February/March, Catching Up

Aloha Friends, welcome back.

A little hodge-podge, time-challenged this week. ‘If I had more time I would write a shorter letter.’ Do NOT try to digest this in one reading session.

Slight change. Instead of one looong email covering about a month, this will come in four (shorter) weekly installments, this is 3/4.

-The Hawaii Republican Party can be better. There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans. Thank you. The Start Gate:

CPAC, March 14-16, National Harbor, MD. http://conservative.org/cpac2013/ Speakers Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul (the Senator one), Marco Rubio, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell, Eric Cantor, Jeb Bush, Kelly Ayotte, Tom Coburn, Ken Cuccinelli, Artur Davis, Jim DeMint, Ed Feulner, Carly Fiorina, Newt Gingrich, Ron Johnson, David Keene and Wayne LaPierre, Mike Lee, Rick Santorum, Steve Scalise, Phyliss Schfaly, Tim Scott, Pat Toomey, Allen West, Ann Wagner, Scott Walker, Mitt Romney, Ben Carson, Michele Bachmann, Diane Black, Marsha Blackburn, Tom Price. So far. Chris Christy not invited. Trump invited? March 11 = 1338 days to election.

-Honolulu Gun Show, March 16-17. www.hawaiihistoricarms.com. Sorry, no HRP table.

-40 Days for Life. Prayer vigil at Planned Parenthood of Hawaii until March 24. marytom100@gmail.com.

-County conventions are in March.

-April 6 East Oahu meeting. 8:30 AM Marian243@hawaiiantel.net. A month to go in the legislative session.

-April 12. Prayer breakfast www.hawaiiprayerbreakfast.org

-April 13 ….. it is coming

-I appreciate volunteers. Conservative organizations could not survive without us. Nor could HRP. When you volunteer there is an expectation that you will attempt to accomplish your duties. Leaders should hold you accountable. You should also hold your leaders accountable. When people fail to accomplish even the most minor of their responsibilities, our organization is less effective. Multiply that across a county and there is chaos. Multiply it across the Exec Cmte, as we have, and there is … irrelevance. Thanks to all our volunteers. Do your job.

-So much time is spent trying to fix HRP that we seldom get to the issues and policy. Same day voter registration, contraceptives, $25M for sequestration, 5 cent HNL gax tax increase, gun control… we don’t get to discuss because, well, Chang and Schadel can’t even provide minutes to past meetings.

-Caucus postcards hurt. Some members didn’t receive them and, yup, people who quit the party more than a year ago did. Cards had the wrong dates, some locations were incorrect (or just very vague). Reader “the lack of HD Chairs [less than 40%] was the direct result of Walden’s [involvement]. Hopefully he is gone.”

-Good training, bad coordination. Leadership Institute training was free to HRP and attendees should appreciate receiving free training. Kauai, with chair Georgi, was a disaster – no coordination, little advanced notice, incorrect schedule posted, rooms not reserved, only an hour of training. That’s what happens when you coordinate events from HNL. HNL HQ session was better attended. Maui had low numbers, reportedly because Walden and Nonaka were involved.

-WDBD? Blom, ever overloaded with so much to do and no one to help her do it, decided to split her oh-so-limited time and abilities and become chair of her district. Interesting situation: Will she complain to herself when ED Blom doesn’t provide member info to district chair Blom? Either the ED or the chair job will get short-changed, just like Fukumoto not doing anything as vice chair (according to Ready) before bolting for her own race, or Chang as vice chair before jumping to chair, or the county chairs on BI and Kauai who spent their time running for office and lost… their race and all their county races.

-When Chang/Hellriech/Liu make people to do other’s jobs – Ready distracted from his coordinated campaign job to organize a county convention or Dorn failing to do her communications job while being convention manager – all the jobs will fail. Chang “I build companies” should know this.

-Sense of humor. Ready email to Phoenix cmte “Many of you have not replied…..are you out there?” Meanwhile, Phoenix observers ask if there is no neighbor island participation because HQ is Oahu-centric or because the NI don’t want to participate with HRP programs.

-Held off until HRP got their money: HRP ‘Membership’ mailer went out in January. Last year, members howled when Chang implied they had to pay, upwards of hundreds of dollars, to be party members (FYI – there are no dues or fees for HRP membership). Chang’s 2013 message: “I’m committed to building our Republican Party into an unstoppable machine … I’m convinced the days of Democrats controlling Hawaii are numbered. I’ve built several successful companies from the ground up. I’m confident we’ll have a strong candidate (governor) in 2014. I’m confident you and I can see major gains (in the legislature).” Goals: Taking back control of the Governor’s mansion. Supporting our Republican candidate for US Senate. Picking up strength in both houses of the Hawaii legislature. Apparently, neither CD is a 2014 goal. Last year, Chang’s goal was to elect a US Senator and increase legislative numbers.

-How did C/H/L do? Last year’s fund raising mailer: “Our Hawai’i Republican Party is more organized, more energetic, and more determined to take on and DEFEAT the Democrats in 2012 than ever before! I believe our Hawai’i Republican Party can have a banner year in 2012.” Your donations, his goals: Electing a Republican to the US Senate. (Unsuccessful) Defeating Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa in the 1st Congressional District. (Unsuccessful) Increasing our numbers in the state legislature. (Unsuccessful)

-This will make you think before you participate. Chang canned Thomason (he) and appointed a really, really new guy, Kanoho as state party rules cmte chair. Our district cmte asked the very new chair to speak at a district meeting. His cute and formal email response (after being pressured simply to respond) “I have taken your request for my attendance at your upcoming meeting into consideration. I will not be able to attend.” That is actually the good, or not so bad, part. His words “The rules are to essentially serve as a guide for the chair and State Committee in running the party to help elect Republicans.” He adds “Our [US] Constitution serves as a great guide.” A guide? Is that like maybe a suggestion? Members of the Rules cmte have not been notified of the single pre-convention rules meeting four days from now, not been provided an agenda and not been provided proposals or been asked for proposals. Embarrassing.

-Why we need a Platform. C/H/L and liberals support the current LLIFE values (HRP calls it a platform) because it doesn’t say anything or commit HRP to anything. A reader’s parody, using the bag ban:

Taxing plastic bags actually passes the unspecific, five-word LLIFE test.

Liberty – our elected officials are exercising their liberty to do this

Limited Government – the money will be collected by the private sector, which gives private employees something more to do

Individual Responsibility – it is every individual’s responsibility to either pay this new tax or to bring their reusable hemp bags to the grocery store

Fiscal Accountability – for every bag, the charge will be ten cents, and the stores are fiscally accountable for paying this tax to the State

Equality of Opportunity – the best thing about the new plastic bag tax is that every person, gay or straight, young or old, ebony or ivory, owner or renter, has the equal opportunity to pay this tax.

So, you see, this new tax really DOES pass the Peter Kay/Jonah Kaauwai/Our Party Our Ohana LLIFE test.

-With the election over and the legislative session halfway complete, Chang now wants a political cmte to discuss issues and what to do with them. Being political is a good idea for a political party. This is what the Platform cmte should do. Chang’s political team has a budget of …. zero. Ready suggests that the Issues, Program and Platform/Resolutions Cmte be revived, acknowledgement that our STANDING cmte is NOT standing. Ready instead writes to the Exec Cmte and elected officials “There are a number of political questions that are unresolved in the Party. One of these is the extent to which we openly advocate on issues and, when we do, which issues. This, and most other things lately, we have been leaving up to our Chair and Executive Director. They are doing fine in my opinion.” Ready’s opinion may not be worth much or he has very low standards. Not only do Chang and Blom fail to advocate on any issue, they both stated that HRP will NOT take a stand ‘in the name of [party] unity.’ The Exec Cmte and the elected officials are exactly NOT the representatives elected by the members of the districts across the state to determine HRP position on issues, a Platform. HRP messaging should represent party principles, not those of some (liberal) elected officials. Ready “At the moment the lack of passion and urgency, witnessed by the tiny or zero caucus turnout in more than half the districts, means to me we need to find ways to be more advocacy friendly..” Uh oh. Perhaps, if HRP were to stand for something there would be more passion.

-HRP is, finally, ditching the current logo.

-HRP hosted a ‘coalitions potluck.’ Chang expected 200-400 to attend. Lingle email “the Hawaii Republican Party is thriving …we ignited a flame in many young Republicans … Their vigor is truly inspiring.” OLRW, Young and College Republicans were invited. Not one coalition – ethnic, business, fraternal – just three party auxiliaries. HRP endured a year of Chang as Coalition vice, then a year with Chow. C/H/L just completed an election cycle. There is not one HRP ethnic, business or fraternal coaltion. Turnout was about 60, including the 15-18 hosts. Thriving? Fb comment “Where’s Aiona and Lingle?”

-HRP didn’t again schedule Lincoln Day Dinner on Hitler’s birthday though by scheduling in April, they reduce LDD to LD. Moved from a posh Waikiki hotel to a less expensive venue, tickets and sponsor tables cost the same as last year, before HRP lost the Senate, House and legislative seats. Chang said getting Rubio or Ryan as speaker would “show how much the RNC thinks of us.” Maybe so but neither are coming. Latest – – C/H/L couldn’t get a speaker so Lingle is not only the dinner honoree ($5.5M of your contributions, 25 point loss), Lingle is her own keynote speaker. Meh. But, you won’t hear this because HRP doesn’t want to announce her participation while trying to sell tickets. Reader “It’s hard to get excited about honoring a pro-Akaka Bill, pro-Jones Act, anti-Ron Paul RINO even at a fundraiser.” Add pro-choice, pro-gun control.

-Again. The website’s last newsletter is January 25 (why are the WEEKLY newsletters coming out MONTHLY?), Lingle is not announced on HRP Facebook, the district chair list is not updated from the caucuses which began in January. No change to Fb ‘likes’ at 2,635 or Twitterees 1,340 = no energy.

Budget. Missing line items for Hellriech’s garage sale, undocumented guesses for revenues and expenses, no line for the finance cmte. Your state cmte approved the deficient document.

-I ask people to tell me when I get it wrong. With all these emails, statistics, reports, conversations, something is bound to be incorrect. Doesn’t happen often though twice, both last year, I made corrections. Recently, Ready wrote and ‘suggested’ that I confirm my information with him, or the establishment, before posting. I thanked Ready, asked him to please let me know of what he took umbrage. Ready did not respond.

-A reader caught a mistake. I passed on HRP information that the HRP YouTube channel was barren. The information was not accurate. HRP has a site with two video from last year plus several from the Kaauwai/Nonaka era of debt-raising . …. another site with only one. The one is the video of the spot my political guys prepared in ’08 against Bertram. It is so hard-hitting, and factual, that Say demanded that I take it down. When I ignored him, Say bitched to then party titular head Lingle and she made me take it down. Fontaine whined that it was mean, and he lost that election. Fontaine brought it back for ’10 (after Lingle had moved on), and he won that election. Just saying….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4moCQO1_Frk

-Thank you for the feedback and comments you send. Your writing confirms that we have people here who care and still desire competent opposition to liberal policies. I can’t record all your writing but please keep writing, keep caring. Readers: “I’ve never seen it [caucus meeting] this bad, general in the 16 years that I’ve been a member.” “Even more disconcerting is the number of district chairs that are simply “yes men” and “yes women” to C/H/L.” To R legislators for Bag ban “your support for this legislation goes against one of the basic principles of the Hawaiian Republican Party.” “real Republicans have every reason to fear that elected local Republicans (and silent party officers) will sell them out at the State Legislature and the City Council.” “I can’t get enthusiastic to solicit donations.” “This is why, after a lifetime of being a Republican, I’m now a conservative independent and why I quit donating to the GOP.” “It’s amazing how just a handful of power-hungry people can screw up and demoralize a [Maui] county committee.” From a Platform cmte member “My hope is to incorporate and acknowledge great Democrats.” “Define a few clear goals and then Simplify, simplify, simplify.” “..the minutes don’t always accurately reflect what has taken place.” “I am stunned by the level of dysfunction and ineptitude of “leadership”, and the extent to which people will go for power, ego, money, etc” “As long as HRP doesn’t articulate a strong message, they will continue to be largely irrelevant.” Paul’s filibuster “A great day to be a Republican–where is Priebus and the RNC?” “Meanwhile, HRP is still comatose…” “So proud of Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee today.” “HRP is in a coma, nowhere to be found, refusing to comment or make any statement, online or otherwise. Likewise, our Hawaii Republican elected officials are mute…”

HRA President Gerwig “Once you receive the Alert you can click on the link in the Alert and go right to the government site where you can submit testimony to the various committees that are scheduled to hear the bill.” C/H/L’s ‘political cmte’ could simply forward other people’s alerts. HRP wouldn’t even have to act conservative and actually themselves advocate for members to testify, for example, against forced contraceptives or gun control.

-One telling item in Ready’s email on behalf of C/L/H. Ready confuses the TEA Party with the Liberty movement with Libertarians and believes they are one entity. This may explain HRP’s fear of these groups and desire to work with only ‘moderate’ or liberal Republicans.

-Positive take to Honolulu County: HNL county cmte met. The meeting was called with a weeks notice. One task is “Approval of Slate” for county convention. Do those positive words help win elections as opposed to pointing out: it was the first meeting of the county cmte in more than three years, cmte members complained (1) that there could be more notice for a meeting that could be scheduled a year (or four) in advance and (2) that the cmte plans to tell delegates who they can vote for because they’ve been ‘approved.’ “Has anyone requested the minutes of those bimonthly [county] meetings that the county rules require for all these years?” Minutes? There have been no meetings.

-Congratulations to new Maui county chair Fontaine. Maui continues their purge of Liberty and conservative supporters. From Maui is word that Clark and Treasurer Oneillian were simply pawns, manipulated by others, and not responsible for their actions.

-State runs Oahu county because there is no Oahu county to hold their convention. Reader “[HNL chair]Vaillancourt turned out no better than his predecessor Malia Gray.” Rumor is, there is a convention – it hasn’t been announced. Djou is the convention speaker. Rumor is, there are candidates – we’re hearing that Rohlfing (jr) or none of the above are your choices. He previously began a race for county chair in 2009. Rohlfing was Romney-Hawaii chair and helped Romney ’12 win the state primary by winning Honolulu and Kauai counties. Larson inexplicably dropped out of the chair race. Greco and Grey are solid choices for vice chair, both unopposed. Greco is the leader who actually wants HRP to accomplish something.  A couple others stepped forward, some not so good. Kauai numbers are down (except in one district) but Georgi has never motivated the mostly conservative members to participate and is the only choice for chair.

-Though Chang has been chair less than a term, neither he or anyone else has so far announced their intent to lead the party for 2013-2014. Word is Chang will move on, that would be good for HRP. Chang and Hellriech may intend to blow through the current CoH to announce at convention that they single-handedly erased the HRP which they allowed to last this long. Chang, Hellriech, Klompus (she), Thomason (she and he) the current Exec cmte (Ward, Dorn, Collucio, Smith, Clark, Georgi) are the people who allowed Kaauwai and Nonaka to spend ‘like a drunken sailor,’ are the same who never passed a budget, the same who prevented an audit one year and then avoided it the next two. No leadership. No accountability.

-Doing the same thing and expecting … Chang failed to raise funds and kept HRP in debt the entire election cycle. Fukumoto didn’t do anything as Vice for Coordinated Campaign according to her replacement, Ready. Ready is a nice guy in over his head. Vice for candidate recruitment and training Ward, then House leader, focused on the House to the exclusion of the senate races (Finnegan did the same in 2010), and lost more incumbents than he kept. Chow did nothing as Coalitions chair, having been left nothing when Chang moved up to party chair. Collucio has not accomplished anything, literally, as vice for community service. Dorn is vice for communications, without a message and without any messaging. Treasurer Klompus has now skipped three quarterly state meetings. Secretary Schadel can’t provide minutes. Party elections are at the May state convention.

-Enough to oust, even in a Blue state. CA Republican Party cans their chair. Politico “With statewide registration below 30% (Democrats have 43.7%), [the GOP] went into free fall last November, losing ground in state legislative and congressional contests.” Our Hawaii share of the vote is less than 30%, we lost ground in the state legislature and congressional contests. Though a reader suggests “CRP makes HRP look functional.”

-On Ward being ‘hoodwinked‘ about PLDC. Reader “Did he not read [the bill]? Is he competent to do the job? Or is it the House Minority Research office? How hard is this? Unless you are too busy doing coffee and beer summits.”

-Thomas, OLRW. “I don’t see any hope for bipartisanship on Capitol Hill.” Can’t say that in Hawaii, as R legislators introduce bag ban bills, vote with the dems on Sex Education and have our own whips gather more than 50% of the caucus to vote ‘aye’ to ban bags. Thomas could applaud Hawaii bipartisanship. In cmte or final, Cheape, Ward, Fale, McDermott, Thielen, Johanson, Fukumoto vote ‘aye’ for GMO labeling. HB411HD2, Thielen is an introducer, Cheape, Thielen vote aye on forced contraceptives. Changing gender on birth certificate aye votes from Cheape, Fale, Fukumoto, Johanson, Ward. Early Education aye votes from Fale, Thielen. Conveyance Tax increase aye votes from Cheape, Fukumoto, Johanson, Ward. This just in “Racial entitlement bills in the 2013 Hawaii legislature (and how all the Republicans except Slom and McDermott are voting in lockstep with the Democrats) http://tinyurl.com/aza37f8 and http://www.hawaiireporter.com/?p=303601

-You must check the Campaign Spending site http://hawaii.gov/campaign/campaign-finance-statistics/2012-election for 2012 summaries. Average spent on winning (and losing) campaigns, avg spent by Rs (& Ds), amount raised and spent by candidate, amount doled out in public financing and more. Fun for the whole (wonky) family.

-HRP should alert our candidates, incumbents and past candidates. CSC enforcement is proactively fining people for everything they can.

-Lack of decency. Zimmerman, HR, ” Michael W. Perry…said on the air this morning that Hanohano’s apology sounded more like a “non-apology” coming from someone who did not really want to apologize.” I disagree with Perry. It didn’t sound like a non-apology,’ it was a non-apology. Souki did not remove her from cmtes, nor did anyone else address Hanohano using the office to issue a funding threat. There is no accountability.

-Midweek Jones being nasty “Case and Djou know they’ll be practicing law the rest of their lives. Lingle starts raising money to oppose Schatz in 2014.”

-“the $253.5 billion increase in national debt in February alone is nearly SIX TIMES the total $44 billion fiscal 2013 sequestration cuts.”

-Sabato “In fact, the occasional victory for the GOP cannot hide the fact that this country is fast heading into another era, not of two-party democracy, but a party-and-a-half system. And the GOP is the half a party.” In Hawaii, it is more like a party and an eighth. Most suggest there is only one party.

-SA Depledge February 16 Democrats so thoroughly dominate Hawaii politics that some candidates have made strategic decisions to join the party to increase their chances of election or to maximize their influence at the Legislature. Ihara said Hawaii is like a “one-party state.” ““Sorry, Sam,” Ihara said to Slom. “Hey,” Slom said, “you’re stating fact.”

Whittle, educating conservative candidates and voters, 20 minutes. This is the type messaging – consistent, conservative – HRP should be using, not the go along/get along, try-the same-again routine of HRP to wait until 60 days pre-election and run a bunch of people no one has ever heard of. Whittle’s optimum inaugural speech. http://youtu.be/4GfJaLzbm40

-Krauthammer about Paul filibuster: “It was genius.”

-Early look. Twelve months before the 2012 election it was likely that Rs would take the US Senate majority. 21 of 35 Senate seats up in 2014 are D. Seven are in states carried by Romney, only one R in an Obama state. Sabato at UVa gives seven dem Senate seats in danger of flipping. Others possible are six dem and two repub. He considers Hawaii Likely D even if Schatz gets primaried and has Djou as the only potential opponent. Silver at NYT fivethirtyeight gives Ds a 95%(!) chance of keeping the Hawaii Senate seat. His numbers give a two-four seat R pickup (i.e. not the the majority). Silver on Hawaii (as highlighted in the CB blog) “there is no indication that the Republicans will be viable in the general election, especially after [Lingle] lost her Senate race by 25 points…” Sabato’s Crystal Ball sees little change in the US House.

-Chuck Norris has a grizzly bear carpet in his room. The bear isn’t dead, it is just too afraid to move.

-It was 3 degrees at the lift!!… not including wind chill.


ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



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