Moving On, Part 2

Aloha Friends, welcome back.

The Hawaii Republican Party can be better. Thank you. Today’s Part 2.

-HNL TEA King gathered 20 local TEA leaders. Next event is July 4 (1) Kailua parade & picnic and (2) Maunalua Bay booth.

Republicans in East Oahu reached out to YRs on a July 4 project. Hope for a good event.

-Counties. Reader “As far as I know, Smith is still the [BI] county chair because no one else wanted the position. We didn’t have a county convention because no one was interested..” Still no party announcement from the March BI county convention. Maui reports chair difficulty in achieving quorum at his meetings. HNL Cnty meetings are not yet announced but they are on the GOP calendar  – the calendar also includes 2012 election dates posted in 2013.