Election, Finally. Part two

Aloha Friends. Welcome to part 2 of 2.  Election, Finally

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii.  Thank you.

Have to know where you’ve been.  Read about how and why we are again at bankruptcy.  Not my site, but past reports at www.hawaiideservesbetter.com

– November 8 Election Day

– November 13 Hawaii Friends of NRA Banquet w NRA President Cors kailuadawn@gmail.com

– November 26 Hawaii Senior Olympics, UH markzeug@gmail.com

– January 15 NRA ballots mailed

There is always an election.  Running for NRA Board of Directors at www.willeslee.com and finally broke down to a FB page www.facebook/willes.lee.5.  


Readers’ Comments – Quick Hits – Campaigns

I don’t necessarily agree with ALL our readers. “Vote for Trump/Pence to make America Safe and Great Again.“  Carroll campaign “It has been like pulling teeth to get any kind of press coverage or party support.  This is starting to become ridiculous!”   “Cheape-Matsumoto is pathetic.“  “HQ un-willingness or this case blatant refusal to hold Republican Legislators (Cheape) accountable not only to their constituents, but to the Party.  Just another reason why HRP continues to fail.“  “Boyd Ready the wagon-circler has invested a LOT of ego into HRP during the past decade.  His affliction?  He cannot admit he was duped.“  “this might be historically the most abysmal election year for HRP ever.“  “Ward – while promoting himself month ago HRP full blast about himself, in the end he pretended to be “one party one ohana” good boy by asking all candidates to send him their door piece file. He was promising to use data center to send all to specific districts from HRP HQ on behalf of specific candidates. Good idea but as all “skilled” politicians in our state do – promise everything deliver nothing.“    “Gene Ward is lost, too.”  “Anything Hellreich touches is screwed for all.”

Palcic to HRP “I received the GOP Voters Guide for our district and the Charter amendments guide.  BUT NOT our own Candidate email piece as promised by National Committeeman Ward.  Why the delay? I’ve sent the piece to you and the County Chairman twice.  Why can’t we have the complete list for our district, which might be, what, 1-2% of the total?  What makes our campaign such a great “security risk?”  We are putting forth a Republican message and supporting Republican candidates, as we have since 2004, and deserve better treatment from our own party.“

Quick Hits:

– Ward & Hellreich have taken to sending periodic vanilla ‘updates’.  Reader “Is there anything here you didn’t know or couldn’t find out in the public realm?“  “What a waste under the guise of ‘doing something’.”

– ‘Funnest’ local campaign video HIRA: Crazy LoPresti (vs Jeremiah).

McDermott‘s ACU 50 lifetime rating = liberal Republican, or what some call ‘moderate’.

Fukumoto tells why she is a Democrat.  www.facebook.com/HIRA808

– HRP won’t/can’t tell the story. HIRA presents HIRA: Svrcina for Council

– With HQ phone bank inactivated and unfunded, televisions removed, and an overpriced Saiki copier, HQ is a daycare center for paid staff.

– Anti-gun, ignorant, GOP HQ expends resources at Honolulu Senior Fair, but NONE at Gun Show.

– HRP faux-GOTV, reader “This is so blatantly an effort to just go through the motions it’s sickening.“

SA: Borreca – No Republican Party.  Moore “If Republicans don’t appear able to provide much competition, change could come from Democrats who supported Bernie Sanders.”

– Nice going liberals.  SA: OCare Premiums To Rise Avg 25%   Ds want single payer OCare.  R house caucus has time to send a letter to the NRA about me but not time to send Ige a letter about the Connector failure.  Thielen, Ward, Pine, Marumoto, Ching, Fontaine, Johanson, and Riviere voted for the failed Health Connector.

– Make a difference using the NRA-ILA action tracker. NRA Legislative Action Tracker

– Not Paris, not London, not Berlin GOPUSA: Muslim’s March in Dearborn

– Do something before all law and order is lost. Injured officer does NOT shoot for fear of public backlash

– As NFRA President signed memo to the movement opposing a lame duck vote on Internet sales tax; coalition letter to congress opposing the No Money Bail Act; FRC/coalition letter to House leadership to support the Free Speech Fairness Act; coalition letter to congressional leaders to oppose any Green Pork in lame duck spending bills.

-HRP missed this, or doesn’t care.  Our friend, Eldean Kukahiko drown diving for taco.  GOP 2014 house candidate, HRP district chair, HIRA member.  Our prayers are with his family.

No organization does more to destroy the Republican brand than the Hawaii Republican Party. A pro-life national Platform; HRP elects pro-abortion Saiki.  A record-setting RNC fundraising cycle; Rohlfing owns the two lowest raising months of the last decade.  A historic majority in the US House & majority in the Senate; HRP has 1/25 senators and 7/51 reps.  RNC fights tax increases; ‘leader’ Fukumoto and McDermott support tax increases.  SA Borreca declares HRP “microscopic”, “irrelevant”.  Republican Assemblies formed in 1934, once led by Reagan en route to the Governorship and Presidency, are the solution to an establishment without principles.  HRP per Milner “Death is not too strong a word to use here.  Influence-wise, the Republicans here are gone, and there is no resurrection on the horizon.  So it is safe to see one-party control as a given.”  Republican Party is Dead  Assemblies are the Republican Wing of the Republican Party.  

-On a Friday, NBC leaked the ‘Trump tape’.  By Saturday, many Republicans bailed on Trump.  Their bailing tells more about their (lack of) character than it does Trump’s.

-Best election cycle EVER!  FBI reopens Clinton investigation.  October surprise?

-Politico writes that Hellreich told her RNC buddies “I will do everything I can to promote the entire Republican ticket from President to City Council.”  Uh huh.  She didn’t recruit candidates (or she can take credit for the gems like Tam on the ballot), she didn’t raise funds to keep HQ from dipping into mortgage money, nor did she recruit district chairs who organize their districts.  But, her quote looks good.

Ground game.  Reporter “I didn’t see a single RNC or OHGOP volunteer signing folks up to volunteer or offering early vote info on my way in or out of Trump’s … rally.“

Evangelicals problem comes next month when they try to again gain supporters and donors confidence that they’ll find and support the next conservative.  Redstate: evangelical-leaders-sell-souls.  I am voting Trump.  He must win.  Bashing others who won’t endorse because of principles?  I don’t get it.

-HRP sent email disguised to support Trump.  Readers “Scam.  They aren’t helping Trump. If they were 1.  they would say NOW GET ON TRUMP TALK!  2.  The link ‘to help Trump’ is not to a Trump site, it is to HRP to collect contact info and donors for their own nefarious purposes.”  “They don’t support him but they will take advantage of his popularity.”  “HRP is now Trumping after all that wasted $ and time they invested to Djou?“  “So how do they square this with their support for Djou?  More importantly will Djou follow suit in this mock pivot?“  “HRP is useless! “

-Media and HRP afraid to ask:  Do R legislators endorse Trump?  Milner Where is the GOP and Republican Legislators?  HIRA: GOP Leaders Hate Trump Fukumoto & Saiki attack Trump and conservatives. HNN: GOP Leaders Thump Trump.  Your Djou, Saiki and Fukumoto say they have a right to do so, they do.  And, HRP has the responsibility to hold them to their own made up Purity Pledge.


Hawaii Presidential Campaign

-Trump Hawaii needed to make tens of thousands calls to battleground states (they didn’t).  Waiting to hear exciting stories of volunteers who deployed to the mainland (none went).

-With a clear distinction on 2A rights, Trump Hawaii fumbles when they buy in to HRP’s faux-Republican message: wastes resources at Senior Fair, and had no presence at Gun Show.

-HQ lose-lose.  Reader “A draft lease agreement for $1,000/month has been in the works for at least two weeks to permit Trump’s gang to use HQ.  According to our source, Jones kept insisting on additional rights (use of wi-fi, bathrooms, phones, etc.).  Finally, Jones signed the lease, but Fritzy Boy is dragging his feet.  HRP needs the money, but Rohlfing doesn’t want Trump in there. Trump Hawaii is quite sour on HRP and appreciates HIRA’s support.”

Debate #2.  Dems watch party on each island.  SA “Senior Hawaii GOP officials said they were unaware of any (GOP) party events staged to watch the Sunday debate.“  Trump Hawaii got their mojo back for #3.  HNL County invited party members but the #neverTrump HRP didn’t.  Reader “How lame-  the Subject should read – Debate Watching Party to Support Trump Pence!  Notice how they scrubbed clean any reference to Trump?  It’s just a watching party?“

Mistake to spend ANY resources – paid staff, signs, stickers – in Hawaii, SHOULD go to battleground state. Trump Hawaii co-chair “We just had 6,000 signs come in from national.“  “We have a paid Trump staffer here and many signs.“  Wasting resources in Hawaii, no calls to the battleground states = losing.  Then, this from Trump Hawaii boss “we received 25 beautiful, large 4′ by  8′ full color, Trump Pence signs (double-sided).   These signs will be used on Oahu; they are too large and would be too expensive to ship to neighbor islands.“   A waste.

-For months, we told Trump Hawaii to focus on battleground states. Finally, a week ago, Trump Hawaii chair “Mr. Trump has asked us to devote ALL of our attention on the battleground states – these states are where our candidate will win or loss (sic) the election – not Hawaii… The biggest and ONLY effect Hawaii’s Trump supporters will have in the national election is to participate in Trump Talk and help us make tens of thousands of calls.“  Reader “Wasn’t this the same guy (Frenzel) who promised 800,000 phone calls to Hawaii voters just a few months ago (right after making 15,000 phone calls to HRP’s March 2016 caucus goers)?“

-Trump Hawaii sign waving effort.  Couldn’t get numbers to come out.  Coup de grace came on National Sign Wave Day by gathering at King Kamehameha Statue on a Saturday morning i.e. waving to foreign tourists.  However, best effort yet – 60 happy volunteers turn out.

-The person who told me about the weak Trump Maui campaign, blasted herself (she forgot she had written the original criticism of the campaign), highlights the waste of resources, and the campaign finance violations.  “Whoever sent you this must be a malcontent of some sort and they have certainly distorted the actual event.”  ..  hundreds of yard signs, bumper stickers, lapel pins, women for Trump stickers, .. personally paid for [flight and lodging] .. bought a life-size Donald Trump stand up cardboard ..  other giveaways .. tons of food, water and soft drinks .. big screen and spent hours putting together YouTube excerpts of Trump .. huge 15ft(?) banner .. gave away T-Shirts.  “There were about 70-80 people.  A good mix of ethnicity.”  Sounds like great fun, wasted resources, and a bevy of campaign finance violations.  But, good fun.  Part of my reply. “If we win Hawaii and the Presidential election, I will gladly give our Trump Hawaii a loud mea culpa.  On the other hand, should we lose this election because we lose one or two of the battleground states (regardless of Hawaii), which I’ll attribute to wasteful use of resources and Trump Hawaii misplaced priorities and poor management, then I expect the same LOUD acknowledgement from you and Trump Hawaii. Deal? “

Vote your conscience.  2016 is all about SCOTUS.  

-You elected her:  Fukumoto Exposed As DemocratFukumoto (2016 ACU 26%)  joins democrats, ‘big spending is fiscally conservative’, “I’ll raise taxes because I am no Gene Ward’, women deserve more, ‘I support ACLU and NORML.’  SA October 28 “There is talk of her bolting to the Democrats if reelected.”

McDermott (2016 ACU 35) lied when he signed the www.atr.org Taxpayers Protection Pledge.  He voted to extend the rail tax.  Reader “McDermott wants taxpayers to BOHICA (bend over here it comes again) for the rail cartel while saying he opposes using the anus as a sex organ.”  That’s silly, but highlights the ‘respect’ conservatives have for McDermott.

-Reader reviews Agustin mailer “Let’s support the continued wasting money on rail and finish the project while pretending HART hasn’t already run out of money.  Let’s ‘aggressively’ divert more money to state employees for their retirement.  Let’s increase gas taxes and auto registration fees when the time comes.  Let’s give credit to and let’s support the Ige Administration for the plan to cool classrooms.  Let’s make senior citizens even more dependent upon government.“  Readers “ … just another pretty face using republican Party to advance her name and Demonrats agenda.“  “Whoah! another Dem Bitch!  Reminds me that Cheape Fukumoto Johannsen Mike Gabbard bunch of cowards!“  “Makes sense with Music Man James running her campaign.”  “Where did she get “how to be conservative like you say you are” training?  Why do these people run as Rs if they have only D platform and leanings?“

-Rohlfing & HQ say that Slom is a targeted race.  One week to go and never has a party leader contacted Slom’s campaign.  Not Rohlfing, Ready, Hickling, Mukk, Tagavilla, Jensen, nor County chair Manutai.  Neither district chair, Giles nor Burton, organized their district and nary a district meeting since selecting state delegates nine months ago.

-Gets worse.  The only (nominal) elected neighbor island R, Maui Council Couch, was in the Maui News being welcomed to D party by Maui D chair.

-Rohlfing? Saiki? Purity Pledge?  Hellreich? Bueller?  SA: Pine Supports The Democrat “Councilman Joey Manahan joins colleagues Ikaika Anderson, Brandon Elefante and Kymberly Pine, who had previously stated they support Caldwell.”

-SA Cataluna “There’s a heavy feeling of torpor over Honolulu, a lassitude that makes even the thought of filling out a box on a mail-in ballot feel like “Ah, why bother?” What’s the difference between Kirk Caldwell and Charles Djou?“

-Slater, Roth, Prevedouros CB: Stop Rail Now, but “abandoning the project at this late date would make those who had been supporting it look like idiots“. (i.e. Caldwell, Djou, the City Council, McDermott, Fukumoto.)  Reader “Major buyer’s remorse.  I haven’t even seen Panos nor Cayetano pushing Djou anymore.  2016 is the “HIRA told you so” election.“  HIRA: Djou Principles Disappear  After getting the HNL GOP endorsement for Djou, Jack ‘Music Man’ James distances himself “I have not rounded up a single person, be it Republican or not, for a Charles Djou pro Rail and pro tax candidacy.“  Reader response to Marumoto’s Djou appeal “how could we support Djou when he openly does not support our Presidential nominee, who won that position fair and square… 4 votes here lost for Charles, and do return my $100 donation.“

-CB mid-October poll (CB sat on data a week) has Djou down by a touchdown, 48-41.

-Djou & Ostrov are among few privileged to defend our freedom through military service.  As a combat arms officer, would like documentation of their exploits.  Djou’s service as an Army lawyer is appreciated.  His story these days is more ‘detailed’ than his 2012 Army.mil: Djou’s Combat Story (note photo, most of us are slightly more dirty in combat).  Djou cites “hand to hand with the Taliban.”  Djou declined comment for Fact Check.  Yoshioka, retired Army LTC, asked me to assist.  HPR: Fact Check Djou Combat Statements.  Reader “I dislike REMFs talking combat exploits.“  You decide.

-Saiki writes Ostrov “earned the Bronze Star for valor in combat.“  We appreciate Ostrov’s service, but   without documentation, that “V” (for valor) violates the Stolen Valor Act of 2013.  Saiki, a civilian, may not understand military awards but Saiki understands lies and corruption.  Ostrov hasn’t corrected Saiki’s claim.  Plus: A response to Saiki “It would be wonderful to win one of Hawaii’s two Congressional seats but I haven’t seen a single ad, on TV, radio, or print.  How do you expect this to happen when [HRP] has been virtually silent and non-existent this election cycle?“  Saiki response “I agree that the lack of [HRP ads] does not help our candidates.“

Credible?  US Senate candidate Carroll has not submitted an FEC report, i.e. hasn’t raised enough to meet reporting thresholds, HI-2 candidate Kaaihue does not even have an FEC account, HI-1 candidate Ostrov reports only 33k raised and only 10k CoH for a US Congressional race.  Ostrov mentor, pro-choice/pro-union Saiki, hasn’t contributed to Ostrov.  Nor has any HRP Exec member.

-Both parties tried to deep-six Kaaihue, Ds for the HI-1 Special, and Rs for the HI-2 General.  Both failed.

HIRA’s exposure of Saiki and R/H/L corruption shows that HRP needs cleansing.  Fearful R legislators are as culpable as the State Cmte is incompetent.  

-Numbers prove HRP Rs are as liberal as Ds.  80+ is considered conservative, below 60 is just plain failing, and ACU is the easiest rating system.  ACU 2016 ratings www.conservaive.org.  Ward (ACU 24) had 22 Ds vote more conservatively.  Cheape & Fukumoto at ACU 26 had 14 more conservative Ds.  Thielen and Pouha has 29, Tupola a disappointing 33 and McDermott a conservative-embarrassment 35.  Souki had the same 24 score as Ward.

For context, Cruz and Lee scored ACU 100, Rand Paul 96.  Even Paul Ryan 78 and McConnell 75 scored better than any Hawaii R.  Liberal Ayotte 38 is better than any of our House Rs.

-Ds say it is bad that for the first-time foreign countries would influence a US election.  I’m waiting for the guy in the White House supposedly from Hawaii to give back those illegal Chinese contributions.

-Kim Corbin challenged Obama at his ‘Gun town hall’.  Now Amanda Collins speaks out.  Daily Signal:  raped-at-22-now-she-advocates-for-women-to-have-choice-to-carry-a-gun.  Among other reasons, sports shooting, competition, collecting and such, the number of woman gun owners is growing at a faster rate than men, much due to women deciding they want to protect themselves and their family.

-NRA President here next week.  Dinner with 2A leaders, meeting with HRA, speaks at FNRA banquet.

-In closing.  Not really.  Friends, we’ve been counting down to election day for four years.  This has been the most, well, yeah, the most _____ (fill in the blank) election cycle, ever.  We’d miss this except that the next election cycle already started.  Buckle up. We have more in two years with a couple special election in between.  Glad to be on this journey with you.  The immediate next election is  …..

NRA petition successful.  Endorsed by Ollie North, Pete Brownell, Carolyn Meadows.  Most of Board and all NRA leadership signed petition.  Also, HRA President Harvey Gerwig.  President Allan Cors (coming to Hawaii FNRA in November), 1VP Pete Brownell (Maui in March), 2VP Richard Childress, former NRA Presidents Jim Porter, David Keene.  Ollie North, Allan West, Dave Butz.  Congressmen Matt Salmon AZ-5, Rob Wittman VA-1.  I appreciate your support and vote.

-Join NRA to protect your (gun) civil rights.  Running for NRA Board of Directors at www.willeslee.com and finally broke down to a FB page www.facebook/willes.lee.5.

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



Last five: Voting/ Again/ Trumpified/ “Thrilled”/ Embarrassing. www.hawaiideservesbetter.com