February/March – CPAC +, Part 1

Aloha Friends, welcome back.

Tried to do more frequent reporting. Ugh. After tomorrow’s report, it is back to a less frequent basis.

-April 6 East Oahu meeting. 8:30 AM Marian243@hawaiiantel.net.

-April 10-13 RNC Meeting, Los Angeles. Anyone going?

-April 12. Prayer breakfast www.hawaiiprayerbreakfast.org

-April 13 it is coming

-April 27 Kauai Friends of NRA Dinner major_aguilar@hotmail.com

-The Hawaii Republican Party can be better. Thank you. Let’s start with Part 1.

CPAC at National Harbor, MD. http://conservative.org/cpac2013/ The place to be for a conservative ‘fix.’ I skipped the first day recovering from another trip (CSPANed it) but had two rejuvenating days with conservatives, many with a libertarian bent. Hosted by the American Conservative Union in the DC area each spring. If you save for the convention, Lincoln Dinner or other political experiences, save for this event. Registration is less than a Lincoln dinner plate. Young people should check out the volunteer opportunities – and the great deal. Last year, there were also two regional day-long CPACs (Chicago, Denver). Of course, you have to get there and get a room.

-Going in: “America’s biggest right-wing teach-in/gabfest/fireworks show kicks off Thursday when the annual Conservative Political Action Conference convenes” http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/mar/13/after-four-decades-cpac-still-evolving/?page=1 CPAC is not the RNC. They ought to invite whomever they want.

-8,000 to 10,000 attendees. The main room, with the heavy hitters on stage speaking to 3,500 seated and 200 more standing critics. They keep coming, 70 primary speakers in three days. Another ballroom of 225+ booths and displays including candidates, news organizations, universities, consultants, PACs, coalitions, vendors … with give-aways. A hallway of radio (local and TEA) and TV (mostly TEA). Breakout panels and speakers in 3-4 locations at a time. Dinner fundraisers and evening events with congress members/governors were sponsored by PACs, etc. Media everywhere, including on panels. Cocktail gatherings, rallies in 5, 6, or 7 locations every evening. Lots of young people. Several first run movie screenings. Book (sales and) signings. Ran into several RNC members, even a couple grassroots folks with Hawaii ties. Too much to list:

-Thursday. Cuccinelli, West, Toomey, Salmon, Lee, Rubio (soaring), Paul (serious), Barrasso, Perry, Tim Scott, dinner keynote DeMint. Panels include: “Too many American wars? Should we fight anywhere and can we afford it?,” “Benghazi and its aftermath,” Blackwell breakout “Should we shoot all the consultants now?,” “Stop this: Threats, harassments, intimidation, slander, bullying from the Obama administration,” “The legacy of Andrew Breitbart.”

-Friday: Prayer breakfast with McDonnell, Trump (meh), McConnell, Ayotte, Paul Ryan (technical), Wayne Root, NRA LaPierre (red meat), Santorum, Romney (gutsy), Jindal (brutally funny), Cantor, Bossie, and dinner keynote Bush. To see a speech, Youtube the name and CPAC 2013. Panels with Humphries, Kremmer, Blackburn, Bachmann. CSPAN caught me and I hope I wasn’t one of the hundreds checking their email during a speech.

-Saturday: Gingrich, Ben Carson (great message), Rep. Steve King, Artur Davis (powerful), Bachmann, Walker, Cruz introduced Palin (kicked ass), Bozell, Love (confident), RNC Priebus, NRA Keene (a ‘new’ establishment coming), Coulter (anti-amnesty), Schlafly (“establishment losers”), and Cruz (‘We’re serious.’). NRA breakout (100k new Feb members) & Brietbart.com breakout were the biggest draws. More young and working people on Saturday. TWT Hallow with my tiny quote http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/mar/17/add-cruz-walker-to-paul-rubio-for-high-wow-factor/. Signal: Priebus “I applaud this new generation of liberty-minded Republicans.”

Straw poll, won by Romney last year and Ron Paul the year before, of 3,000 voters: Rand Paul 25%, Rubio 23%, Santorum 8% (left due to death in the family), Christie 7%, Ryan 6%. There were 64 on the ballot or written in! 41% of voters were students.

-Another from Hawaii attended. A Slom staffer … where else could you find a conservative?

-Also in DC. Gregory represented UH YAL (Young Americans for Liberty) at the FreedomWorks Youth Outreach Summit. Our UH politicos raised their own funds and used their Spring Break to join the summit and training opportunities with reps from 29 states.

Meanwhile, back in Hawaii.

Anniversary. One year ago was HRP’s Presidential caucus. HRP still does not have a membership list organized by district.

-We count on you. Gutteling and Moe at the Conservative Forum, Smart at Patriot Voices, Zimmerman at Hawaii Reporter, Skaf with Republicans for Life, YAL’s Gregory, Kerr ‘Fightin like a girl’, Slom at the Capitol, and the Kona TEA Party broadcasts. Gutteling quotes from a UK article “If people like you sell out there’s no hope for any of us…we long for a chance to vote our way back to sanity, but there is no one who is offering us that option, we need men of moral conviction and integrity to build us a platform to hoist a clear banner that we can get behind.”

Correction. I wrote that there is no dissension in HRP. I am incorrect. Dissension is obvious as leaders resign, party members leave, members stop participating, most Maui Rs bolt to the L party. With a focus on district caucus meetings the HRP ends with less than half the districts with a chairman and for yet another month HRP is financially in the red. There is dissension, even as Chang ‘forbids’ it.

-Smart, Patriot Voices Hawaii, on having a political party “The Platform/Rules Committee only met twice and did not take the time to process any of the proposals. If Republicans stand for nothing, no one will feel compelled to join.The “values” aren’t enough…they tell us nothing… We need to rethink the position of not allowing dialog. it is time for the Republican Party to show some courage and take a stand.”

-Maui TEA. Conservatives separated from TEA. (This is different from the Rs leaving to the L party). Across the states, TEA groups wrestle whether to address social issues or stick with their initial core principles – less taxes, smaller gov’t, free market. Some groups just faded away, Oahu for example. My take: TEA should stay true to their principles and conservatives to theirs AND embrace the overlap of values. When groups endorse a R simply because he/she is the only R standing, those groups should NOT be supported by members who expect principled action.

-Honolulu County Convention. Thank you to the officers elected. HRP announced that they expected 200+. Credentials says less than 90 and photos show about 65 voted i.e. less than TWO delegates per DISTRICT, including organizers and elected officials and party officers.  “Leadership” lowered expectations “..Convention was a good turnout… expected only about 60 so we were 30% over that! The mood .. was subdued … a lot of quiet, earnest energy evident.” Reader “Endless mismanagement, neglect and corruption has destroyed the [HRP], which can only get 60 people to show up on an island of 950,000 people.” They tried to elect six chair/vice chairs+secretary+ treasurer for a county with 65 participating delegates. We’re a tad out of control with ‘everyone’ being an officer at the county and state level (and House caucus). Hellriech after “Thank you .. for the outstanding work you have done this year in finding leaders who really want to do the job.” – though no one volunteered for three vice chair positions or treasurer and there was no competition for any office.

-Chang called for the initiation of a 2d Amendment coalition and a ‘social conservatives’ coalition. What did Coalitions Vice Chang do for 18 months, and Chow for the past eight?

Afraid of accountability. I sent rules guy an email with proposals for our one-and-only one hour cmte meeting, and offered a critique of his inadequate performance. (Been there – I chaired the cmte for three years) Subsequently, a member forwarded me an email which rules guy sent out two days prior – conveniently not addressed to me (on the cmte), my district chair, the district chair who had an appeal to be heard or another party member who’s appeal will be heard. To be fair, the new guy sent out information not four days in advance, it was six, for a meeting we knew about for the past two years. Rules guy then emailed me another two days later to tell me “Notice was ..mailed to you”… snail mailed on a Saturday one week prior to the meeting!! Heh. Nice touch. Member “If you did not get it, I wonder if that was purposeful.”

Worse. Rec’d a VM while Palin was giving her CPAC speech. As predicted, the “Rules Committee was a disaster.” Kohono’s couldn’t make the conference line function so folks drove across the county early Saturday for nothing. “Who in his right mind, after becoming chair of a statewide committee which has not met for a year, chooses to schedule a one-hour meeting and conference call on the same date and the same noisy location as a county convention?” No idea if NI members were informed or if they just hung up. Only 30 of 51 districts are represented on rules, many by district chairs without a rules rep. “I don’t ever remember Rules Committee only having one meeting, but think that is their preference to not deal with many issues.” The failed meeting was moved to this past weekend.

-Debating appeals submitted to the Rules cmte LAST May so, no comment on the merit of the arguments… for now. However, that then-chair Thomason(he)/Hellriech(he)/Walden punted on hearing two issues dating back to January 2012 is another indicator of HRP corruption and inefficiency. Meanwhile, Konoho and Thomason (he) and Moses are doing what they can to again kill the appeals. Two cmte gatherings and the cmte continues to use time and resources to do last year’s job instead of doing 2014 work.

Rules change proposals. One is to eliminate state vice chair positions. Too many chiefs. They serve in functional areas that may not be relevant through the election cycle. The exec cmte is some 14 strong for party of less than 300 delegates, less than 35 district chairs, and for two years+ could not make quorum. When they don’t do anything, once elected, they can’t be fired. Instead allow the chair to appoint cmte chairs; as with the current Phoenix (heh) cmte and the perhaps someday Political cmte, in addition to the two (Rules, Platform) standing cmtes. Another example: for five years, many have cried out for a real voter registration effort. We haven’t had anyone responsible for voter registration since .. I was Voter reg vice chair in ’05-’07. Why not have a voter reg cmte (Franco was the last in ’08)?

-No convention press. Rohlfing is HNL chair with part of a cmte, Fontaine on Maui (50 people supposedly attended) and Georgi on Kauai with… no one else would join his Exec cmte. HRP hasn’t announced the elections but provided a link in an intra-party newsletter. Ironic – Remember the fights and resignations, including the BI chair, over Walden’s forced caucus locations? The BI convention location this weekend: “Daryl’s Home.”

-HRP website. Petition to establish an official YR group: 83 names including duplicates, 15 ‘anonymous’, some older than 40 years. Almost two months, still not the 100 signatures. Take the ‘Weekly’ off the Weekly Newsletter. Last fall, the newsletter came out weekly. In November there were only three weeks to the month, followed by the three weeks of December. January and February have only two weeks. One in March, so far.

-Indicator. C/H/L interact with national figures. As RNC members they have access to political players across the nation. For LD, HRP’s only major event, they got … Lingle to honor Lingle. Thanks. No mailed invites this year (they missed the deadline, and had no money), so use this report as your invite.

-HRP FEC. EoM February looks like January, but not. HRP receipts were $12.8k in contributions + 7.5 k transferred from the state acct = 20.3k going into the fed account. 22.5k went out. Again in the red. CoH is $43.2 with debt $45.6. Major expense is the HQ and Blom. Violating Maui county rules, 2k was used to pay down the Gingrich ’10 debt, leaving 4k remaining. Other 2010 debt is (still) Albano $2600, Arena Com $5200, Meridian Consulting $5200, Unisource mail $14200. Few sustaining donors are listed. The state account is effectively empty.


-Reader paraphrased ‘If you are a real R, you would not write about the HRP and it’s officers..” Well, the logic is flawed. Our legislators vote with the Ds. Our party ‘leaders’ are self-serving, if they are at all serving. HRP has no message, they say by intent, and no money. More on this reader’s twisted logic: We’re Americans. The election is over. Why don’t you roll up your sleeves and support … Obamcare, higher taxes, Benghazi lies and deception … why are you criticizing Obama and Abercrombie? C’mon. Try better logic.

Madness. Watched 40 hours in four days of the best TV reality show. NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Mind-numbing.

-Part 2, tomorrow.

-A week ago, a good friend and even better conservative died of a heart attack at much too young of age. She was the Texas National Committee Woman. Our prayers are with her family.


ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



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