National Field Tilts

Good morning, America!

What a day. What a week. What a year. Or, two. I’ll cover national in this one (happy thoughts) and state in the next (need time to put on my smiley face). Hoped they’d all be decided but there are still a couple not yet called. As opposed to my earlier reports, this has an R focus than conservative. Previous reports are listed at the bottom.

Not much bad, weak or ugly. I remember ’08. It is interesting how well I can recall getting my butt kicked. This year, was a better experience.


We, republicans and conservatives, won big.  Incredible.

Tsunami. Fitting that “tsunami” got picked up nationally for what happened across the nation and … it fits Hawaii, in reverse.

We have the House, made big gains in the Senate and won crucial Governorships. This helps slow the Obama agenda, positions us for redistricting gains and gives us the advantage in 2012 grassroots.

I predicted something like 7+1 gov, 7+1 senate and 53 house mostly relying on Silver’s fivethirtyeight blog. With a couple races to be decided, we’re at 7 gov, 6 senate, 60+ house and 17 state legislative bodies. Wow. Silver did pretty well but Republicans were incredible.

Liberal media and Ds try to make success = failure. They say we didn’t win the senate and we didn’t take out Reid. Really? We were never going to win the senate and now you know how hard it is to take out the Senate Leader. We won. Big.  Really.

Independent polling in Hawaii was grossly inaccurate. Rasmussen had Cavasso only -13? Gallup has generic R +15? Aiona -7? Djou tied? I am told that the local D internals were closer to the reality.

We could have won more but R cmtes (HRP, RNC, NRCC and NSCC) couldn’t keep up, for many reasons, with their D counterparts. The RGA blew away all the cmtes.

Conservatives and tea people made their statement across the US and changed the election. We’ll see if they change the R agenda.

Not a referendum. Rs get a second chance and Tea was the only other choice.

Who’s big tent? We have the only black House/Senate (SC Scott), another American-Indian (SC Haley joins LA Jindal), 2 Hispanic Gov (NM Martinez, NV Sandoval) and Senator (FL Rubio).

Money made a difference. RNC Steele could not attract major donors though public unrest with Ds brought in a lot of small donations. Outside groups leveled the playing field for Rs. Don’t let Ds define what occurred. Groups like American Crossroads/Crossroads GPS raised and spent 65M that wouldn’t have been in play but the Chamber of Commerce and Unions spent more. Perspective: Obama ’08 raised $745M.

Enthusiasm. Whether you like the tea party or not, you have the House, more Senators and more Governor’s because of them. Not just their votes. Seeing them on TV, hearing them at rallies and passing them sign waving emboldened others to vote.

Unions. They make a difference. Rs had too much nationally with all the seats in play but CA, NY, HI and NV Reid’s race showed how they focus when they focus.

There are still counts and a couple recounts.  US Senate seats and governorships of big states are riding on a couple of votes.  If this doesn’t make you understand how each vote counts, well, ……………

Couple of shout out’s. NM Martinez won going away, OR Dudley got called only two hours ago and was oh-so-close, and OH-10 Corrigan came closer to Kucinich than any candidate in the last four cycles. Zero or one-degrees of separation for me on those races.

Having fun, in retrospect – “I am not a witch.” Aqua Buddha. Tejana. Say hello to Governor Martinez, Senator Rubio, Senator Toomey, Senator Paul, Senator Johnson and more and more and…

If you know that the Giant’s won the World Series, then you weren’t focused enough on your candidate.

Did you notice Pelosi doesn’t even get a comment in this report?

See it differently?  Or, the same?

Gosh. That was fun. I have hope, we made change.  There are 459 days until the Iowa Caucus Meetings.

Next:  What Happened?





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