WRLC, Day 3

Final of three reports from the Western Region Leadership Conference in Las Vegas.  No one who is still attending the sessions and speeches appears tired or ready to go home.

The conference is under the auspices of the RNC but is a separate organization.  I last attended the conference several years ago in San Diego hosted by the California Republican Party.  This year, the Nevada Republican Party helped host the conference.  This is not an annual conference but when we have one, it’s good.

Most of the speakers have been governors or legislators from the west.  After a lot of coffee, the morning opened on a down note.  Nothing worse than a last minute cancellation on the first session of the day by Presidential candidate Rep Michelle Bachmann.  I was hoping to capitalize on her energy.  The upside is that it gave time to get another cup of coffee.  All the Hawaii attendees were in their seats because, ……

Leadership Conference, Day 2

Second of my reports from the Western Region Leadership Conference in Las Vegas.  It is hard to pack more into a day than the organizers did yesterday but they tried.  The myriad speakers, information and training sessions allow attendees to hear and learn a lot.  The downside is that there is no way to attend everything because some of the events overlap or continue when you’re in line for coffee or looking for lunch.

You can imagine that the Republicans and conservatives who take the time and save to afford this expense are here because they are very politically involved (or they have to be by position or responsibilities).  I am certain if more from Hawaii could afford the expense and time away, more would make the trip.  It is fun.  It is always nice to be around politically like-minded people and everyone from the mainland has a Hawaii story to tell (or wants to have one).  I encourage each of them to visit and spend money on whichever is their favorite island.  It is also interesting to hear so many state and county party situations similar to ours.  For some, the politicking never actually ends – they just had the special election here in NV (and in NY), and VA, LA, MS and NJ have off-year state elections this month and next.

Western Republican Leadership Conference, Day 1

Aloha from Las Vegas and the Western Republican Leadership Conference (WRLC),

I’ll send daily comments about the activities, people and politics.  It will give you an idea of what occurs at these conferences to encourage you to make the next one.  If you are not interested, you can let me know but I won’t have time to take you off the address list so instead you can simply delete the next two WRLC reports.

I am told that at least 15 people from Hawaii registered though I haven’t seen that many, yet.  Depending on the information flow and the organizations represented, you may receive reports from our members who are here.  There are also some here, I’ll mention later, who have long and strong ties with HRP.

There is the normal hustle and bustle of Las Vegas and the Venetian but once away from that crowd, there are about 800 registered for the conference.  Not all attend each event as you’ll see below.