The Holidays, Caucuses and Candidates

Aloha friends.  In politics, there is nothing like the holiday season with only 30 days to the Iowa caucus and 336 until the General election.  I write to Hawaii Republicans and conservatives to initiate discussion and to fill a void in the Republican discussion.  I prefer to email rather than blog in public.  I encourage others to email or blog to discuss and debate issues, policy and candidates.  We won’t always agree but we should be as informed as possible to decide for ourselves.  Feel free to forward this email.  Let friends, who fear they are the only Republican or conservative in Hawaii, know there are others.  So much occurs between four-to-six week reports, it’s hard to capture everything but there is something for everyone.  My previous three reports are listed at the bottom.

There is a lot of positive action occurring in the HRP.  Fukumoto had a seamless chair transition with Chang.  When the State Cmte elected Chang to finish the current term, it also elected Schaedel as party secretary.  Shortly after the State Cmte meeting, Rodriguez resigned as Honolulu County.  I hope Rodriguez (and his team) finds a candidate he can support with his energy and undeniable passion.  Honolulu county installed East-Oahu vice chair Vaillancourt to finish the county chair term.  With 11 months to go to the general election, it is time for unity and cooperation.