Primary Election – Fun with numbers

Friends and activists,  The polls closed one week ago.  This is my read on the primary election.

Gov.  Recalling six months of primaries, Abercrombie may be the only congressman to win a 2010 gubernatorial primary and he won big.  Anti-incumbent fever on the mainland caught the others.  I’m waiting for the next independent poll which should be more in Aiona’s favor.

Mayor.  The party failed to rally and GOTV, leadership failed to support and repubs failed to vote for the only candidate pledged to stopping the biggest money mistake in state history.  And, he was the only repub in the race.  Interestingly, Prevedouros rec’d 38k votes to Aiona’s 31k Oahu votes.

  1. Dem conservatives (Sakamoto, Bunda) split their vote and progressive Schatz won big.  Repub King ran well enough (+ blank votes) to hold party & leadership-supported Finnegan to only 59% of the repub vote.