Stumbling, part two

Aloha Friends. Welcome to Part two of two.

Readers’ Comments – Caucus Meetings – Quick Hits

-March 7 East Oahu Republican monthly meeting

-March 7 Maui Friends of NRA

-March 21-22 Honolulu Gun Show, Blaisdell Center

-April 10-12 NRA Annual Meeting, Nashville

-June 26-28 West Conservative Summit Denver

-July 9-11 National Right to Life Convention New Orleans

-August 28-30 NFRA Presidential Endorsing Convention, Nashville


Between trips so this report is a little rushed. Apologize for the proofing and editing.

I don’t necessarily agree with ALL our readers. “Funny (you) calling out Walden and Akina – jerks!“ “I URGE ALL your addressees to read and pass on your discussions.“ “Based on your reporting, I’d slit my wrists if I weren’t such a damn optimist.“ “Was unable to attend district 20 caucus as I was working.“ “Time to start a new Hawaii Conservative political party.“ District chairs “my goal is to help take back our state as well as national party from the RINOs and Liberals.“ “Just because I don’t call out Saiki on her lies, it doesn’t mean I’m fooled.” “God is NOT neutral and neither should we be despite what Pat Seiki says.“ “there is a massive push for the gay lifestyle here.“

District Caucus meetings

Preparation. To pick up packets: Have to take off work time, drive downtown in a limited time window. Fmr party officer “No way could I put up with things like this.“ Only 15/35 Oahu packets picked up.

-HRP spends more time fighting Rs than fighting Ds. Legislator “They’re scared as s**t.” Candidate’s campaign “The Party is running scared.” For fifteen years, caucus packets were provided to district chairs in December. In the days leading to the meetings, spanning the holidays, names of the few new members who got in before the 10-days-prior deadline would be provided to respective districts. With a lack of new members and donors this past year, it seemed an easy task even for Saiki & Parsons. Saiki/Parsons needed an excuse to prevent chairs from preparing, so HRP argued that they had to hold packets for the entire state. Parson’s: “Caucus packets were made available 6 days prior to the caucus. They could not be disseminated before 10 days prior to the caucus, because voters have until 10 days to sign up as Members according to the rules. If you would have received your district’s membership list even just 11 days before the caucus, it would have been incomplete.“

Why attend? Fmr HRP leader “Is it even worth it to go to a caucus?” District chair “Our district meeting will be way out of the district.  I ain’t a going there.“

-Meetings. Saiki started with only 28/51 district position filled, half of those with inactive chairs. This go-around was so unsuccessful, S/H/L has yet to acknowledge that there were caucus meetings, much less the results or that they filled empty positions with chairs to lead their “massive grassroots effort.” When HRP runs their liberal candidates against the contributing district chairs = conservatives win. Caucus Results.   By not announcing meetings until past the last minute, and because they chose to run this from state HQ rather than with local leaders, and by prohibiting local leaders from getting packets until past the last minute, HRP effectively must build (as opposed to re-build) an entire statewide grassroots initiative. Saiki’s own Kahala R-leaning HD19 had only six people show. HRP mobilized to secure HD41 Moses with a “meager 14 Republicans in attendance, but he lost (Moses is contesting)“ even though Aiona (she) arrived late to vote for Moses. Angry Theilen (she is contesting, next month tell you the corrupt result) got beat so Lagareta is gone. Mobilizing in HD18, they lost (challenged on the spot). Four attended HD20, a handful in total showed for three Kauai districts, Maui’s island-wide single location drew a count-them-on-two-hands crowd. Several districts had ZERO show, many packets weren’t even issued. A district had two people who were confused whether it constituted a meeting. HRP didn’t run opponents against several get-along conservative chairs who toe their line. So few attended that a District chair wrote “After all the (requests to use local leaders) emails that were sent, that is all that came to forced date, time and location without current District Chairs approval.“ District chairs “For over twenty years, the old Guard has used the Outer Islands’ combined/leveraged “votes” to control the Executive committee. Hellriech has appointed/selected County Chairs who are expected not to organize the Districts so that the [county] Chairs will be free to phone-in all the District Chairs votes for that particular Island.“ “I was the only person present, and appointed myself as District Chair, Precinct President, Delegate, Platform Rep, Sgt at Arms Rep, Credentials Rep, and Rules Rep. I did not take a picture, as it would have merely been a selfie.“ Caucus News

-Coup de grace. Parsons pointedly reminded district chairs of the requirement to submit caucus documents to HQ NLT 7 days after caucus (per rules) or else. No fax, no email, only original documents by mail or in person. For Oahu, that was 5 PM, Thursday, February 12. A district chair who left work early and drove across the island approached the HQ front door at 3 PM … locked, Parson’s not present.

-HRP is embarrassed to post the limited district and county leader contact information. Some ‘leaders,’ however, asked to be anonymous so that no one would know who he/she is the district chair. Go figure.  Lying-o-meter: Saiki and Parsons say they want to build the party (by whatever name). Liu, well, who knows what Liu says or ever sees Liu. Hellreich says she wants to be inclusive to grow membership – several chairs have repeatedly asked to be added to the ‘chairs’ group email and Saiki/Parsons refuses to do so. Other chairs have requested contact info to begin work towards 2016, HQ ignores their request. They’ve run way past simple incompetence.

-Raise your hand if you’ve been reading long enough to recall how thevotes were manipulated in the two 2012 NCM elections.  Notwithstanding the unregistered delegates receiving credentials the morning of the 2012 State Convention to vote for Lingle/Hellreich’s Liu, we’re talking about three months earlier when an election in State Committee was determined by ONE questionable secret ballot which somehow switched from being against Liu to being for him. Suffice to say Liu was clueless, not so were Chang and Hellreich.  Ok, old news.  So we thought.  Last month, we all knew our districts were holding elections, HRP worked to get their votes in the room.  Hood beat Waterhouse (Theilen proxy) in the HD50 election by ONE vote.  Starting to sound familiar?  Regardless that (1) Party rules do not allow a district “re-vote,” (2) the Party chair is NOT ‘the decider’ especially without deliberations by our party Rules Committee, and (3) by rules, the window for district elections has closed, Saiki dictated that Hood’s election is invalid. Huh? What?  Saiki determined a new election to be held on March 16.  We expect this is the first of many, until her candidate wins.

Members running for party office used to participate in party activities to gain experience and be prepared for the next level of politics. Folks were district chairs, county officers, state vice chair, maybe cmte chair, ran a campaign, were paid campaign staff, perhaps former ED, learned how to conduct state-level fundraising and major fundraisers, run a statewide campaign, build national contacts. Recently, well-meaning, arrogant people who have no idea how a political party operates, how to make and maintain a political party budget, build coalitions, write political communications, recruit candidates, train activists, determine vote goals, produce a Leesburg grid, monitor both federal and state finance accounts and compliance, or have contacts on each island and the mainland ….. simply jump in. And, it shows.

Quick Hits:

-Testify against bad gun bills. Hawaii Rifle Assn for guidance.

-Walden takes a shot at the hand that feeds him by writing that HRP leadership is ‘what is missing.’ Readers: He “missed a step. We’re missing a conservative HRP, THEN it is Saiki’s lack of leadership.” We need “leadership that will stand strong and firm for what the party represents.  Of-course we must define what values the party does represent first.  Wishy washy is not a platform.

-HIRA not letting up on Porno Choices HIRA Porno Choices

Won’t say he opposes tax increases. McDermott at Ewa NB “Rail: Representative McDermott supported [rail], but reserved comment on the GET until a bill is submitted.“

-Gallop says Hawaii prefers Dems 49%, Rs 35%. Rs who get <35% should rethink their career goals.

-Gallop. Hawaii most liberal. Only 3/50 Liberal States. Perhaps Jewish voters and donors finally admit Obama is throwing Israel under the nuclear bus.

-Sounds like the CIA. AP “China has suggested arming Hawaii’s independence activists in retaliation for U.S. arms sales to Taiwan.“

-If you don’t care who gets credit. Berg was vilified for first proposing shipping containers for low-cost housing. FACE, the liberal self-described faith group moves forward with fanfare, lucrative contracts.

-Yup. CB “Gabbard is widely thought to be preparing to challenge US Sen Brian Schatz in 2016.”

Schlafly moves. Ed Martin quits MO state party chair for Eagle Forum President.

-2016 candidates. Conservative? Pres Rankings. Scratch Romney (for now).

-Why Ds just stay out of our way – your legislators. CB: McDermott submits bill for a constitutional amendment ballot question that would reserve marriage to opposite-sex couples. McDermott’s bill has no co-sponsors and has not yet been referred to a committee.” i.e. not one of his R buddies nor his more-cozy HRP support him. It is not what they say, watch what they do.

Ward submits bill to force people to vote. He should submit a bill to require better candidates and political parties that stand for something. HR – Ward “Ve Vill Make You Vote” HIRA FB “Compulsory voting, how un-American…what the hell is Rep Ward thinking.”

Thielen co-sponsors D bill to make Porno Choices opt out, rather than opt in.

Fukumoto and Theilen strongly support medical marijuana.

Theilen sponsors, Fukumoto, Tupola, Ward & Pouha say ‘yea’ for mandatory grade school sex education.

-R caucus learning from HIRA’s Roadshow events around Oahu. This is good, and about time they responded to our call for more involvement with and information for constituents. We’d like to hear Theilen and McDermott side-by-side explain their position on Porno Choices. And Fukumoto explaining why she refused to speak against SSM. Speaking of time, the caucus announces their show with less than 48 hours for Ewa. Hopefully they’ll do better.

-Assisted suicide and a heinous gun bill don’t make it to the floor. HIRA is messaging members with email, FB and website bill updates and actions to take. Result? CB headline “No shortage of testimony for Hawaii’s state lawmakers.” HRP is doing nothing to support legislators who are doing nothing.

-Communications. Gov’s budget gone amok, Say residency challenged, $1B rail overruns, permanent GET increase, +++ …. People are asking me to message to the party and public – to hit Takai, to call out the Ds – because HRP won’t, or can’t. When you write, let me know that you’ve already asked HRP to do their communications job. In the only policy message of this session, Saiki chooses to criticize Schatz for boycotting Netanyahu’s visit to Congress.

-Party switching. Reader “All the switching, and talk of switching, from R to D doesn’t matter a hill of beans when Rs run like Ds. It is the total, complete and embarrassingly lack of leadership in the Republican Party that makes tenuous Republicans waffle and switch.  It doesn’t give Republicans a reason to vote R.“ At CPAC, ran into the guy who was Johanson’s boss in the Bush White House and then US Mint. Boy, he was floored to hear Johanson switched party. Boy, was I floored to find Johanson hadn’t given his DC mentor a heads up so he could better cover his embarrassment.

Saiki’s email. She’s changed from ‘The party should not stand for anything, that’s up to the candidates” to “we must develop an identity.” She promised ‘back to basics’ to reverse Chang’s party destruction by building infrastructure. Having failed, she again goes for “we all agree that building our organizational structure- the state cmte – is step one” even though she lacks half the 51 district chairs. She says ‘we need to prepare earlier for campaigns’ though four months into this cycle, there is no plan or progress. Saiki says she didn’t have enough time, yet she lost everything available to be lost. She says Huckabee was a LDD speaker but no one recalls that one. She blames Priebus for losing the 2012 Presidential election and says an HRP 2014 autopsy is coming. Same as when she says she formed a coalitions cmte and audit cmte. Neither report yet received, nor word on that survey she, Djou and Aiona sent out.

-Aiona now leads HFA. National visitor “How did that happen after he failed to support those same people during SSM?” Aiona says “we are forming “dream teams” of individuals who will be front line and center on these important issues. You don’t even have to know how to do anything.” Reader “Hmm, a guy who pledged not to deal with such issues if elected governor now plans to use his waning influence to continue manipulating social conservatives for some undefined end.“

-Fail. Mine. After 24 months of identifying and recruiting several potential leaders for the now-long-defunct Hawaii Republicans for Life, the latest candidate declined nomination last month. Perhaps the R4L board could do a little work. If there is ANYONE who cares, contact R4L.

HRA. Gerwig “Your Association is fighting forty plus anti-gun bills this year to maintain all of our precious rights. Thus far, we are making good headway in blocking some of the worst offenders, but the battle has just begun. We need ALL of you to step up and join the battle with us.“ Cooper “If you are not getting timely alerts on legislative activity, .. Please contact or 808 951-0055.“ Richter “the most watched bills by the gun-rights crowd are the concealed carry bills. Unfortunately, none of those bills got assigned to a hearing.“

-Committeeman Liu and woman Hellriech took advantage of a trip to Israel, instead of raising LDD funds. Per Marumoto, HRP is trying to keep the doors open, have to wonder about the timing. To be clear, nothing wrong with a trip. Through American Renewal Project, Lane offered RNC members a free trip to Israel. Only 30/168 RNC members went. Many are a who’s who of the most liberal on the RNC taking advantage of ‘free,’ including Hellreich, Liu. Super trip, heard so from multiple conservative attendees, nothing from our two. Prayers are being raised that these liberal RNC members will better grasp the need for conservative solutions, especially after a free trip during LDD prime time.

Giuliani. That there are any questions about a President’s love for this country, or patriotism, says enough. Opening the borders, destroying the social fabric, weakening the military, embarrassing the US, race baiting …. You decide.

-Mobilizing 1000 pastors to run for office. Lane “prototypical of the homosexual movement is the bullying and intimidating of those who oppose their system of beliefs and values. They are unfaltering in their attempt to impose their beliefs on America. …and you pastors are going to be made to: accept it, then like it, later love it, and if not fully embraced, go to jail for a “Hate Crime.“ Recall that last year we spent the weekend at one of Lane’s Pastor and Pews events.

GOP is waking up to Scott Walker. Getting the most attention, also more scrutiny.

-Join NRA to protect your (gun) civil rights. Attend the April Nashville NRA Annual Meeting. You HAVE to watch a couple of these 1-2 min videos NRA Good Guys TV. New study says 9.7% Hawaii households have guns: about 456,000 households (of 1.3M residents) = 45,000 households with guns. State AG said there were 1.5M guns in the ‘90s, figure 2M today. If the new study is to be believed, i.e. only 10% have guns, those households have an average of 44 guns/each. And, that’s just legal guns. Perhaps take the new study with a grain of salt, or a shaker.

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



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