We Have a Month – A

Aloha Friends, welcome back. There is always a lot to report. Everything moves quickly this time of the cycle.  Today is an important recap of several HRP meetings, word may not have reached you.  Monday is about campaigns and there have been some HUGE changes in races and numbers and outlook.

Friday is 32 days until the General Election. Four weeks.  A lot to do.  Thirty-seven states have begun voting.  Hawaii absentee ballots go out in a week.  We have some local candidates working hard in their races.

Since returning from Tampa, I’ve spent time with several GREAT candidates and campaigns.  You are missing out if you don’t join these committed campaigners.  Please commit a day a week (there’s only four) or even two hours a day.  More is better, they can use the help.  I’ll bet, yes bet, that if all of you assist a campaign, more than 98% of you will be glad you did so.  There is something for everyone, regardless of talent, capabilities, age, sex, or any other excuse one may have.  There is more excitement and satisfaction in state house, council or state senate races.  Larger campaigns – HRP, US Senate – can also be fun.  Not all campaigns are going to win, not all should.  However, each working campaign is fun and the working candidates and their teams are great to be around. Have some fun.  Go campaign.

Game On, Part II

Aloha friends and readers,

I apologize …. for this being so long. Really, I do. A time management failure and I don’t have time to split it up. Actually, it takes a long time to read, only if you read it. Wish my excuse were work, but the magnificent performances by our Olympic athletes and the Primary election took a lot of my attention. Consequently, this report is also somewhat fragmented.

Part I, was politics and policy. This is part two of two – Money! I didn’t get this out before the Primary and I will make a few comments about the election.

Money isn’t everything, if you have it.

Raising funds is always challenging and time-consuming. Been there, done that, do that. It is, for good or bad, a necessity of our political process. Go to http://hawaii.gov/campaign to see where local candidates get their $ and where it goes. You can tell who works at their campaign. It is past time enough to walk an entire district and candidates need funds to get their message to the voters. Please call your favorite candidate and contribute. With the HRP carrying a large debt, candidates will have to do their own Voter Registration, Absentee Ballot (AB) and General Election GOTV efforts. Kudo’s to the candidates and committees who worked hard to be able to get out their message.

Game On, Part 1b

Aloha friends and readers,

This is the second part of this week’s email about Hawaii politics and policy.

Hot Primary races. H9 Keith-Agaran-Ponanilla on Maui, S11 Taniguichi-Fukunaga and S25 Ryan-Thielen on Oahu, and Kenoi-Kim (mayor) along with several Senate races on the Big Island. HNL Council – Berg is an eccentric conservative Republican, Pine is an untrustworthy liberal Republican. H47 Riviere-Fale Republican Primary on Oahu should determine the General election winner.

S-A Endorsements, sort of. Endorsement by the liberal S-A isn’t what it used to be when people read newspapers but this year the board appears confused between telling who they endorse versus who they think will win.

Please commit to the Party, or move aside. Two HRP county chairs (Kauai-Georgi, Hawaii-Smith) are running for office and their district chairs are asking for someone to take charge of the county effort. Campaigning for office and mobilizing a county each SHOULD warrant complete attention. There is a lot more at stake than just “I, I and I.” Coordinated Campaign vice chair Fukumoto, for “crying” out loud, is running for office. The state chair is mostly on personal time. County chairs haven’t been seen or heard.  We should have more than fluff communications, we have a volunteer communications vice chair and a volunteer communications director.  One district chair is running for state senate. We’re not seeing anything from the coalitions vice chair. We don’t see meeting minutes from the Secretary or receive meeting (or non-meeting) info. The quarterly State Cmte meeting was canceled (or postponed, the email said both), one reason being “there are a number [of candidates] that serve on the committee.” Party leaders need to step up.

Game On, Part Ia

Aloha friends and readers,

Welcome back.  There is a lot in this two-part report.  This week,  political and politics, 1a for today and 1b for tomorrow. Next week, money!

I write periodically to Republicans and conservatives, mostly in Hawaii.  My first report came when there were more than 600 days remaining to the Presidential election, now 100.  I often include a review because there are a lot of new readers.  These reports augment what you hear from the Republican Party because they don’t cover everything.  I try to write ‘stuff’ that you don’t have on your radar or don’t have time to research.  I encourage discussion and debate to foster conservative action in Hawaii.  We won’t always agree but we should be informed and decide for ourselves. Let me know if you want to be removed and I will do my best to delete your email address. Similarly, please feel free to forward this report to other conservatives and they can write to get on the list. Conservatives need to know that they are not alone in Hawaii.

I email rather than blog because this is a (quasi-)private discussion.  Like the dozen daily national updates we get each day, these reports are long because there is something for every reader. The usual format is to write about issues and activities involving our cause in Hawaii.  When I attend the RNC meetings or a Conference, I report chronologically.  My previous five reports are listed at the bottom.

USA!  It is so nice to NOT have the Olympics overlap the National Convention.  Go USA!

May Special report

Aloha friends,

Welcome back.  I took a break from writing reports so that I could focus on the NCM election.  That didn’t turn out so well.  In my next report, I’ll return to my format with more snippets of Republican politics and I give a preview at the end of this report.  It is mostly good news, some not so good.  It is an exciting year.  For new readers, I write periodically to Republicans and conservatives to initiate discussion and fill a void in the Republican discussion in Hawaii.  I use email rather than a public blog.  The reports are usually long; there is something for everyone.  I encourage others to write and debate the issues, candidates and policies.  We don’t have to agree but we should be informed.  Feel free to forward my reports to inform friends or to raise opponent’s blood pressure.  Let friends know that there other conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii.  My previous five reports are listed at the bottom.

Hawaii Republicans in the Spring, Part 3

Aloha Friends,

Last of this report! These reports to Republicans and conservatives are to initiate discussion. Others should write about your events, county activities, PACs, organizations or election plans.  We should be informed. You can tell why I want people to come to the State Convention and vote to help me lend experience and knowledge to our energetic leadership team. My previous three reports are listed below.

PART 3 (yes, of 3)

The RNC under Priebus is still rocking! By the end of January, the RNC had raised enough to eclipse the 24M debt left by Steele. This month $26.7M COH, 10.9M debt.

When we started our countdown there were only 500. Sunday = 217 days to the General Election. The Presidential race is here http://oahuleague.org/is-1144-an-important-number. Today, it looks like Romney as our nominee with the funding, organization and best poll numbers; though the others show no signs of dropping (they are making adjustments). Super PACs impact is here http://oahuleague.org/super-impact.

Hawaii Republicans in the Spring, Part 2

Aloha Friends,

Welcome back. Writing to Republicans and conservatives to initiate discussion, I encourage others to write and debate the issues, candidates and policies. This is an opportunity to highlight the progress of Hawaii Republicans and the conservative cause. I’ll respond to your comments after these parts go out.


HRP says we have 25 repeat candidates (less than reported in January but still good!). Don’t know if that includes incumbents. We haven’t seen a list but Apia, Kaapu, Capelouto, Greco, Kong, Radke, Bateman, Hairgrove and Shimizu told me they are running and can use your support. A state rep announced that Pine is not seeking reelection to the state house. http://hawaii.gov/elections/. Stand by for a surprise Windward candidate.

Hawaii Republicans in the Spring, Part 1

Aloha Friends,

With lots of (good) news, I am returning to my ‘normal’ report format. We have several new readers. Laudatory, concerned and hopeful, I write periodically to Republicans and conservatives to initiate discussion and fill a void in the Republican discussion. I also reported “The Buzz” daily from the New Orleans RNC Winter Meeting and the excitement of the Las Vegas Western Region Leadership conference and presidential debate. I reported on the Tampa RNC Summer meeting. I email rather than blog in public. The reports are long; there is something for everyone. I encourage others to write and debate the issues, candidates and policies. We don’t have to agree but we should be informed. Feel free to forward my reports to inform friends or to raise opponent’s blood pressure. Let friends know that there other conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. My previous three reports are listed at the bottom.


Game Day. Four campaigns, 41 polling locations, 10,000+ voters. Presidential caucus results at http://www.gophawaii.com, Romney won 45%. Reports from the majority of polling locations were “great” with only a few reporting “what a mess.” The overall voter experience is probably better than expected. 10,000 voters is within the norm for generally low national turnout this year but, arguably, comparable to the 38,000 the Dems had for their contested ‘08 caucus. Most consider 10,000 to be a boost for Republicans in this Obama state. Chang described the evening and the turnout as a “game changer.” Not to be outdone a week later, Puerto Rico turned out 110,000 with 80% going for Romney. I am proud of the four campaigns which worked hard to ID their voters with three candidates winning national delegates. Chang should have let all the campaigns have the same lists to identify supporters and voters. Borreca wrote before with his concerns http://www.staradvertiser.com/editorialspremium/onpoliticspremium/20120228_National_GOP_race_sparks_interest_in_Hawaii_caucus.html?id=140665393 and Boylan gave positive post-spin http://www.midweek.com/hawaii-elephants-trumpet-time/.

State of the Party

Aloha. I haven’t reported since December. My apologies. The National Committeeman (NCM) Special Election had me busy. While that saga is apparently never-ending, we’re now into district caucus meetings and the election for NCM to be held at the state convention.

For those of you not familiar, I write periodically to Republicans and conservatives. I try to write news and commentary which you don’t see or don’t have time to read. I encourage discussion and debate. We need to stimulate members and voters. My last three reports are listed at the bottom.

This report focuses on just one aspect of the Hawaii Republican Party (HRP). Many of you have asked about the NCM race and I’ll explain where the HRP is in the process.

Brennon Morioka was our NCM. When told that he would not seek reelection, I declared in December that I was running for that office. A week later, Morioka resigned as NCM for personal reasons.

On questionable advice, the State Executive Committee left the position open through the Republican National Committee (RNC) January meeting and called a State Committee Special Election for January 21, 2012. I declared for the race. After meeting with HRP chair David Chang and his “mentor” Ted Liu, who both said that I was the right person to help the party move forward, Liu three days later declared he would run against me.

Buzz – RNC Winter Meeting, Day 3

Day 3 of the RNC meeting Buzz starts with Regional breakfast meetings, a general business session, and then members had a closed-door lunch.  The day wrapped up with strategy sessions.

At the Regional breakfast we focus on, perhaps obviously, unique Western Region matters and issues.  We introduce new members (and guests) and each state (and territory) gives an update.  The RNC Chairman and Co-chairman move from region to region to give their update.

Buzz and background that came out of this morning’s meeting include great financial news.  In my other reports, I already keep you abreast of RNC fundraising and how we’re beating the DNC each month.  Buzz here is how Chairman Priebus, Co-chairman Day and Chief of Staff Jeff Larson cut expenses by 1/3 this past year.  The RNC is more active and the messaging is better than last cycle.  Convention planning and preparation is back on track.  And,…………at only 2/3 the expenses originally budgeted!

RNC Chief of Staff Jeff Larson has oversight of these RNC meetings because he is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the RNC.  Jeff has run for office, been (very) successful in the business world, worked in politics and was a partner in a political consulting firm.  He was also the CEO for the highly successful National Convention in Minneapolis.  He came out of a comfortable life to take the RNC job because of a sense of duty to the Republican party.  He doesn’t need to do this, effectively run the daily RNC operations, but he is one of my personal heroes and I am pleased that he serves Republicans.