No One To Use It, Part 2

Aloha Friends.  Welcome to part 2 of 2.

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii.  Thank you.

– November 8 Oahu Friends of NRA

– November 10 HIRA Roadshow Kailua

Readers’ Comments – Party News – Quick Hits

I don’t necessarily agree with ALL our readers.  “Oh my.  Why can’t HRP fight against Democrats instead of causing all this infighting?”  “I know good people who don’t want to be Republicans in Hawaii“.  “You can tell how angry we conservatives and others are when non politicians get more than half the ratings.“  “This is the first Kauai Republican Party communication I received this year.“  (no county activity on ANY island.)  “There is no HRP only blowing smoke“.  “Please keep their feet to the fire and the spirit of excellence and winning.“  “Obama is directly responsible for all the policies that destabilized families and causes divorce and consequential mental disease that manifests itself in mass shootings“.  “The RNC should flush all the sh*its out of HRP and start with sane people.”  “HRP needs leadership and I can’t think of anyone to fill that shoe.  Just so sad!“  To HRP “The Hawaii GOP is the same as the national GOP: establishment, bankrupt, void of moral fiber.  Why don’t you have the decency to resign?  Please: just go away!“  A Dem reader “Obama succeeded in destroying the traditional family and replaced it with sodomy driven same sex marriage.  Hawaii representatives and senators espouse sodomy.“

-HRP website, STILL hosed.  Logo is Republican Party of Hawaii (RPH), but headings and documents say Hawaii Republican Party (HRP).  Three News items this YEAR. Dumped Saiki’s ‘past chair’ statement (which was her ‘chair’ statement), still no Rohlfing statement (elected early May).  Have to search for the neutral LLIFE 2010 Platform (this is 2015).  Couch (R) and Pine (R?) absent.  Missing half the leader photos (six months after elected), several quit, Mench secretly promoted from half-county chair to Hawaii chair.   No district chair list or contact info, no contact info for county officers, no executive director.

-Comments on HRP FB “What is the Hawaii GOP doing to attract the actual (Presidential) candidates to campaign here in Hawaii?”  Agustin “We are in the Oahu League of Republican Women’s (Senior Fair) booth“ paid by HRP with your contributions.  “The GOP is not your friend, they do not give two sh*ts about you.  Don’t give in to their underhanded tactics.”  Only four HRP tweets since beginning of August.

-Follow the leader.  HRP’s recent FB post is cut & paste from wildly popular HIRA blasts and posts.  HIRA has long allowed HRP to piggy off their effective political & communications effort.  Rohlfing’s inaugural ‘monthly’ fundraising appeal, disguised as a newsletter, was ALL cut and paste from these reportsHRP silence stems from their lack of principles to base a message, neutral does not attract voters.  Encourage Rohlfing to give info which HIRA and these reports haven’t already provided, or just forward/share our stuff.

Rohlfing ‘news’letter.  Rohlfing is oblivious to his disappearing district chairs but he can’t miss HRP finances in the red during his five months, spending about $40k more than he raised.  The RNC hire, originally BYU Idaho, with a stop in Alaska before Laie, is working for the RNC, not HRP – George Simon’s most popular Youtube post is “Sexy Japanese Schoolgirl 1”.  Rohlfing’s letter over-under:  Kaauwai/Nonaka’s monthly reports lasted three months; Chang’s weekly became bi-weekly, and then periodic for four months before they quit.  Rohlfing was county chair two years without any ‘news’ (same as the current Fale) and has been party chair since May, finally providing October ‘news’ in order to boost sagging event ticket sales.

-HIRA “Special thanks to GOP officers Torreano and Kama-Kimura for being the latest party officers to endorse HIRA’s political attacks …  knowing that [HRP] is officially neutral and silent.  Torreano took time from selling HRP’s fraudulent fundraiser tickets to let HIRA know he appreciated our “Good attack on liberals.”  Kama-Kimura, a close associate of party officer Mary Smart (who was duped into buying tickets for the party’s controversial ‘bait and switch’ fundraiser) told HIRA:  “I like it . . . very well done!”  Representative Bob McDermott called HIRA’s messaging “Right on target” and “Good, fair, factual.” These party officers remain on HRP’s state committee after openly supporting HIRA, which was enough to cause Rohlfing & Hellreich to throw the HIRA president off the state committee. It seems clear that Rohlfing’s purging of those who support HIRA from the ranks of party officers has been either too restrained . . . or it was a dumb move.  The time has come for Rohlfing and his overlords Hellreich and Saiki to kick out every HIRA supporter or to do an about-face and admit they screwed up.“

-Rohlfing postpones for a month the State Cmte meeting, doesn’t tell anyone.  A district query reminds secretary Ready to inform the cmte – less than two days prior to the meeting scheduled for two months.  The strategic & finance plan were to be presented, already postponed from the required June deadline. In giving Rohlfing more time for his four-months-past-required plans, Ready admits he again missed the Rules deadline to provide minutes of the past meeting, and at the rescheduled meeting it’s four months late.  IF plans are presented in November, won’t receive comments until December (your inept State Cmte will probably approve without review), to implement in January …. 14 months into the election cycle.

Fale also postponed the county meeting and hadn’t told anyone.  Readers “I can’t wait to hear Fale say on election night 2016 ‘I wish we had more time’ and “Will such meeting (if and when it happens) be the FIRST ever of the Fale led county committee??  That would make an AMAZING story.  One whole year down the sh*tter.  And, one year to go, with no plan.“

-Kauai chair Yoder and Women’s group by association crap on themselves according to the chair of Aiona’s Kauai campaign.  Will report if we hear from Yoder and Koenes, but conservatives say they arranged a coordinated ambush of a anti, anti-GMO (right, she works with the farmers who support GMOs) conservative who now has “sworn off working with any current Republicans”.  Yoder urged her attendance at at Kauai Women’s Group (“grey-haired retired white people”), setting up the ‘chance’ meeting with their anti-GMO members designed to intimidate the conservative.

No organization does more to destroy the Republican brand than the Hawaii Republican Party.  A pro-life national Platform; HRP elects pro-abortion Saiki.  A record-setting RNC fundraising cycle; Rohlfing owns the two lowest raising months of the last decade.  A historic majority in the US House & majority in the Senate; HRP has 1/25 senators and 7/51 reps.  The RNC fights tax increases; Fukumoto supports tax increases.  Conservatives knowingly flock to HIRA’s conservative message, the Star-Advertiser declares HRP “irrelevant.”  When Republican Assemblies formed 1934 (a quarter century before statehood), led by Ronald Reagan on his way to the Governorship and Presidency, they were the solution to a principle-less establishment.  The Assemblies remain the Republican Wing of the Republican Party, conservatives, and Republican to try to dent what Milner writes “Death is not too strong a word to use here. Influence-wise, the Republicans here are gone, and there is no resurrection on the horizon.  So it is safe to see one-party control as a given.”  Republican Party is Dead

-Reader “Several people asked if I plan to support any state legislature campaigns this cycle.  Hellllll no, not with the party recruiting cannon fodder candidates and the next generation of would-be office holders with narcissistic personality disorders.  These guys take, and take, and take and then the minute they win, they completely forget about the people who help them.“

-Don’t blame late campaigning on candidates.  The party voter dbase – complements of RNC – isn’t accessible because two months ago Rohlfing/Hickling invented a policy to exclude candidates.  Tagavilla,  of her own policy:  “I’m working with the Candidate Recruitment Cmte on how we can qualify serious candidates before the February 1st filing date so candidates can access Data Center sooner“ and of her own bureaucracy “please submit your request to Honolulu County Chair with copies (in triplicate) to State Chair, Vice Chair, and me.“  HRP requires our candidates to input voter data, but won’t let them use the dbase.  Hickling writes “the RNC, HRP, all the GOP Presidential candidates, County party organizations, private organizations not affiliated with the Republican Party, and the state wide office candidates” use our dbase, so they don’t WANT to “add 50 State House candidates and 12 State Senate candidates.”  They have their priorities backwards.

-Fmr HRP Exec Cmte Schaedel to current place-holder Ready, regarding HIRA “Your vitriolic, divisive comment further compounds why I walked away from the Executive Committee.  I am deeply concerned about your reference regarding “their candidates.”  Their candidates are REPUBLICAN.  Their candidates are Hawaii Republican Party candidates with an (R) next to their name on the ballot.“

Quick Hits:

– Hawaii Ds have their candidates for some 70+ 2016 public offices. HRP has less than 15.

-“The RNC has over 150 paid staff and 10,000 campaign volunteers“ nationwide, with ZERO at HRP.

Fukumoto joins democrats, ‘big spending is fiscally conservative’, giggle, giggle “I’ll raise taxes because I am no Gene Ward’, women deserve more, ‘I support ACLU and NORML.’

Agustin, who considers herself conservative, drew 0 chair/vice chair/incumbents to her October raiser.  Liberal Cheape (ACU 20%) had a bevy for her Hawaii Kai event.  HRP did not announce EITHER raiser.

– Djou (ACU 38%) FB post attacks US House conservatives “TEA Party crazies.”  McDermott (ACU 38%) relies on high school English to write HIRA “What the fuck is wrong with you guys?  This is total bullshit.“

– Tax Foundation of Hawaii challenges the State “skimming” 10% of taxes collected for rail.

– GRIH, using Dem fmr AG Lilly, took a solid case against OHA’s funding to Judge Seabright … and lost.

ACU (CPAC host) ranks congress, most states.  First time = ACU Hawaii State Legislator’s Ratings.  Disclaimer:  I am on the ACUF BoD.

-D candidates flock to Iowa’s Jefferson-Jackson dinner.  Ds are racists for keeping the name of a slave owner and a Indian eradicator, OR the six states which changed the name of the dinner are racists.

– ”Moderate.”  An average of a conservative and liberal?  ‘Moderates’ are the problem.  That’s why there’s chaos. RedState – Moderates Break House GOP

– Sanger eugenics, now racist demands by Ds to make minority gun ownership more difficult.

NRA – Salmon Introduces Suppressor Bill (Hearing Protection Act)

– Chamber of Commerce hates conservatives, will spend $100M to defeat conservatives in R primaries.

base-god-sign– Korwin “Every mass murder in recent times has been halted by shooting the murderers, or threatening to shoot them, with guns.“

– Sheriff David Clarke echoes HIRA “Don’t donate to the [party].  Contribute directly to a good candidate.”

God Sign Stays.    Seated with Base Commander at upcoming FNRA banquet.

-Bush league.  The week HRP announces their support for Bush – Exec Cmte leads his local campaign – Bush cuts staff/reduces salaries because he’s low on funds.  The email appeal Hellreich allowed Rohlfing to send the day of her event lists Marumoto & Saiki as boss for HRP candidate recruitment only two days after both are announced as local Bush campaign bosses.  Ask your elected Exec Cmte to do their HRP job before running off to screw up a Pres campaign.  Too late, Busk blows debate #3, Noonan It’s just hard to see how [Bush candidacy] can work. By hard I mean, for me, impossible.”

FEC reports.  HRP is dismissed – CB “Less than 10 months from the August 2016 primary ..[Gabbard and Takai] appear to be facing easy re-election.  Asked if [they] would face credible challengers in 2016, political analyst John Hart laughed.“  For Schatz:  No D “nor has a Republican candidate declared intention to run.”  Gabbard receipts 234k, CoH 1.4M, Takai 234k, 462k.  Schatz 507k, 2.3M.  Hirono 116k, 397k.  Hanabusa no report, Jun CoH 34k.  Hannemann (Rohlfing’s candidate), no report, Jun CoH, 7k.

Djou receipts 0, CoH 7k.  Cavasso no report, Mar debt = 123k.  Lingle 0, debt 228.7k.  Coffee no activity.  Saiki (huh?) account showing unspecified FEC activity.

-Raised, 3Q. Carson 20.8M, Bush 13.4M, Cruz 12.2M (ACU 100), Walker 7.4M, Fiorina 6.8M, Rubio 5.7M (ACU 98), Kasich 4.4M, Christie 4.2M, Trump 3.9M, Paul 2.5M (ACU 98), Huckabee 1.2M, Graham 1.1M (ACU 87), Jindal 600k, Santorum 400k (ACU 88), Perry 300k, Pataki 200k, Gilmore 100k.  CoH Cruz 13.8M, Carson 11.3M, Rubio 11M, Bush 10.3M, Fiorina 5.5, Kasich 2.6M, Paul 2.1M, Graham 1.7M, Christie 1.4M, Huckabee 800k, Jindal 300k, Trump 300k, Santorum 200k, Gilmore 0, Pataki 0.

Convention committees matter.  Liberal Billionaire Fights GOP Marriage Platform.  Platform Cmte meets the week before Convention, two delegates/state.  Hellriech(he) walked out of the 2012 Cmte when his pro-abortion pals were overwhelmingly voted down.  I represented Hawaii with Pechaur in ’04, Adrienne King in ‘08.  Platform ’04 was the most conservative in 20 years, and ’08 was more conservative.  Experience & creds count: in ‘08, as an experienced member & known conservative, I was appointed to the carefully vetted Values Sub-Cmte, 15 delegates to ensure conservative values are embedded.

Conservative pulse: websiteFacebook, Twitter.

Rail.  Reader “I had dinner with one of the biggest rail contractors.  They got word from the City and State that they have to slow down or stop the construction due to out of funds.  Those contractors have to  send out pink slip or laying off their employees, before Christmas.“

-Not news.  Rail is over cost, behind schedule.  SA “The cost of [rail] is expected to swell to $6.57 billion … with … additional utility work, traffic signals and finance charges that weren’t included in previous cost estimates.  [HART] announced the opening date … slips again … to last quarter of 2021.“  Moses, Pine, and your house R caucus (also Cheape, Pouha) supports rail – Fukumoto “I actually voted for rail.”  Rail-supporter McDermott’s own words (criticizing someone else) “Oh no, you guys shit all over yourself again.  You can’t help it….You just love shitting on yourselves.“  Back at you, fowl-mouthed Bob.

-RedState synopsis “Conservatives win.  Conservatives booted Boehner, stopped McCarthy, allowed Ryan without preconditions.  Establishment leaders refused to use the purse to protect the unborn as they raise the debt limit and lift spending caps.  Conservatives forced an end to out-of-control earmarks, forced sequestration, stopped Ex-Im, stopped amnesty, stopped a Republican-backed gun registry, stopped Harriet Miers and George W. Bush’s immigration plan. They stopped Bennett, Dewhurst, Grayson, Specter, and Crist.”  With HRP and R legislators a lost cause, support national conservatives.

-As NFRA Executive VP signed SBA Memo to Congress to use reconciliation to defund PP, CAP memo to Pres candidates to select better SCOTUS nominees, Faith&Freedom Coalition Sentencing Reform, CEI letter to congress to Defund Labor Department, CAP coalition support for Paul’s Cut, Cap, Balance bill, CAP memo to movement to oppose Budget Act, SBA to Senate to use reconciliation to defund PP.

-Join NRA to protect your (gun) civil rights.  WaPo “Both O’Malley and Clinton named the NRA when asked whom they considered their enemies.“  Enemies?  Do NOT take your 2nd Amendment for granted.  New NRA ads are GOOD freedoms-safest-place.

-HRP emails for anyone who received campaign contributions from Hee (the convicted one), THREE months (rapid response?) after Hee is found guilty.  Two Ds did, <1% of their funds.  Reader “I think they’ve been taking lessons from HIRA!“.  HRP should have R candidates return union money.

-Pimping Gabbard.  Her team said she is interested in the D VP job, as if anyone had considered her.  Now, she has her team plant a story that she could be a cabinet member for an R administration.  As if.   Good earned media for two laughable propositions.

DeGracia, HD39 chair: Have you read my novel, American Kiss yet?  It allegorically covers a number of Hawaii and national issues in fictional short stories, including how Hawaii Republicans are actually in many instances more corrupt that Democrats.  Fmr CIA analyst Ruth “The book is an intelligent, sexy and thought-provoking collection of stories.”

-Reminded “Do stupid people realize they are stupid?”  Mull that at your State Cmte meeting.

ARE YOU SATISFIED?  HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.


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