Status Quo, part one

Aloha Friends. Welcome back.  Part one, of two.

We’ve heard NOTHING from the HRP new chair, vice chairs, or activists of note. If you want to know what is happening in your party, read on.

Gone Boy. Paid staff Parsons gives HRP one days’ notice, and bails out of the political world.

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. Thank you. The Hawaii Republican Party can be better.

Meetings + Convention – HRP finances – By The Numbers

-June 18-20 Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference, DC

-June 20-21 HRA Shooting Sports Fair, Kokohead Range

-June 26-28 Western Conservative Summit, Denver WesternConservativeSummit

-July 9-11 National Right to Life Convention New Orleans

-August 28-30 NFRA Presidential Endorsing Convention, Nashville

-September 11-13 Eagle Council, St Louis

-November 8 Oahu Friends of NRA

-RNC Meeting, Phoenix. Met with Co-Chair Day to discuss her HRP convention visit. Many chuckles about the unsavvy Saiki/Hellriech/Liu hit piece of me/HIRA sent to the entire RNC. Hellreich brings a few guests, Liu invisible if there. No Rohlfing or Saiki (again) attend Chairmen’s meeting. Republican Overseas (RO) reception with fmr Gov Brewer and Sheriff Arpiao. You’ll hear the phrase “full Spectrum conservative’ more often. Conservative Steering Cmte (no HRP rep invited) asking support for Traditional Marriage SCOTUS amicus brief at Debate Cmte wrestling with criterion to determine Pres debate participation. Martin, Eagle Forum, “leadership in the GOP is more responsive to big, outside money and  interests than to conservative principles and the regular party members they supposedly represent.“ Hellreich rant to IA NCM “I hate Ralph Reed.” “Pat Robertson destroyed the Hawaii Republican Party.” Rules proposal floated to change term of national committee people. Reception is Fiorina (Chair of our ACUF Board), lunch with Santorum, dinner is Bush, lunch is Huckabee (and Ducey). $100M Cleveland Convention: planning (lipstick on a pig) for 2500 delegates & 15,000 media; many wonder how Dallas didn’t get the nod. Rubio team most noticeable. Departed early for an east coast meeting. Redeye to …

-Northern Virginia meeting, (mostly social) conservatives, national leaders and activists .. can’t write or talk about it.  Extended sessions with Jindal, Fiorina, Perry, Cruz, Huckabee, Rubio. Reconnected with many friends and acquaintances. Marriage panel sheds light on SCOTUS process.

-HIRA Secretary Kulbis took the NFRA BoD call for National Endorsing Convention update. Nashville, August.

-State Convention.  Mostly-old(er), a few new faces seemed to enjoy their day. Personal touch: not yet to the registration table, a (perhaps former) friend came nose-to-my-nose to loudly spit “You need to fuc*ing leave. You’re not a Republican. You need to fuc*ing go. Right now.” Three minutes of finger-wagging, at 7:30 in the morning, at the HQ registration table. He ‘welcomed’ me to their exclusive club demonstrating 1. S/H/L are not inclusive (duh) and 2. conservatives are not going to fuc*ing leave. Read on to see if this Convention Preview – too irrelevant, liberal, expensive & stodgy, with no discussion of principles or platform – was accurate. Delegate “I chose not to spend my time or money because it was etched in stone what was to happen.“

HRP cannot challenge Democrats and liberals on ideological positions until we solve our internal and administrative issues. We need a conservative, competent, committed, organized, manned, and funded HRP, with committed leaders. Republicans must first fix their house.

Opening ceremonies were fine. Saiki & Hellreich again waste their stage time attacking conservatives, not Dems, repeating the false premise that they would succeed if “we all agreed” with them. Secretary Kubo, treasurer Klompus and committeeman Liu skipped convention. Fukumoto implied Abraham Lincoln told her to vote with the Democrats, her dour “We are losing and we are going to keep losing unless we do things differently” contradicts her caucus and the party clique doing all they can to maintain the status quo. She exhorts delegates to support candidates they agree with 75%, down from Reagan’s 80%. (Delegate “Bet she’s down to 45% when she starts her 2016 campaign.”) Fukumoto’s get-along comments highlight the absence of our conservative senate leader, who on Hamada said of HQ “they’re trying to get rid of” conservatives. Walden to organize next year’s Presidential caucus: 2012 was not without administrative issues and the ‘questionable’ vote counts (particularly on the Big Island & Maui) coupled with this year’s district caucus controversy are concerns. Obviously worried of disruptions, no one on stage allowed comments – floor microphones were off. Delegate “It was a dog and pony show, just for show.” Each “vote’ was a cursory ‘raise your hand if you agree,’ followed immediately by ‘looks like that’s enough to pass.’ No county chair or state vice chair reports because they contributed nothing. Speech-makers ignored that we lost every race and issue (SSM) last cycle; the in-coming crew sees business-as-usual.

Finances. Klompus skipped again. We reported here monthly that our party of fiscal responsibility was in debt for four years, HQ factsheet says five. Nothing new about the FEC account. We got a peek at CSC info (before the July report) = $43.6k which includes counties’ 4.5k. Capital campaign depleted to $22k is suspicious; based on previous HQ numbers it should near 25k. Fact sheet notes HRP is ‘fundraising from major events, business roundtables, talk stories’ … requiring HQ to now submit ‘Notice of intent to hold a fundraiser’ form for their not-really-fundraising events.

Strategy sessions. 1. Visiting fundraising pro reinforced basic fundraising concepts. 2. Several asked why an untried James get as much stage time as national operatives, or any time. James, at his second convention, promises 1000 delegates in 2022. 2022? 3. Demonstrating by-gones, Aiona moderates a session for new chair Rohlfing who wanted Hammemann for governor. Freshmen Tupola rationalized that being in the minority is a good thing, freshman Pouha arrived late; no ‘strategy’ in this talk story. 4. Hickling, who’s Kauai races lost by an average of 45 points (that’s not what candidates earned, that is the MARGIN of loss), ‘teaches’ voter reg & GOTV as he takes over the coordinated campaign (Ready demoted to Secretary).

2000+ delegates/alternate delegates possible, HQ recruited only 456 and only 196 showed i.e. less than 4/district and considerably less than 1/precinct. Nine districts had zero reps, several only one. BI 3 delegates, Maui & Kauai each counted on two hands with fingers to spare, should concern potential candidates. Rohlfing and his slate’s secretive methods fail to motivate members to attend. Delegates “After one Rules Committee meeting and one County Convention, I’m sitting the HRP out and not attending State Convention.” ”Rooms were a lot smaller than HQ advertised in their emails,” a side room even more cramped though by lunch (small box lunch + half-sized bottle of water) folks mostly sat outside.

RNC co-chair Day. Day is a good RNC co-chair who takes duties – speaking, training, teaching, raising funds – seriously, unlike Hellreich, Liu and Saiki. Sent to boost Rohlfing & Saiki after their politically unwise Purity reso and inept hit piece on me/HIRA. Reader “I didn’t even know there is an RNC co-chair.“ She bashed Clinton then had to use flowery terms to describe HRP instead of metrics (she knows we have 1/25 senators, 7/51 house, no state or federal officials, half our district chairs and no precinct chairs, no voter registration drive. You get the idea). No media coverage of her speech.

Elections/anointment. Many asked “How come we didn’t know until last month that there were elections?” The establishment rolled through their slate. Kulbis mailer “The current leadership did not announce the elections thus suppressing any challenges. Rohlfing, a month ago, accepted the vote of our members as County Chair, knowing he would be running for a State position. That’s equivalent to Johansen accepting the vote of his constituents as a Republican knowing full well that he was going to switch parties once elected.“ 30% voted for Palcic anyway though Rohlfing had establishment backing, Saiki’s endorsement, HQ resources, and a room of hand-picked Romney-campaign delegates. Rest of the slate without opponent were elected ‘by acclamation’ so no one suffered a dissenting chorus of ‘Nay.’ Years ago, we had unopposed candidates give their speech because, now, we have no idea who is Swygard, Monahan, can’t recall the other names.  Inept: HQ-written convention rules, which convention chair Lagareta had us approve four hours earlier, provides chair nominees four minutes to speak and other offices get two. They were given five and three, respectively. This is the crew asking us to trust them to lead us to victory in 2016. After two cycles as senior vice chair, Saiki’s endorsement, and county chair/minutes-old state chair Rohlfing speaking on his behalf, Ready garners only 57% of their stacked deck against Kulbis. Delegates “When Fritz got up and endorsed [Ready], I left because I knew the fix was on.“ “Fritz getting up to endorse Boyd was not right.  Boyd was supposed to be sharing his platform.  I am very disappointed w/ the Republican Party because I see no change happening with the same people.“

Guest “When are we going to talk about Platform?” (We didn’t.)

Rules. Changing party rules for those in office today is bad policy – ask Senate Dems how they now feel about Reid’s ‘nuclear option.’ 1. Hellreich rule passed: party officials may support candidates, even in a primary. It allows NCW Hellreich to add to more than $1/2M salary from Lingle & Aiona campaigns while supposedly training/raising $ for HRP to support all R candidates. Allows Rohlfing to join a Presidential campaign as he did Romney, while chair Rohlfing is supposedly neutral in distributing party resources.  Or Mukk, having sold out to the establishment, to help Rand Paul. Other state parties prohibit officer conflicts of interest. 2. HQ-directed district caucus meetings ALL on same day failed. Paid staff Parsons tried ‘We’re from HQ and we we’re here to help you,’ as BI chair countered “The Big Island is, well, big,” but most want HQ to stay out of their way. 3. Wonder why there are dumb rules? HQ refuses to provide past-meeting minutes until the next meeting three months later; Exec Cmte minutes are (seldom kept) never distributed. Now we have a rule which requires draft minutes within 30 days. 4. ‘Trust our chair’ to vet and hire ED without oversight passes, not five years after chair Kaauwai hired his BFF Nonaka to be ED, paid him twice the going rate at $80k/year, then moved his family rent-free to live with Nonaka’s. Hellreich cited the difficulty of getting 51 district chairs to meet but HQ hasn’t had more than 30 district chairs the past four years, and less than 20 participate. Ready “State committee is made up of district chairs who don’t know what is going on.” 5. Capital campaign $ which was to be used for only mortgage payment is changed to include building maintenance, property tax, office improvements, and such other expenses determined by the State Cmte. i.e slush fund. 6. Audit is no more; now a review of party finances by three people picked by the party chair i.e. the fox guarding the henhouse. Red-herring was HQ focus on finance compliance, though the original rule was to ensure the chair spent money as authorized by the State Cmte.

-With the late-announced surprise move of Convention to the first May weekend, delegates complained of missing the Kentucky Derby, the crowd thinned when Pacquiao v Mayweather coverage began and legislators + most staffs are at the capitol finishing session.

-HRP FEC. End of April, HRP stays in the RED. Receipts were $12,113 = $8,597 contributions + 3,514 state account transfer + ZERO (again) from RNC charity fund. FEC report Sustaining Donors: only 3/14 Exec Cmte, down to 1/51 District chairs, down to 8 members. When leaders don’t buy in, don’t expect others to do so. Disbursements = $16,922, includes $1499 mortgage+2701 building maint, 923 IMS accounting, Parsons’ salary 3750+1941 payroll tax+340 health insurance+632 unemployment insurance, 1544 mail appeal, 104 copier, 716 phone, 236 cable. CoH down to 53k (+21k mortgage, 4.5k counties’, estimating 40k state acct). HRP with 18k+/month burn rate, raises only 9k. FEC 3 of 4 months this CY and 5/6 months this cycle in the RED. HRP election cycle in the RED 19k, living off 2014 funds NOT used to elect Republicans. HRP in the red 18/28 past reports, 1/1 since Hellreich crowned Rohlfing.

By the numbers

  1. District meetings since Giles (last year) and Bradford (April) took over east Oahu breaking a string of 20 YEARS of monthly meetings.
  2. Report from the Saiki faux-audit, faux-coalitions, and faux election autopsy ‘committees.’
  3. Week after convention that Aiona disses Rohlfing, refusing to conduct the interview on Aiona’s own radio show.  Rohlfing wanted Hannemann as the R candidate for Governor.
  4. HRP lacks integrity to address Rs -Thielen, Carroll, McDermott, Pine, Fenton– who endorsed Ds against Rs in 2012. Add 2014 Cheape, Fukumoto, district chair Egge, and Hanneman’s ‘Rohlfing Rs.’
  5. Months this cycle and twenty-five after Hellreich wrote “the need to use massive voter registration drives to Increase our chances of winning.” Not yet.
  6. Years without a HRP strategic plan, finance plan, campaign (Victory) plan.
  7. Months since the 2012 required HRP financial audit was to be conducted. 18 since the ’13 audit was due. Seven months since HRP chair promised. Donors don’t give when finances are in question.
  8. State legislators. Scorecard tells why you aren’t heard. Legislator Scores.
  9. Days (as of June 1) to the Presidential election.

-Rohlfing naïve loyalists deny Rohlfing was deceitful in knowing for several months he was going to be state chair as he got anointed to county chair. Alternate narrative: “What’s more acceptable?  That Rohlfing can’t think more than two weeks in advance? That Rohlfing on March 28 thought he was the best R to lead the county, but by early April he thinks he is the best to lead HRP?”  “Republicans, already seven months into the election cycle, elected a guy who only a month prior decided to run for party chair, who had no plan or vision for the party, no strategic plan, no finance plan, or Victory plan, no fundraising plan or experience, no slate of officers he thought were best and he could work with lined up to lead the party, no national contacts, had never been to an RNC meeting, and who was ready to support Hannemann over Aiona?“ Neither scenario says much for Rs, Rohlfing, or his minions.

-Rohlfing’s ED quits, before getting fired. Confirming his petulance, paid staffer Parsons gives HRP 24 hours’ notice. He applauds Saiki and noticeably does NOT mention Chang, the guy who gave him a start in politics. As a professional politico (state party executive director) he chooses to NOT progress to the next level but instead QUITS politics. He does NOT name a successor, telegraphing Rohlfing is caught unprepared.  He pats himself, including cleaning HQ offices, without mentioning his failed primary mission of winning elections. Parson’s email reaction “Incredible lies and fluff!  His relationship to party members pretty much stunk!“ “Little weasel.“

Not Slom. 75 legislators favor tax-raising, bloated, deficit-spending, wasteful state budget which balloons to $26.17 billion including Fukumoto, Theilen, Ward, Cheape, Pouha, Tupola, McDermott.

OCare/Health Connector back in the news. “.. after a steady downward spiral, Hawaii Health Connector is on life support.” Fmr HR Zimmerman, now Senior Investigative reporter, info used Greta w Aiona about Connector.   Ds want single-payer. Theilen, Ward, Fontaine voted FOR Connector.

-RedState’s Erickson “Though not technically the winner, by wide acclimation the winning drawing was the chalk outlines that stood in for the bodies of the two Islamic terrorists who tried to shoot up the place.” Garland TX Muhammad Drawing Contest

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.  Forward this – people need to know, you need to act. Part 2 coming.



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