May Special report

Aloha friends,

Welcome back.  I took a break from writing reports so that I could focus on the NCM election.  That didn’t turn out so well.  In my next report, I’ll return to my format with more snippets of Republican politics and I give a preview at the end of this report.  It is mostly good news, some not so good.  It is an exciting year.  For new readers, I write periodically to Republicans and conservatives to initiate discussion and fill a void in the Republican discussion in Hawaii.  I use email rather than a public blog.  The reports are usually long; there is something for everyone.  I encourage others to write and debate the issues, candidates and policies.  We don’t have to agree but we should be informed.  Feel free to forward my reports to inform friends or to raise opponent’s blood pressure.  Let friends know that there other conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii.  My previous five reports are listed at the bottom.