gun Show, Hawaii Historic Arms Association

– November 8 Oahu Friends of NRA


MORE when we have the rest of the story:  HIRA eblast tells of HRP deceit and deception, and suggests donors send funds to candidates until HQ becomes a credible organization with competent leaders.  Instead of raising funds for elections or recruiting to fill the 50% districts without leaders, R/H/L call a meeting to throw HIRA’s district-elected Montes off the State Cmte.  HIRA readers respond “Does HQ think they are doing well?”  “Only $2300 raised in June.  R/H/L have done more than HIRA to harm HRP fundraising.  How can HIRA, or anything, make it worse?”  “Rohlfing says members should NOT contribute to candidates.”  “This is the removal of free speech“.  “Firing a district chair won’t solve their problem – unity, funds, organization, spending.”  “The lawyer Rohlfing cited the wrong rules section.  312 is ‘Residence’ but he meant to use the Purity Pledge with section 316 ‘Removal“.