February/March – CPAC +, Part 2

Aloha Friends, welcome back.

Part 2. After this report, we go back to a less frequent basis. Enjoy the anticipation.

-April 6 East Oahu meeting. 8:30 AM Marian243@hawaiiantel.net.

-April 10-13 RNC Meeting, Los Angeles.

-April 12. Prayer breakfast www.hawaiiprayerbreakfast.org

-April 13 it is coming

-April 27 Kauai Friends of NRA Dinner major_aguilar@hotmail.com

Writing periodically to Republicans and conservatives, mostly in Hawaii, I email rather than blog because this is a (quasi-) private discussion. My perspective is that of conservative Republican, former State Party Chairman and Vice Chairman and member of the RNC, who campaigns here and on the mainland. Mostly what you don’t have on your radar or things you should look up, my comments are not personal – perceived favorable or unfavorable. The past five reports are listed at the bottom. We won’t always agree but we should be informed. Please feel free to forward this report to other conservatives and they can write to get on the list. Conservatives need to know that they are not alone in Hawaii.

-There are many strong conservatives in Hawaii. Thank you. Let’s get started with Part 2.

-Readers have asked the C/H/L position on the “Blackwell proposal.” VA NCM Blackwell proposes that the RNC rules which were changed at the national convention to benefit Romney’s ’16 reelection should be changed back, effectively removed. If you’ve read these reports, you’ll recall the convention fight with the Romney team on one side and grassroots, conservatives and Ron Paul delegates walking off the Tampa convention floor. At the April RNC meeting, there will be a vote to change these rules. Several who asked C/H/L haven’t been afforded the courtesy of a response, much less a position. First, the proposal goes to the RNC Rules cmte, Chang is the Hawaii rep, then to the full body with C/H/L. I support Blackwel’s proposal, and stood with the opposition to the Romney rules when they were first presented. C/H/L voted against the grassroots and conservatives in the RNC meeting and convention. Other: per conference call last week, the Conservative Caucus will introduce several resos including opposing the Federal Common Core Education Standards and Affirming Traditional Marriage, both in our national platform i.e the only platform available to the Hawaii party.

Goal. Ready “if we were to RECRUIT LEADERS FOR 40% or 50% of our PRECINCTS instead of the pathetic 8% of total precincts having any officer at all (as our 2013 caucus results are ..” Only in HRP is 40% a goal. Problem is that C/L/H and Ready blame the lack of participation on ….you. They don’t get that there is no participation when there is no message, if they won’t stand on principles, if absent ‘leaders’ such as Chang, Liu, Klompus (she), Dorn, Coluccio, Chow, Vaillencourt, Georgi, and so forth shirk their duties.

-Kuroiwa, fmr HNL chair: “Us old timers may not be wanted in the Party. I have been removed from the email list, or the HRP have not sent out any messages over the past 2 years. Then recently, I received a District and Precinct meeting notice with the wrong date and I show up when no one else did (HD 48). So, I’m not a delegate and cannot vote at our County’s or State meeting.”

-Readers: “It’ll frost my behind to hear Republicans in the House go on about how anti-business the legislature is and Hawaii is when they are contributing that.” “Ready isn’t even inviting people from other islands to dial-in to committee meetings.” “Walden seems to poison what ever group he attaches to.” “Member to a district chair “I would appreciate instruction of how to leave the party. the action of this group totally disgusted me in the last election cycle.” “David clearly needs help.” “[Maui Treasurer] Oneillion is sad and bitter little man, a stooge for Cindy or, plain stupid.” “I wonder if I am on a sinking ship.” “[HRP] have gone astray and have become self serving and misdirected.” “Chang has taken the party to a much lower level of ethics than anyone would have thought.” “One word, Nothing.” “Do you believe that it’s right for Miriam Hellriech, who has personally profited from party money and resources flowing to her clients for more than a decade, to have so much control over our party?” “The MCRP web site hasn’t been updated since 3Q 2012.” “the DC’s and delegates have not been published so that people cannot lobby them prior to the Convention.” “I am so afraid of another ,”election” like O.L R.W.” “stop donating our time or money to those that think they can walk all over us.” “we are in real trouble if the Honolulu GOPs next two years are shaping up to be anything like the last two years, or the two years before that, or the two years before that.” “Do you approve of our party’s treasurer Marcia Klompus lying repeatedly to party members about the financial problems brought about by Ms Klompus, David Chang, Jonah Kaauwai, Miriam Hellriech, and the rest of the party’s useless officers who have bankrupted needed efforts to persuade voters year round?” “When you think of all the needless political battles by conservatives to stop rail, allegedly Republican Lingle could have handled this with a single veto.”

-Next Gen “I attended the HRP meeting about [college republicans] and there was less than 30 people there, and no local politicians.”

-Observation. HRP hypes a Mililani ‘conservative talk’ group but had to be goaded into mentioning R4L and still doesn’t the Conservative Forum, HRA, Maui or Kona TEA, or any conservative groups.

Platform. Reader on the ’10 Platform cmte “the ‘whole point’ was to avoid being specific about anything. There are no more specific stances, except for convention resolutions and the “issues repository”, which are also hidden from public view. Specific stances were forbidden by Peter Kay, Jonah Kaauwai, Mark “It’s up to the candidates what we stand for” Moses and the rest of the LLIFE Ohanaites. We now stand for nothing.”

Autopsy. RNC “issued a scathing review of the party’s performance in 2012, and called for a top-to-bottom retooling of the party.” Growth and Opportunity Program is “a $10 million initiative just this year..” Read the 97 page ‘autopsy’ http://bit.ly/142VzYL with one para titled “Group Think is a loser.” (Like HRP Group think) It was a very good idea to do the study, HRP should have done so for the state. Unlike Chang giving his and, without asking, HRP complete endorsement, I don’t agree with all the report. I have questions, especially on immigration, on primaries, on debates and so forth. I oppose their going into policy – they said they wouldn’t, yet did. Noted in the report is need for training and the fact that HRP – because of the debt incurred and maintained by Kaauwai/Nonaka/C/H/L – hasn’t sent anyone to RNC Campaign Management College, Field School, Communications School, or Finance School since … my administration in 2008. At least RNC tried to sort out ’12 and move forward. C/H/L never figured out what happened in ’12 and their draft strategic plan, budget, com plan and conventions are…. more of the same ole. And…Chang should not have endorsed the report for the Hawaii Republican Party, without asking.

-Going national. Slom on Jessica’s Law on O’Reilly http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Z9A5pFyF2zM Slom responds to a very ugly reporter email “Shame on those that allow these abuses against our most vulnerable children to continue.” Thanks to SA Borreca for noting “..studies… show .. nearly a third of [victims] being under the age of 12” while he opposes strong penalties for child sex abuse. Slom “Borreca’s opinion column attacking me personally, .., is a glaring example of why fewer people read, or believe, newspapers.”

Hawaii (and nationally, too). SA “.. the proposal for fiscal years 2013-2015 is a marked increase from the $21.9 billion biennial budget passed in 2011.” HR “House Republican Caucus Commends Fiscally Conservative House Budget” “This is a clear sign that the House is moving in the right direction,” said [Rep] Johanson.”

-SB 69, gun control, still lives. HRA supports the bill, NRA does not. Nor do I. HR “Hawaii firearms registrations shot up more than 70 percent in 2012, while gun violence continued a four-year decline..”

-The first Weekly (sort of, maybe) legislative update from Johanson & Fukumoto was a good idea. Taking credit for killing bad bills? Good try. The six Rs are inconsistent (McDermott being the most consistent conservative, so far). If they think they kill bad bills, then they can take credit for hundreds of bad bills moving forward.

-“McDermott voted against the GMO labeling requirement. He was the only one in the House to do so.”

-Read (it is long) our legislators’ voting http://www.angelfire.com/big09/LegislationHawRace2013.html. Or read this: “McDermott and Slom deserve praise for voting in opposition to [racial entitlement] legislation. All other R House members repeatedly voted AYE on almost every item in lockstep with the Democrats. Fale voted in favor of every racial entitlement bill. He must bear responsibility for his .. lack of courage to stand in opposition to such bills. Makua Valley Reserve Commission – Cheape, Fale, Fukumoto, Johanson, Thielen, and Ward voted AYE with the Ds. McDermott cast the only NO vote out of all 51 representatives. He gets the Slom award for profiles in courage.

SB406 OHA training course passed the Senate with Slom casting the lone NO vote.

HCR6 commemorates the 20th anniversary of the ’93 US apology resolution. It passed House cmte with Fale’s aye vote.

Bills killed.

HB251 reduces by $10 to $1 the fee for certified copies to prove eligibility for racial entitlement programs. Fale & Cheape voted Aye, McDermott voted No, and Ward was (conveniently) absent.

HB1352 exempts [Hawaiian] owners of kuleana lands “from state, county, and municipal taxation, fees, and charges for water usage..” Fale voted Aye on both committees.

Hamada blog “[Reps] Johansen, Fukumoto and Fale updated us on crossover and some of their strategies for improving Hawaii. But, what is lacking is a fiery passion for representing a strident opposition to the status quo.. Who is that leader who can inspire, yet maneuver within the political maze of the BigSquareBuilding? Save for that individual, the GOP will remain mired in the perception of irrelevancy, ..” I disagree. We need a message before we need a messenger.

-Asking again why the caucus isn’t doing anything to secure their members and elect new. In the real world, each congressman has to contribute to their respective PAC. For Ds this cycle, it begins at 300k and the DCCC “raised $2 million in member dues during January.” To be considered for a leadership position, say leader or whip or floor leader, the number goes up. They either raise money for the PAC or make a contribution directly from their campaign fund. Rs do the same with NRCC. Hawaii Rs don’t have PACs for their caucus, having done away with the House PAC and Senate PAC in 2006. Consequently, we have no campaign fund specifically to reelect our incumbents and to elect good new legislators. Candidates still count on HRP support when (1) HRP is focused on top-of-ticket races, (2) has been in debt for three years since Kaauwai/Nonaka/Hellriech took us down the tubes, and (3) has no recent fundraising success.

-Back. DePledge “Riviere said he will challenge [Fale] in the Republican primary.. Some Republican operatives were privately disappointed that the party [Ward] did not do more in the 2012 elections to protect House incumbents.” From HRP election notes “Aiona, Sam. Candidate, Council District. teamed with Dylan to elect Fale against Riviere

-Way before Lingle became anti-rail, we knew this rail is a bad idea. Prevedorous update http://fixoahu.blogspot.com/2013/03/honolulu-rail-textbook-case-of-poor.html. Panos.Prevedouros@gmail.com

-Conservatives, look at http://www.republicanassemblies.org/ and tell me what you think.

-Lowell Kalapa, Tax Foundation of Hawaii http://www.hawaiireporter.com/hawaii-lawmakers-weighing-tax-increases-but-need-to-cut-spending/123

-Jones Act movement http://www.gao.gov/products/GAO-13-260 Hansen pacmar@hawaiiantel.net

-We see several Republicans splits. One is the establishment vs. the grassroots (generally everyone not establishment – TEA, liberty, conservatives). Examples are Rove v conservative groups and Barbour v Club for Growth & Heritage. The other is DC v non-DC, sort of Rubio v Jindal. We need to embrace this discussion – nationally and locally.

-Longtime stalwart McCain calls Cruz and others (like Paul, Lee) ‘wacko birds.’ Conservatives, who are you going with?

-For your liberal, Obama-voting friends (and your children/grand children). “The nation’s insurers are engaged in an all-out, last-ditch effort to shield themselves from blame for what they predict will be rate increases on policies they must unveil this spring to comply with President Obama’s health-care law.” http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/will-young-adults-face-rate-shock-because-of-the-health-care-law/2013/02/15/1a12bbae-70a6-11e2-a050-b83a7b35c4b5_story.html?hpid=z3

#1. Politico says Hawaii ’12 turnout at 44%, number 1 WORST of 51 (they include DC). Tied for second highest D v R at 54% to 30%. Turnout with Romney and Lingle on ballot was 12% lower than ’08. http://www.politico.com/story/2013/03/report-which-state-had-top-turnout-88733.html?hp=f1

– Have a great Easter week. This is important.


ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



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