No One To Use It, Part 1

Aloha Friends.  Welcome back.  Part 1 of 2.

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii.  Thank you.  The Hawaii Republican Party can be better.

Meetings – Finances – By The Numbers

– November 3 Election Day

– November 8 Oahu Friends of NRA, KBay (SOLD OUT)

– November 10 HIRA Roadshow Kailua

-Nation’s Gun Show, Chantilly VA.  Guns, gear, ammo, & good people.  WaPo “More than 12,000 people will pay $13 each to scour aisles of approximately 100,000 guns being sold by 270 exhibitors.”

-Campaign Hawaii Rifle Assn Lee Makes History As First Hawaii Nomineee To NRA Board.  Asked of the race “There are 25 seats (of 76) this year.  Probably 34 running, 31 through Nominating Committee including me, Ted Nugent, HoF football player, 3 former NRA Presidents, a fmr Senator and a fmr Pres candidate/congressman, sitting congressman, Ollie North, NASCAR champ, Dallas TV show star, HoF basketball player, CEO of largest gun parts manufacturer.  Good news is this is not Tom Selleck’s cycle”.

-ATR, Norquist conservative coalition invite-only conference call.  McConnell gave a five minute update then candidly fielded our questions for 25 minutes.  Defensive, but resolute.  “No one promised we could undo Obama’s agenda with him in the White House.”  Will not use ‘nuclear option.’  Discussed defense budget, sequestration, war on coal, FCC, NLRB, Highway Bill, Revenue neutrality, TPP, mental illness (shootings), ‘16 purple state strategy, entitlements, patent reform.  Good, disagreeable, call.

NFRA BoD.  Increasing state chapters and membership within states following our successful Nashville convention (Trump won the straw poll, Cruz won the endorsement).  Sorting several internal issues, failed to endorse in the House Speaker race.

CNP, N. Virginia.  Far right, mostly social.  250 invite-only conservatives representing about 200 right and far-right organizations.  Eight Pres candidates last meeting, this time met Santorum, Carson, Trump, Graham, Paul, Gilmore.  Presentations from Center for Medical Progress (PP videos) and Judicial Watch. Speakers Thursday at NRA HQ with Wayne LaPierre, Friday Hannity, Saturday Kilmeade.

Debate,  Colorado.  Several NRA and ACU friends attend.  Improved policy from candidates.  CNBC flubs.  Rubio, Cruz, then Christie, Carson, stand out.  (Graham wins undercard, no one cares.)

-PP Protest.  Only 30 Honolulu activists for the October 10 national protest.  HIRA VP Svrcina attends – 0 HRP leaders, 0 legislators.  Pro-life leaders – HCC, HFF, pregnancy centers, 40 Days, McDermott & Ward – do not act, or attend.  Pastors and ‘leaders’ meet hours later to ‘talk’ about action.  “Why didn’t Hashimoto, Akina, Aiona, McDermott or Ward organize the protest effort, attend, send a rep, or even inform their members?”  PP continues to kill babies Video 11, PP Sells Babies Heads.  The policy- & ideology-challenged HRP STILL not weighed-in.

-HRP FEC   Finally BLACK, with caveat.  September including Capital Campaign $ is the first HRP positive month since March, still with zero funds for messaging or Victory 2016.  Total focus is “all money raised will be used to pay off the mortgage on the party headquarters“.  Receipts $25,960 = only $3,760 for operations + 22,200 for mortgage + 0 state account transfer + 0 RNC charity.  Sustaining Donors: down to 2/14 Exec Cmte (not one county chair), only 2/51 District chairs, 9 members.  When leaders don’t buy in, don’t expect others to do so.  Disbursements $18,065 = 13,335 operations + 4,730 CC event, including $1476 mortgage+2720 building maint, 1818 IMS accounting, 3230 Fale(she) salary+1367 payroll tax+354 health insure, 842 for Saiki’s copier, 234 cable, 253 phone, 225 mail permit, and 3500 CC event invite+230 postage (small universe of only 500)+1000 food deposit.  Net for month is in the red (9.6k) operations and 17.5k for mortgage.  Federal CoH for operations down to 25.5k (plus 33.5k for mortgage of 117k remaining [also 14k and any soft money for event in CSC +7k counties].  Still NO Finance Director.  Incompetent HRP, but RNC sets records $9.4M for September & 25.2M for 3Q.

In five Rohlfing months of FEC reports R/H/L raised 10.5k/month and spent 15.6k/month for a loss of 5.1k/month and a total shortfall of 25.7k.  When the fenced funds for mortgage is backed out i.e. counting operational monies only, your team raised 6k/month and spent 14.7k/month for an average loss of 8.7k/month, a total 43.2k loss.  FEC 7 of 9 months this CY and 9/11 months this election cycle in the RED.  HRP CY now 13.4k in the RED including LDD and CC revenue; election cycle in the RED 43k, using ’14 RNC funds Saiki (ACU 50%) did NOT use to elect Republicans.  HRP red 22/33 past reports, 4/5 since Hellreich crowned Rohlfing.  Only Federal Election Activity (FEA) this year is 6k – for catering.

-If event goal is $80k gross (less than previous events) with 65k net, Capital Campaign takes donor funds from elections to pay mortgage.  Readers (to HIRA) “I’m sick of contributing to GOP and getting nothing in return but a decreasing bank balance, so – show me some, any – success and then I’ll write a check.“  “That was a turn-off.  Who wants to donate money for [mortgage] – tell me what conservative cause the money will be used for, like lobbying or trying to get a conservative elected!“   HRP Shell Game tells why Saiki Raised in Hawaii, Stays in Hawaii logo disappeared.

Bait & Switch?.  To jumpstart lagging sales, a gratuitous theme change with American-hero Coffee added at the last minute.  Readers “They’ve roped Jerry Coffee into helping! “  “Why celebrate being a prisoner as opposed to surviving captivity?  They should tell of his Cuba exploits, THAT is real hero sh*t.”  “They added him because they aren’t selling tickets”.  “What happen to all that money raised from the last event supposedly for the mortgage?“  Martinez here for a week to greet her returning submarine.  NM taxpayers win, HRP donors pays for her trip.

Thanks, HIRA.  Pushing against HIRA, and fear of being disliked by the establishment, forced several conservatives-who-support-neutral-HRP to buy CC tables or tickets, for the mortgage and not for elections.  Regardless, September sales were down.  With a month+ of calls & emails:  zero $10k, one 5k (Sywgard), 4×2.5k (Thomason, Charles King, Smart, Beti Ward) and 36 individual tickets.

Saiki, in charge of HRP, admits to marketing challenges in the face of HIRA’s call for transparency.  In a pleading email (misdated 2016) she ignores evidence and demands, Pelosi-like, ‘trust me’.  Readers are not fooled “Gosh her email was amusing. They must be way behind on their fundraising.“ “No audit, never countering with numbers and facts.  The numbers tell the story, not her.  Willes’ review of HRP spending belies her statements about management.“  Kuriowa to Saiki “You missed the HRP issue completely.  The financial issue is important, but is only a part of the challenge by Republican members.  No one gives to an organization that is blind and without direction.”  HIRA quickly points out her folly Helleich, Saiki, Rohlfing REFUSE to Disprove Fraud.  Gutteling to Saiki/Hellreich “Unless & until a return to transparency, rules, respect for all members and above all to conservative principles is convincingly presented, [HRP] will remain dead.“

Marumoto promises (without evidence) that HRP is not ‘illegally’ spending mortgage funds, a red herring because no one said they were.  Yet, many know HRP is spending $ not approved by the State Cmte, not spending per the approved budget, and not spending raised funds for the reason they state.  Reader to Marumoto:  “You folks (Thomason, Saiki, Rohlfing, State Committee) being outraged over the HIRA, or telling people not to believe their statements….does not make the HIRA statements untrue….or go away.“  Marumoto’s tepid response “The HIRA statements are untrue“ receives “How “unintelligent” are they!?!“  “Barbara Marumoto, I’m not sure if she “gets it” anymore, or has lost some of her skills to follow the train of thought.“  Political speak is how they justify their lies.

This court case, during the entire sales period, gave Hellreich headaches. NY Times – Martinez Sec State Pleads Guilty three days before the event.  HIRA’s report.

About 240 attend event (close to their inflated 300) including 0x10k, 3x5k (Thomason, Swygard, Aqua-Aston Holding) and 6×2.5k (Smart, Beti Ward, Ann Sutton, Harvey King, Hellreich, Hunt Co) tables.  Expect a high of 50k net, probably 40-45k (we’ll update if they announce).  Low expenditures because they really went cheap.  Cheape, campaigning, did Hula.  Smart, campaigning, gave Pledge.  Martinez was OK, brought family for vacation.  Coffee spoke less, and better.  Salute to vets was … not.  Djou, Aiona, most legislators & party officers attend.  Mortgage INCREASED to 118.7k??

HRP is unable to challenge Democrats and liberals on ideological positions until we solve our internal and administrative issues.  We need a conservative, competent, committed, organized, manned, and funded HRP with committed leaders.  Republicans must first fix their house.

-No messaging, organizing, or meetings:  party staff & resources were diverted from beating Ds for three months.  Tagavilla’s enormous salary & benefits and HRP resources should be reimbursed by the fenced ‘special fund’ as the party apparatus focused on the mortgage, instead of elections.  We have a HQ office ….and no legislators, volunteers, or campaigns to use it.

Prohibited from raising funds while Hellreich tries to dent the mortgage, Rohlfing is allowed on the day of the event to send out an email appeal for money for overhead & salary, not elections.

-You can’t identify one of this large group of county officers (below-left).  Eight months into their term and not one performing.  Not a thing from Fale since Rohlfing anointed his successor.

county-cmte-2015      state-cmte-2015

-Hellriech recruits so she controls the Exec Cmte (above-right).  Six months is the over-under for place-holders.  Left-Right: quit, silent, subbed for inefficiency, Pat Saiki face, never began, silent, disappeared, quit.

By the numbers

0.  HRP Finance Director for more than 14 months.

0.  Reports from Saiki’s (ACU 50%) faux-audit, faux-coalitions, and faux election autopsy ‘committees.’

0.  Communications to HNL county members from anointed chair Fale(he). (ACU 50%)

3.  Cantor, Boehner, McCarthy gone from House leadership. Erikson, fmr Redstate “It’s a revolution. It is supposed to be messy.”

5.  HRP lacks integrity to address Rs – Thielen (ACU 20%), Carroll, McDermott (60%), Pine, Fenton – who endorsed 2012 Ds against Rs. Add, 2014 Cheape (20%), Fukumoto (50%), Egge, and Hanneman’s ‘Rohlfing Rs.’

7.  Years without a HRP strategic plan, finance plan, campaign (Victory) plan.

12.  Months this cycle and 30 since Hellreich wrote “the need to use massive voter registration drives to Increase our chances of winning.” Still not.

14.  shot in Chicago (6 killed) in 15 hours, following two >50 shot weekends, which followed >40 shot each of four consecutive August weekends.

34.  Months since the ’12 required HRP financial audit was to be conducted. 22 since the ’13 audit was due.  11 since HRP chair promised.  Donors don’t give when finances are in question.

373.  Days (as of November 1) to the Presidential election.

-Saiki (“condescending and whining,“ per one reader) asked Kuriowa to run for office, then got ugly and bitter when she found out he is a HIRA member.
From: Patricia Saiki
Sent: Oct 23, 2015 11:31 AM
To: Jimmy Kuroiwa
Cc: Fritz Rohlfing
Subject: Re: Fw: letter
Hi Jimmy, I thought you were a friend – I really don’t need a lecturer (sic) to tell me what the Rules of the Party are or what the U.S. Constitution says.  I don’t need anyone to question my Republican credentials, either.  I did serve 14 years in the State Legislature and two terms in the U.S. Congress as a Republican. I’m glad to know you do not plan to run for office.  I’m disappointed that we can’t have a logical candid conversation — PAT“  Reader “As we age we often rewrite our own past and believe our own lies.  Then there are people, no matter the age, who are simply liars.  Lingle should never have gotten Saiki released from the retirement home.  Her time is over and she should gracefully leave the stage.  (Too late for the graceful part, I guess.)

We haven’t forgotten this report entry from Saiki’s term as chair:
What’s wrong with this picture?  Saiki (ACU 50%) in CB “Her political work began with her successful drive to create the first teachers’ union for Hawaii’s public school teachers.” “Saiki successfully urged the [HGEA] to create a new teachers chapter, which she led.” “Saiki told teachers to embrace the national unions..” “Saiki’s decision to become a Republican seems surprising..” “She supported abortion rights ..” Saiki “I proudly represented the Republican Party, and conservative values for more than 24 years.“

HIRA’s FB features attacks on Ds, liked & shared by hundreds with dozens of comments.  HRP has no messaging, average like=7/shares=0/comments=1, and their recent embarrassment at the hands of HIRA makes them afraid to share HIRA’s ‘packaged-and-ready’ anti-liberal message.

-No accountability.  SA “The state sank nearly $300 million into the troubled [health care exchange] before bailing out.”  Some people got rich with our tax dollars.  Ds want single-payer. Theilen, Ward, Fontaine (and then-R Johanson) voted FOR Health Connector.

-Redstate: No rising epidemic of mass shootings.

-Join Hawaii Rifle Association to protect our gun (civil) rights.  Reader “If guns kill people, then pencils misspell words, cars make people drive drunk, and spoons make people fat.”

More Reasons to Carry.  Left wing Mark Kelly & Juan Williams admit that no gun control law would stop ANY recent mass murder.  Williams “but we have to do something.”  Try this:  lift the deet ban.  It would have the same effect, none, on gun crime as the left-wing proposals and actually be productive.

-We know folks who lie and think it is acceptable.  Krauthammer on Clinton “We’re living in an age where what you say and its relationship with the facts is completely irrelevant.”  When Ready got caught lying in a FB post about HIRA membership and members, it proved HRP leaders lie, they’re alright with lying, and won’t take responsibility when caught lying.  Ask Ready and HRP to stop lying.

ARE YOU SATISFIED?  HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.  Forward this – people need to know, you need to act.  Part 2 coming.


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