Threatening Rs, Part One

Aloha Friends. Welcome back.  Part 1 of 2.

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. Thank you. The Hawaii Republican Party can be better.

Writing to conservatives & Republicans, mostly in Hawaii, I email rather than blog because this is a (quasi) private discussion. These reports chronicle HRP’s story with enormous amounts data and solutions. My perspective is that of conservative, Republican, former State Party Chairman & RNC member, now with several conservative organizations including the Republican Assemblies, ACU and NRA. These reports augment what you should hear from HRP, what is not on your radar, or what you need to research. Ask party leaders to act, or continue to lose. We won’t always agree but we should be informed. Hawaii conservatives should know they are not alone. Please forward this to conservatives or ask to be removed.

Meetings – Finances – By The Numbers

– December 5 Pacific Aviation Museum Raiser, Ford Island

– January 20 Hawaii Legislative Session Opens

Friends of NRA. Sold out banquet at KBay surrounded by our country’s best (USMC). Only Friends dinner in the nation organized by HS shooting squads (supervised by Dawn Horn). Guns, gear, live and silent auction, giveaways, prizes, awards. Ito (only one House R has a higher ACU rating), MARFORPAC CoS shared table. Several D legislators attend, zero Rs/all skip this year, no HRP leadership. NRA Campaign Hawaii Rifle Assn Lee Is First Hawaii Nominee To NRA Board.

Election Day. RNC Priebus “I congratulate all of our Republican candidates, in Kentucky, Virginia, Mississippi, and across the country who won hard-fought races tonight.“ WaPo “From Coast to Coast, conservatives score huge victories.” Add Ohio, Houston, SanFran. Good day for mainland Rs.

Debate, Wisconsin. Winner: FBN, Rubio, Cruz, Carson, Fiorina. Loser: Kasich. Undercard had Jindal most aggressive, Christie had best evening.

Veterans’ Day with patriots. Kulbis hosts a memorable day at sub base Pearl; commemorating the incredible diesel warriors and a keynote by a skipper who completed patrol three days prior. Good PTSD in the historic Lockwood bar, visualizing the heroes who drank there.

-Honolulu County meeting. Fale postponed the county meeting and didn’t tell anyone. No agenda prior, Ready sends a ‘we don’t need no stinkin’ agenda’ email. No agenda at meeting = rambling discussion of general bluster. Only 3/8 county officers, 11/35 district chair = 31% of your county. Honolulu has less than 10% of precinct chairs (which is more than NI). Candidate recruitment quizzically focused on primary opponents for a district WITH a candidate rather than the dozens without. James breakfast nets, he says, $2600 with no help from state or county HQ.

-HRP FEC October is BLACK, barely. Even with Capital Campaign $ and Bush campaign’s 5k, Rohlfing spends all the money brought in i.e. zero funds for messaging or Victory 2016. Receipts $44,587 = $12.5k for operations + 26,300 for mortgage + 0 CSC transfer + 750 RNC charity + 5,000 Bush. Sustaining Donors recorded: 3/14 Exec Cmte (1/4 county chair, not Liu or Saiki), 4/51 District chairs, 10 members. When leaders don’t buy in, don’t expect others to do so. Disbursements $43,533 = 18k operations + 13k CC event + 12k direct to mortgage = $13,576 mortgage+2699 building maint, 486 IMS accounting, 3401 Tagavilla salary+1513 payroll tax+354 health insure+549 unemploy tax, 734 for Saiki’s copier, 234 cable, 253 phone, 375 telemarketing, 1314 mail appeal, 2500 lawyer secret retainer, 970 facilities for caucus. Month’s net 0 for operations + 1k for mortgage, using all the Bush $ to pay bills. Federal CoH for operations 20.9k (plus 39.7k for mortgage of 100k remaining). [Also CSC 7k+6.7k CC soft money +7k counties]. Received scant RNC money for Finance Director, but didn’t pay him.

Six Rohlfing months of FEC reports: including Bush money and CC event, R/H/L raised 16.3k/month and spent 19.9k/month for a loss of 3.5k/month or a total shortfall of 21.3k. FEC 7 of 10 months this CY and 9/12 months this election cycle in the RED. HRP CY FEC now 12.6k in the RED including LDD & CC revenue, & Bush campaign; election cycle in the RED 42k, using ’14 RNC funds Saiki (ACU 50%) did NOT use to elect Republicans. HRP red 22/34 past reports, 4/6 since Hellreich crowned Rohlfing.

CC event to pay for HQ, not elections. Announced $70k gross, net 46k; 10k shy of gross goal, and 14k off net. At event, mortgage INCREASED from 117k to 118.7k. Week later at state meeting, said 112k before they applied 12k to principal. Handout reports 105k (100k in a conflicting entry). Reader “I can’t believe they still didn’t pay off the mortgage after all these years campaigning to do so.“ To HIRA “Fundraiser was at Koolau, home to a wonderful but liberal church known as FirstPrez.“

Media-challenged HRP forgot a media release; missed opportunity to tell who spoke, give a message, highlight hero Coffee, and announce ‘success.’

Hellreich confirms “In July, I attended, along with the Chairman, NCM and E.D., the summer meeting of the RNC in Cleveland.” If Hellreich was with the Executive Director (Tagavilla), who authorized donors’ funds to pay other-ED Fale(she) left here in Honolulu? OR – Because Fale(she) was paid as ED, why did Tagavilla use staff discounts to attend the RNC meeting? Someone is not honest.

-Hellreich leaks (i.e. HQ yet to announce) Simon is new Finance Director. Simon has limited field experience, learning finance. RNC funds three months’ salary, diverted from 2016 target states.

State Cmte info confirms our data. Though Saiki & Rohlfing are paranoid about ‘leaks’, numbers in these reports are from someone who knows HRP finances better than do they (ask Thomason).

HRP is unable to challenge Democrats and liberals ideology until we solve our internal and administrative issues. We need a conservative, competent, committed, organized, manned, and funded HRP with committed leaders. Republicans must first fix their house.

Dumb, again. HRP attacks Republicans, instigates in-fighting, instead of using energy and your donations to challenge Democrats. “[HIRA] received a cease and desist notice from a Democrat union attorney retained by the Hawaii Republican Party.“ Press Release: HRP Hires Dem Lawyer.

logos-at-issueHRP says they own the word Republican and any elephant logo. To illustrate HQ’s idiocy, HIRA compares logos and responds to the Rohlfing/Hellreich/Liu (R/H/L) threat with Republicans Are Not Stupid, Confused, and Uninformed Like You Say. Readers “Squirming of HRP [by] the issuing “cease and desist” to HIRA is evidence of the effectiveness of [HIRA efforts].“ “OK—it’s official….the HI GOP is dead! They are NUTS!“ To HIRA “This is ridiculous. What right do they have to stop HIRA offering their opinions?“ “I am so proud to be a part of the Republican Assembly.“ “Fritz is doubling down on his unprofessional presence in [HRP].“ “[HRP attacks the only group pointing out the corruption on both sides.” “I wish we had much fewer RINOs in [HRP].” Turns out, HRP does not own the RNC elephant, or the word Republican. RNC says they did not sanction nor were any part of Rohlfing’s lapse of judgment. “The [RNC] informed the Hawaii GOP that the national GOP does not support the frivolous legal action initiated by Fritz Rohlfing against the Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) and the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA).” RNC Dumps HRP. RNC asks HIRA to keep it local, hoping NFRA does not make this a national issue.

The other shoe. According to Saiki, Hellreich, and Marumoto, Rohlfing wasn’t authorized to hire a lawyer and secretly used donor contributions to pay a $2500 retainer fee without approval. HIRA FB “HIRA must really be having an effect if he’s going to resort to stuff like this.”

Saiki, Hellreich, Marumoto & Liu threw Rohlfing under the bus, or he took one for the team. Saiki publicly scolds Rohlfing for acting without HER approval and for stealing money to pay the lawyer, screeching “The Treasurer didn’t know about this.” Humiliating Embezzlement Showdown At GOP HQ Meeting. Her friends Marumoto and Hellreich scolded him more because RNC as early as September told him to not do this. Rohlfing secretly on October 21 hired the lawyer. Hellreich asked why party counsel didn’t do this pro bono; Rohlfing said counsel Cal Chipchase never returned his calls and “no one else volunteered.” Rohlfing secretly hired Lilly with $2500 of your donations, and pays $350/hour i.e. Rohlfing used Mary Smart’s $2500 CC table for the retainer and Anne Sutton’s $2500 CC table for hourly fees for a legal action discouraged by the RNC and not approved by the Exec or State Cmte. Marumoto suggests Rohlfing get their money back, having seen HQ embarrassed by five HIRA eblasts and in national media HRP – Home to the RINO. To HIRA “Time to clean house and get rid of these clowns.“ “Corruption in HRP? Why am I not surprised.” Proof of R legislators’ impotence (& the State Cmte), no one takes issue with HQ corruption. McDermott, who sat silent during the meeting, goes further to attack HIRA for uncovering the stolen monies instead of calling for HQ accountability.

Before they vote on the action, hiring a lawyer, or expending funds, Rohlfing suddenly and abruptly adjourns the meeting.

Dishonest or incompetent? RNC told HRP in September to NOT pursue this faux pas. Rohlfing had multiple opportunities to tell Saiki et al he was moving forward. As Rohlfing is the sacrificial elephant, Saiki, Hellreich, Liu (and more) feign ignorance of Rohlfing’s action. But, no one believes these micro-managers were unaware, nor did they tell him to stop. They didn’t speak out until after HIRA exposed the cease and desist letter. Using the public state meeting to cover their involvement, with Marumoto, they used virtually verbatim talking points to excoriate Rohlfing. With friends like that, who needs Dems?

Rohlfing is desperate (it is illegal for his D lawyer to accept stolen money) to avoid an embezzlement investigation. He asks the Exec Cmte to approve ex post facto. Hellreich, Saiki, Monahan, Marumoto, Ready and the rest must spin their Rohlfing berating into after-the-fact approval for the lawyer’s retainer. They said the ‘cease and desist’ is a bad idea, told Rohlfing the RNC wouldn’t support it, publicly scolded him, told the State Cmte it was his fault, and adjourned rather than have the State Cmte vote. A week later in a quietly called meeting to fix the illegal activity, Hellreich, Smart (now an ardent HQ supporter), Marumoto, Saiki and the rest approved the expenditure. They were against it, before they were for it.

More in next month’s report of the sad HRP ‘cease and desist’ against Republicans at HIRA.

Revelations of HQ money hanky-panky coincide with Rohlfing/Hellreich/Liu (R/H/L) hiring a lawyer to silence HIRA. Had HIRA succumbed they would have ceased operation the day before this controversial state meeting. Perhaps only the coincidence of an attempted cover-up.

-Media won’t touch this because they don’t want their liberal establishment sources pushed out the door. HNN edited their one minute piece into a puff piece: in HRP’s ONLY earned media in months, Rohlfing wouldn’t appear on screen, Lee did for HIRA, Aiona pitched his own non-profit HNN – GOP Seeks Turnaround. “Willes Lee, of the Hawaii Republican Assembly, said candidates aren’t getting support from the party and that’s something he wants to see change. “Our legislators have failed to have a coherent message. We need to do better,” Lee said.“

-Aiona whines on Mike Buck. Typical politician, gives rhetoric and accusations but no solutions for his & HRP failed leadership. Titular-head-wannabe, Aiona avoids the party he says he supports. Reader “Aiona ran for Governor, he could barely enunciate “Republican” in his speeches if he did at all.  The one that always floors me is when he says…….in both campaigns….. “I’m nonpartisan”.  What the hell does that mean?“ Aiona should cleanse HRP as he prepares for another run. (Last year –Aiona disappeared in 2010. He spent 2011 purposely waffling to keep others from running. Reader “people like Aiona and Djou are “running” for show, not that they really are trying to win.“ SA “Aiona said he and Ahu did not hide their Christian values during the campaign.” Fact check: Aiona said the SSM issue is “not a priority with me“ and “Aiona essentially said it is time to move past the culture wars,“ and offered to do homosexual marriages. Aiona “I am a part of the Republican Party because the fundamental values I have are the fundamental values the party has. But I am not a party person.”)

-Hellreich says publicity about illegal actions makes HRP look bad (spin for ‘they are bad’) when she asks for Lincoln Dinner contributions. Anticipating low donor participation following this Martinez Bait and Switch, they’re pressuring candidates to purchase tables (i.e. laundering contributions you give to THEM) ‘so the party can support candidates.’ Some such as Aiona, Fukumoto use donor funds to attend events ‘for free’, though no candidate believes they’ll receive support from the financially & ideologically bankrupt HRP. Candidates who funnel your donations to GOP clearly don’t need more funds.

By the numbers

0.  Reports from Saiki’s (ACU 50%) faux-audit, faux-coalitions, and faux election autopsy ‘committees.’

0.  Communications to HNL county members from anointed chair Fale(he). (ACU 50%)

1.   month of HRP Finance Director, after more than 15 months without.

1.   SA Shapiro column, November 8 “A political flash from the past [from HIRA] offers a telling glimpse of how Hawaii’s homelessness crisis exploded out of control.“ Hawaii Liberals Banned This Video

1.   day after November 12 Obama “We have contained ISIS” before November 13 Paris attack.

3.   You’re delusional if you don’t realize we are already in World War III.

4.   Led by McDermott, four House Rs vote to extend rail surcharge.

5.   months after RNC announces free (to you) grassroots training, HRP gives one post buried on FB.

5.   HRP lacks integrity to address Rs – Thielen (ACU 20%), Carroll, McDermott (60%), Pine, Fenton – who endorsed 2012 Ds against Rs. Add, 2014 Cheape (20%), Fukumoto (50%), Egge, and Hanneman’s ‘Rohlfing Rs.’

6.   months over-under for Exec Cmte. HQ is on the 3rd ED and 4th Treasurer. The State Cmte and legislators don’t care.

7.   Years without a HRP strategic, finance, or campaign (Victory) plan. They floated an unapproved version last month.

7.   of November, Hellreich “We need voter registration drives.” 31 months since Hellreich wrote “the need to use massive voter registration drives to Increase our chances of winning.” Still not.

35.   Months since the ’12 required HRP financial audit was to be conducted. 23 since the ’13 audit was due. 12 since HRP chair promised. Donors don’t give when finances are in question.

60.   Years of Democrat domination, an irrelevant Republican Party WaPo Hawaii Last in Intelligence

343.  Days (as of December 1) to the Presidential election.

500.   TWT – Pastors Heed Call To Run For Office

-IRT McDermott’s immature profanity-laced email favoring HQ liars: Big Island reader “How can anybody who claims to be a Republican in Hawaii defend the Republican Party, or at least what remains of it?”

-HIRA suggests RNC Priebus get involved in Hawaii because R criminal activity reflects poorly on the RNC and all Republicans. HIRA Letter to RNC Priebus

-Join Hawaii Rifle Association to protect our gun (civil) rights. Reader “It is the HRA, not the NRA, that prevented a handgun ban in Hawaii, prevented bans on .50 caliber rifles, prevented reregistration of firearms, got civil liability immunity for home owners who use deadly force on violent criminals who break into your house, got a law passed preventing firearms seizures, during declared disasters, and many other pro-gun actions.“ 2A supporters are a team. Be on the team.

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.  Forward this – people need to know, you need to act. Part 2 coming.


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