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This report is focused more on local, our convention, than national.  I began reporting as a prelude to the 2010 primary elections.  With all the good since the elections, I decided that while looking forward I would get caught up.  Not a public blog, this email is to Republicans and conservatives.  Feel free to forward this email, allow other to decide for themselves.  Discussion is good.  We’ll need the most informed coalition of right, center-right and center that we can build before the 2012 elections.  Previous reports are listed at the bottom.  Remember, it is not about the people, it is about the politics.

You call that fun?  I had a lot of fun at our State Convention.  If you haven’t been recently, come next year.  What we accomplished:

Bright and shiny.  Chang and Fukumoto were elected state vice chair for Coalitions and Coordinated Campaigns, respectively.  Having never served at the political party state- or county-level, both have the talent to be good party officers.  I assume they will not run for office in 2012 as we expect party officers to focus on the party.  Ward’s selection as Candidate Recruitment and Training indicates that the HRP Strategic Plan (I am told we will have one this cycle) will give priority to the state house, not the senate, local or national candidates.  Coluccio was Secretary and is now Vice for Community Service.  Makanani is Secretary.  If Makanani’s convention antics are what we’ve come to expect from our officers, Chang’s maturity and intelligence will greatly exceed our expectations.  Don’t know Dorn but she comes recommended by a communicator you know (Heck).  Dorn’s speech was strangely moderate in the room Kaauwai put together.

Fwd: [LLIFE] Fwd: Did you get this?

FYI.  Couple of things occurred.

In particular for those of you involved in CC or the property:  Below is a reso which Kaauwai sent through the (Resolution and) Platform Cmte this morning.  I used this copy to include Murphy’s comments, which may reflect some HRP member’s thoughts.  While this is a Rules year, reso’s are considered each year.

This is one of many reso’s which include defense of marriage, 1st amendment to protect practice of religion, 2d amendment to protect (really, really patriotic) gun rights, right to life, protection for anti-abortion medical providers, opposition to rail, support of victim’s rights…. and many more.  If you are interested in seeing any other these others, let me know.