Testing the Waters

Caught your breath?  I needed a break after the elections.  This report is a little of everything.  A definite conservative flavor, liberals and “moderates” may chose to delete before reading.  You can forward this to other conservatives so they don’t feel alone in our Hawaii wilderness.  Previous reports are listed at the bottom.  Remember, it is not about the people, it is about the politics.

January RNC chair election.  Many hope RNC elects a politically savvy conservative who is able to connect with donors, understands how to work with conservative coalitions and can embrace the tea party movement, and has exceptional management qualities.  Or, Steele will be reelected.  RNCC (Google it, they’re friends) is working with Freedom Works to host candidate interviews at Heritage Foundation in early December.

’10 Learning

Has it been only one week since those great returns flowed in across America and morphed into an evening with that sinking feeling in my stomach?

Let’s wrap this election. This is another report that will sit easier with conservatives than others. We already discussed some and we can’t cover every facet. Previous reports are listed at the bottom.  Feel free to share with other conservatives.

Rehash: We kicked butt on the mainland and got our butt’s kicked here. If you see it differently, write.

We worked hard. I am joyous about our national sweep. I am excited about our local legislators. Some have slapped a smiley face on our effort. We don’t want to hurt feelings.   Let’s be pleased.

What Happened?

Congratulations and thank you to Aiona, Finnegan, Djou, our candidates, their families, teams and supporters.  Campaigns are fun, serious, work.  We’re supposed to learn from a loss but then we’d be pretty smart by now.

This is the state/local portion of the election report. National was rushed out yesterday. Several folks sent me highlights from their races, strengths and weaknesses of HRP and campaigns. Next up is What We Learned. Feel free to send me your lessons or be subject to my sole subjectivity. Previous reports are listed at the bottom.

For everything fun in yesterday’s national report, this isn’t. When the top-of-ticket goes -17, things go wrong. When HRP monies are spent on staff and BBQs and then focused only on top-of-ticket races, things go south. When 30% of your candidates don’t campaign, when you can’t attract outside help, when you can’t raise money and attract volunteers, then it’s not good.

National Field Tilts

Good morning, America!

What a day. What a week. What a year. Or, two. I’ll cover national in this one (happy thoughts) and state in the next (need time to put on my smiley face). Hoped they’d all be decided but there are still a couple not yet called. As opposed to my earlier reports, this has an R focus than conservative. Previous reports are listed at the bottom.

Not much bad, weak or ugly. I remember ’08. It is interesting how well I can recall getting my butt kicked. This year, was a better experience.