State of the Party

Aloha. I haven’t reported since December. My apologies. The National Committeeman (NCM) Special Election had me busy. While that saga is apparently never-ending, we’re now into district caucus meetings and the election for NCM to be held at the state convention.

For those of you not familiar, I write periodically to Republicans and conservatives. I try to write news and commentary which you don’t see or don’t have time to read. I encourage discussion and debate. We need to stimulate members and voters. My last three reports are listed at the bottom.

This report focuses on just one aspect of the Hawaii Republican Party (HRP). Many of you have asked about the NCM race and I’ll explain where the HRP is in the process.

Brennon Morioka was our NCM. When told that he would not seek reelection, I declared in December that I was running for that office. A week later, Morioka resigned as NCM for personal reasons.

On questionable advice, the State Executive Committee left the position open through the Republican National Committee (RNC) January meeting and called a State Committee Special Election for January 21, 2012. I declared for the race. After meeting with HRP chair David Chang and his “mentor” Ted Liu, who both said that I was the right person to help the party move forward, Liu three days later declared he would run against me.