Game On, Part II

Aloha friends and readers,

I apologize …. for this being so long. Really, I do. A time management failure and I don’t have time to split it up. Actually, it takes a long time to read, only if you read it. Wish my excuse were work, but the magnificent performances by our Olympic athletes and the Primary election took a lot of my attention. Consequently, this report is also somewhat fragmented.

Part I, was politics and policy. This is part two of two – Money! I didn’t get this out before the Primary and I will make a few comments about the election.

Money isn’t everything, if you have it.

Raising funds is always challenging and time-consuming. Been there, done that, do that. It is, for good or bad, a necessity of our political process. Go to to see where local candidates get their $ and where it goes. You can tell who works at their campaign. It is past time enough to walk an entire district and candidates need funds to get their message to the voters. Please call your favorite candidate and contribute. With the HRP carrying a large debt, candidates will have to do their own Voter Registration, Absentee Ballot (AB) and General Election GOTV efforts. Kudo’s to the candidates and committees who worked hard to be able to get out their message.