Spring Party Update, Part 1

Aloha Friends, welcome back. Part 1 today, 2 is tomorrow.

News is still breaking. Our prayers are with the victims of the attacks in Boston.

Happy Tax Day. Writing weekly, or so, was too hard. No more of that.

-April 27 Kauai Friends of NRA Dinner major_aguilar@hotmail.com

-May 2 Legislative session ends.

-May 4 East Oahu meeting. 8:30 AM Marian243@hawaiiantel.net.

-May 22 Friends for Sam Slom. Hear the Lone Ranger’s legislative report. Or, send a check, thank you. FFSS, 6600 Kalanianaole Hwy, Suite 212, Honolulu, HI 96825. Marian243@hawaiiantel.com.

-May 24 Aloha Pregnancy Center banquet. 234-7233 http://alohapregnancy.com/

-There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. Thank you. The Hawaii Republican Party can be better. Let’s get started.

RNC Spring Meeting BUZZ

-This meeting is now a business meeting. If you are able, and if C/H/L would let you know in advance, ask to attend as a guest. It is a valuable experience.

-Los Angeles. Hollywood Loew’s Hotel. Wednesday cmte meetings and Brietbart News Larry Solov spoke at the welcome reception. Thursday strategy sessions with VP Cheney at lunch and a session with Mia Love. Dinner at Fox Studios with Hugh Hewitt and Allen West. Friday business session and Michael Reagan at lunch. Friday afternoon we visited the Reagan Library and dinner with author Horowitz. Issa (CA-49) at Saturday breakfast. Chang and Hellriech represented you, Liu skipped.

Blackwell proposal. VA NCM Blackwell proposed that the RNC rules changed at the national convention to benefit Romney’s ’16 reelection be changed back. You’ll recall the convention fight with the Romney team on one side and grassroots, conservatives and Ron Paul delegates walking off the Tampa convention floor. I support Blackwell’s proposal and stood with the opposition to the Romney rules (introduced by Ginsberg) in Tampa. Blackwell’s letter to Priebus http://www.redstate.com/matthewhurtt/2013/03/25/undoing-the-ginsberg-rules-at-the-spring-rnc-meeting/ C/H/L voted against the grassroots and conservatives at the Tampa RNC meeting and convention. Several who asked C/H/L before this April meeting were never afforded the courtesy of a response, which I expect will be their response when HRP asks for money or volunteers. Synopsis http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/apr/11/rnc-rejects-conservative-backed-rules-changes/.

RNC Rules Cmte. Compromise was ‘this close’ but broke down minutes before session was to begin – both sides blame the other. The proposal had to pass the cmte by majority vote. It failed 25-28. Chang is the HRP rep and voted against the Blackwell proposal. The arguments centered on sending a positive statement to grassroots by accepting Blackwell’s proposal versus maintaining the establishment national convention vote. It is more complicated but not much. It became an issue of power, not principle. Two proposals moved forward. They were addressed on Friday but the sides again separated – mostly on an issue of state’s rights vs centralized RNC direction concerning Presidential caucus/primary. 16(a)(2) reconfirmed delegates had to cast their vote for the candidate they were elected to represent & Pres candidates could not change delegates selected by the states. It passed unanimously. 16(a)(1) is an issue of states holding caucuses as they determine or the RNC telling them what was allowed, and states rights lost. C/H/L were with the top-down RNC group.

-Priebus “During the general session at the RNC Spring Meeting, the membership overwhelmingly voted to empower the state parties and grassroots in the selection of delegates.” Freedom Works Kibbe “We won one, we lost one, and we live to fight another day for the third.” http://www.freedomworks.org/press-releases/freedomworks-responds-to-rnc%E2%80%99s-vote-to-repeal-the

Growth and Opportunity ‘autopsy’ report. Admirable initiative to review what went wrong and give potential fixes. HRP should try the same. Priebus “the Project made 219 recommendations. they are exactly that: recommendations.” Chang endorsed the entire report. Conservatives and others take issue with the lack of evangelical mention, and comments on gay marriage, path to citizenship, Presidential primaries and debates. RNC committed $10M for minority engagement (outreach). Blackwell (scroll down) on ‘autopsy’ http://www.republicanassemblies.org/alert-from-the-president-call-your-national-committeeman-today/ Scathing response of conservatives, TEA, grassroots and liberty Republicans http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/mar/31/critics-see-post-mortem-as-gop-sellout-for-votes/

-Core conservatives hosted a closed breakfast. We also hosted a ‘Steering cmte’ lunch for others who are conservative, say they are conservative or who want to be conservative. The Conservative Caucus got passed several resos including opposing the Common Core Education Standards and Affirming Traditional Marriage, both in our national platform i.e the only platform available to the Hawaii party.

Meanwhile, in Hawaii

-Kibbe, Freedom Works in USA TODAY “In private enterprise, a business fails when it ceases to meet the demands of the consumer. The sales pitch and cash flow replace innovation and product quality. And when the stale product ceases to create value for its customers, buyers look elsewhere or simply stay home.” He is referring to the RNC and it applies to the HRP ‘leaders.’ Kibbe, on vacation, attended last week’s GRIH event.

-Rules. HRP reviews party rules and votes on proposed changes at the state convention. First meeting was the non-meeting at the HNL convention. ‘Leadership’ planned for only one meeting, again hoping to squelch participation, and there have so far been five. This group is even more secretive than the State Cmte. After three meetings, rules cmte member “has there been other Rules Committee meetings? I hadn’t heard prior to this email?” I was at two meetings; seven hours with about 18 votes (14 members plus proxy’s), all volunteers, all on a Saturday. We caught up on last year’s work, hearing appeals which should have been done last June. To their political maneuvering credit, the establishment (I’m asked to not hold Chang/Hellriech/Liu accountable by name for anything) could not have handled the appeals last year or it would have (1) changed the HRP committee man at the national convention and (2) exposed their deceit.  A member “[March 23] 3 hours of do nothing agony as a HRP Rules Committee Member was an eye opener for me. I still can’t comprehend adult people playing this game of words for 3 hours and call it meeting achieving nothing meaningful for the average person on the streets.” Georgi called for roll call vote to gauge the C/H/L votes and they lost 13-6, so they rambled for two more hours and adjourned without a vote. Note the 13-6, some by proxy … the cmte is supposed to be a representative body of 51 (each district).

-Next meeting, Chang showed for his first and only meeting. The Easter weekend meeting began with Chang challenging a proxy so as to reduce participation. ‘Leadership’ attitude was evident when I requested that we give the Pledge of Allegiance…. and the chair required a formal motion and a second and WE VOTED whether to do the Pledge!

Appeals. January 2012. Two appeals kept the cmte tied up for four meetings. First was of Thomason (he) (then Rules chair, now Rule cmte parliamentarian. Interesting, huh?) changing the interpretation of a rule so as to influence last year’s NCM election (it did) in favor of the Lingle, Hellriech, Chang candidate. Following two weekends with five hours of ‘discussion’ we voted. The motion that was voted was whether the cmte should accept the appeal and not the veracity of the appeal – 12 months after it had been accepted by the cmte and after four hours of debate over two weeks. No kidding. Both weeks, Secretary Lye politely told us we were debating the wrong issue – he was correct. The appeal was whether Section 306 had been interpreted correctly. Chang/Thomason’s defenders argued that the appeal was moot, it happened so long ago, why do we need to decide if I [Chang] was wrong, we can fix the rule later, we need to move on, and so forth. Chang, Thomason and Moses spent a lot of time arguing that the appeal did not matter, having spent nine months trying to kill it. Member “This was David and Terry defending their stupid decisions from last year.” I asked for a vote to show transparency, honesty and accountability; and as Republicans there should be an up or down vote (said again when Wharton made a, no lie, ‘let’s agree to disagree’ motion).

-When the final vote on the appeal came, the margin was … one. Same as the NCM election 15 months ago. 11 AYE-12 NAY. Still only 41% of the districts represented, including four proxies. More eerie similarity: The AYEs led the voting. Chang ‘remembered’ that he had a vote so he cast his vote to tie it up. Konoho, the new guy… looked to Chang … hung his head .. and cast the deciding vote against Grey’s appeal. One member “[Konoho] looked distressed and had to take orders from [Chang]. He did not want to vote. How would you have voted if your boss was there and your job maybe in the legislature depended [Konoho works for Fukumoto in minority research] on Chang’s good graces with your bosses’s spouse?” They say they’ll fix Section 306, though they’re unable to answer why it needs changing if it was interpreted correctly in the first place.

-For those who know of the efficiency, transparency and honesty coming out of HQ, nine months after the appeal was accepted and deferred by the rules cmte, the cmte decided to not accept the appeal. I am more comfortable with the word ‘corruption.’

Irony. Before Thomason’s inexplicable interpretation and during his six+ years as party counsel, HRP held that a proxy had to be given to a member from that district, not from across the county or state. That changed in January 2012 as Thomason needed one chair to give a proxy to another on the other side of the county so ‘his side’ could win the election. That’s done, but the legacy lives on. Using Thomason’s interpretation, a rules rep last month called HQ to give her proxy to a member not in her district. Blom’s response You can’t do that, they have to be in your district.

-The next appeal was debated two weeks ago. Konoho directed that the cmte could not hear the appeal. Now 15 months after it was submitted, 10 months after the rules cmte accepted and deferred it to this year, the chair wants it to go away. ‘You can fool some of the people all of the time..’ enough of the cmte recognized corruption and the discussion continued until the meeting was 90 minutes old. Fagan “Let’s get moving, this is why people leave.” Supported by Moses, Blom, Fagan, Wharton and Torreano and Silva the cmte voted as if there had never been an appeal with ‘we’ll just use it if we change the rule later.’ It is not the lengthy discussion that is causing members to leave. Reader to rules member “sorry you have to endure the frustrating, mind-numbing maneuvers by insiders to keep power.”

-The past two meetings: three issues raised, none resolved. Wharton proposes to change the entire party to mirror a Florida county party. Section 306 – alternate’s voting, or proxies. Section 309 – resolving tied elections. All have been again deferred another week.

-HRP only talks grassroots.  Rules 306 was reviewed because of Chang and Thomason’s ‘interesting’ interpretation. Thomason now proposed to change the rule so anyone can hold ‘your’ proxy. The alternative is the long-held interpretation that your district should be represented by someone from your district. Moses, Blom, Fagan, Wharton whined strongly, repeatedly, that they could not find even one Republican (arrogantly implying no one else can do what they do) in their district. That…is…your…friggin’… job. Grow your district. Our rules are designed to encourage you to build grassroots, not to centralize your power in a handful of members too lazy to recruit. Thomason’s proposal to justify what he did last year was voted down by a large margin.

-Six months past the November election and HRP has not addressed the issue of Rs campaigning for Ds. I submitted a proposal to the Rules Cmte – hoping to jump start someone’s brain – which has yet to be heard. The State Cmte is supposed to meet this quarter. Show some leadership.

-When the State Cmte begins to do their job, please ask for the audit due three months ago. You can also ask for another go at the Strategic, Communications and Finance Plans.

Garage sale. “All sales will go directly to our Building Fund.” No expense or revenue for this event on the budget you State Cmte members approved.

Ethics. Blom recurringly complains there isn’t enough time to do her (paid) Exec Dir job. Then, Blom says she can’t find one Republican in her district so she became her own district chair. Now, she is on Rules. Blom holds Chang’s proxy. Reader “The idea of an executive director being a district chair is even more of a conflict of interest than having a party chairman [Kaauwai] living at the home of the executive director [Nonaka] who wants a pay raise. OBSCENE.” A reader commented that district chair Blom will do whatever the guy who signs her paycheck, Chang, wants done at the expense of her district. Further, “It’s not just the conflict of interest over her salary, there’s a slew of things ranging from her performance, the priorities of staff vis-a-vis priorities set by state committee, potential for steering resources to HD24 unchecked, budget accountability, audits, getting to review the performance of her boss, and so on.”

-Watch for discussion about canning the current GOP consultants and bringing on new. Growing issue in DC, the state parties and for candidates.

-(Comedian) Wright could be about the Exec Cmte “Half the people you know are below average.” “99% of the lawyers give the rest a bad name.” “82.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot.”

Tomorrow is Part 2


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