Mid-year Report

This is a mid-year update and there is a lot of good news.  Reporting since before the 2010 primary elections, I stay with this format, not a for-public blog, aimed at Republicans and conservatives.  I encourage others to write, discuss and debate issues, policy and candidates.  Be involved, get involved.  Our Tea Party blogs are the most active and informative.  We don’t have to agree with each other but we should be as informed as possible to decide for ourselves.  Feel free to forward this email, discussion is good.  We need the most informed coalition that we can build before the 2012 elections.  Previous reports are listed at the bottom.

I hope that you had a safe and family-filled Independence Day weekend.

Finishing with convention.  Several members mentioned not seeing a statement or press release, as is the norm, about our state convention.  Depledge did as thorough a job as he had column space and Civil Beat had coverage.  With only 180 members attending (not bad for recent conventions) not many members knew of the event.

The kudo’s on expenses still hold.  We did not end up netting, as promised, a $10,000 windfall from sponsors, though we came close to breaking even after staff hotel, airfare and expenses were considered.  Breaking even is good.  While in the black in ’08 and ’09, in ’07 we were $30k in the red!

Lee Greenwood, up close and just for Republicans

Aloha Friends,

Happy Independence Day weekend.  For freedom lover’s, July 4th is an especially important day.  With pride in America demonstrated nationwide, I choose this time to forward an appeal for a special “Proud to be an American” event.

A brief background:  You know from my series of political reports that HRP is “funding challenged” so a group of us initiated a Capital Campaign to ensure that we don’t lose our Kapiolani Blvd headquarters either through forced sale or foreclosure.  Our steering committee had a successful first month of operations having raised/received pledges for more than $58,000 of the seven-year $198,000 mortgage.  All the funds raised for the capital campaign are used specifically to pay off the mortgage and NOT used for HRP routine operations.