12 Months To Go, Seems Like Tomorrow.

Many of you received my reports from the Leadership Conference.  It was valuable learning which offset the expense, however, the on-site reporting was too time-consuming at the expense of networking (and sleep).

It seems like tomorrow with 64 days until the Iowa caucus and only 370 days until the General Election.  I write to conservatives and Hawaii Republicans, to initiate discussion and to fill a void in the Republican discussion.  Not a (public) blog, these reports are the only HRP news many members receive.  I encourage others to write, discuss and debate issues, policy and candidates.  We don’t have to always agree but we should be as informed as possible and decide for ourselves.  Feel free to forward this email.  Let friends, who think they are the only Republican or conservative in Hawaii, know there are others.  So much occurs between four-to-six week reports, it’s hard to capture everything but there is something for everyone.  Previous three reports are listed at the bottom.

As I departed to the conference, I was reminded that ‘normal’ people are too busy to think about politics.  Republican friends of mine were not aware that HRP chair Kaauwai resigned and Fukumoto took over.  The synopsis:  citing HRP leadership issues, a majority of the Exec Cmte, with the backing of all Republican state house members, Rep Djou and Gov Lingle, sent an email to the State Cmte calling a meeting to vote Kaauwai out of office.  After some drama and vote counting, Kaauwai, who may have kept his position if it had gone to a State Cmte vote, stepped aside citing the welfare of the Party.  Fukumoto, in the senior vice chair position, took over in the interim.