Lee Greenwood, up close and just for Republicans

Aloha Friends,

Happy Independence Day weekend.  For freedom lover’s, July 4th is an especially important day.  With pride in America demonstrated nationwide, I choose this time to forward an appeal for a special “Proud to be an American” event.

A brief background:  You know from my series of political reports that HRP is “funding challenged” so a group of us initiated a Capital Campaign to ensure that we don’t lose our Kapiolani Blvd headquarters either through forced sale or foreclosure.  Our steering committee had a successful first month of operations having raised/received pledges for more than $58,000 of the seven-year $198,000 mortgage.  All the funds raised for the capital campaign are used specifically to pay off the mortgage and NOT used for HRP routine operations.

Our major event is a private, intimate dinner-concert with singer Lee Greenwood.  Greenwood is a patriot and his “God Bless the USA” is particularly popular.  Lee will be in Hawaii at the Shell to do a large-scale benefit for our soldiers.  While in Hawaii, Greenwood agreed to do the attached event for our Capital Campaign as long as the proceeds are used to pay off the mortgage.  They are and he is!  Lee and his wife will spend the evening with us at Koolau Ballroom on August 16.  It will be the most fun event Republicans have hosted in years and bigger than anything planned for this year.  You don’t want to miss this event.  The contact information is on invite or you can write/call me if you have questions.  You may purchase individual tickets, one of several levels of tables or gather your friends and send in your individual tickets in one envelope to be seated together.  Yes to corporate or personal funds.  Yes to mailing in a check or go on-line to our secure link.

You may forward this information to your friends and contacts.  Not everyone attending will be a Republican.  Any patriot or lover of freedom in Hawaii will appreciate Greenwood and his music.

We also encourage Capital Campaign contributions not associated with the Greenwood event, perhaps if you are not able to attend.  To make a contribution, please make your check to Central Pacific Bank Account #8803266750.  You MUST fill out the attached in-kind donation form and send both to Kathi Thomason, c/o IMS LCC, 46-001 Kamehameha Hwy Suite 301, Kaneohe HI 96744, Attn:  HRP- Capital Campaign Committee.

I believe this campaign is important.  Our headquarters is not only a financial asset, it is the political symbol that Republicans are here to stay.  I’ve spoken to chairs from other states who can’t even dream of having a well-located stable location to represent their party.  We have the model situation and we cannot lose it.  Our Capital Campaign has a finite, tangible goal.  We will succeed in ‘burning’ the mortgage.  Join us and partner in our success on this project.  I assure you that your funds pay off the mortgage and nothing else.  Another benefit – every dollar raised to pay the mortgage is one less HRP needs to raise.  You’ve read my writings (another report coming next week) so you know what about Hawaii Republicans that I support and what I do not.  I support this capital campaign.  You decide.

Have a great and family-filled Fourth of July weekend.


Thanks, Willes


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