Accountability 1/2

Aloha Friends. Part one of two. Election – Meetings & Events – HRP finances – By The Numbers

Thank you Republican candidates. Glad to have some winners. Many worked hard, learned, and lost. Having courage to be the candidate or volunteer campaigner is just that, courage. Please, read on.

Election day, second best reality show. Embrace the moment. Republicans don’t often have days such as November 4. 13 hours, 25 big races. Hispanics, women, African-Americans – all elected, all Republican. Win after win, Senate, Governor, House, some unexpected because polling was inaccurate. Every half-hour we’d win another, and losses were oh-so-close. Red & blue states, east, Midwest, south, west. As of the morning after, Rs won 8 Senate & 13 House, 3 Governorships.