Money Matters, Part 2

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The Hawaii Republican Party can be better. Thank you. Let’s get started.

-Latest HRP Newsletter doesn’t tell much but credit Communications Vice Mukk for including the conservative HIRA Humphries event. Notice the HRP posts, tweets, and listings have a more conservative & liberty flavor since Mukk got there? Comment on Chang’s article “Hey, is Chang right? Did the founding fathers of the USA actually embrace LLIFE? Or is he making that up?” The announcement of the letter again becoming ‘weekly’ was apparently premature. Suggest: Put news in the newsletter.

Message. Nothing from HRP, on any issue, for or against any candidate, on any initiative. Hamada pounded on this theme last week. Reader “There’s also the complete silence from HRP about devastatingly exorbitant government employee pay raises and the talk from mayors and governor that we will receive less service from government as a result…to say nothing about the threatened tax increases.” Suggest: Determine a message and get it out.

-Chang used the only HRP eblast of the month to warn members of Storm Flossie, and he didn’t even ask for money. District chair “The disasters we need to worry about are those created by our state legislature.” Suggest: use the member’s list to warn of Dem tax & fee increases, broken education system, or gay marriage.

-I select but don’t necessarily agree with the readers’ comments: “Miriam Hellreich and her puppets must go.” “I had no idea how bad it was. I don’t feel my donation to the HRP would be used wisely. I vote Republican but never identify myself as one as I’m frustrated with the party locally and nationally.” “People who have a brain in their head don’t even pay attention to the Republican Party anymore here in Hawaii.” “Now the Republicans have Berg running around calling a Councilmember a whore, a homeless guy who thought he could beat Tulsi for Congress and a party Chair that seems to relay a myopic message that the Democrats are about to hari kari themselves.” “If I had confidence in HRP, I would donate.” “I’ve been forwarding your emails to other conservatives in Hawaii” Attending the State Cmte meeting “what does it matter when we are only supposed to vote in favor of whatever the leadership wants.” Regarding lack of HRP lists by zip code only rather than by district “thanks to [Pechaur] for again pointing out the handicap we were given..” So much for Chang’s 5000 new members and 1000 new donors “..Ready told me there is no money..only one volunteer, sometimes, so we really don’t have a Republican Party.”

-HRP is waiting on Aiona to decide about the Gov race. Borreca reports in SA that HRP is waiting on Djou to decide on Gov, US Senate or US House, for which HRP has no other candidates. Djou, according to Borreca, says he is not going to decide until “maybe the beginning of next year.” Who is going to jump in to do the work, raise the money, build the team if Djou or Aiona may declare ‘in January?’ Commenting on Chang’s self-professed legacy goal to build a bench and party infrastructure, Borreca writes “The GOP bench is so bare it doesn’t even have splinters.” While Chang says that Djou would be a help for Rs, Djou must wonder how HRP will be a help to him. Djou has never run a statewide race, the closest was when Lingle had him back out of the ’02 LG race. Meanwhile, Djou is raising visibility discussing the Jones Act at a GRIH member event. Suggest: Decide already.

-HRP HQ rep mentioned that they are interested to see what Hawaii Ds do with gay marriage. Part of my response “I am less interested to see how the Ds handle gay marriage than I am in how the Rs handle it. What is the HRP position? Does HRP have a position? HRP hasn’t been engaged, are the ‘leaders’ even discussing this? Is the Republican Party going to let elected officials speak for the party? Have you polled the R legislators to see where they stand? guys are running a party down there, take a stand. And, when you don’t, how do you expect to not be criticized?” Suggest: grow some…guts.

-SA, from Bloomberg News “The Human Rights Campaign … is looking for a [Hawaii] campaign manager to work with its 5,000 members and a coalition of 80 organizations, including Filipino-Americans, to push for a special session of the Legislature to consider a bill legalizing gay marriage.” Initial SA survey of Judicial Cmtes, Theilen (the R) supports same-sex marriage, McDermott opposed, Slom opposed

GRIH changed speakers three weeks before their banquet. Glad they dropped Dem strategist Trippi, however, I ‘felt their pain’ of dealing with a last-minute mainland no-show. GRIH responded quickly with an alternate speaker. Finnegan again surfaces, as MC, with about 40 attendees including Gabbard (the elder).

Candidates include Schatz and Hanabusa for US Senate, Cavasso on the R side with Djou speculation (also for Gov). Ige in Governor’s race with Abercrombie, Chang says HRP has ‘several’ candidates waiting on Aiona’s decision. Say in against LG Tsutsui. For CD1, Chang(D), Anderson, Espero (so new to this that his first FEC report says CD2 over which is handwritten CD1), and Takai (rumored), which may be too attractive for Lingle to pass. An independent will announce for Congress. Rothenberg July 10 article “Lingle, a former two-term Republican governor, was unable to overcome her partisan label in a state that Obama won with 70% of the vote. While Lingle ran 10 points ahead of Romney, she got buried in her bid for the Senate.” Many downticket seats opening. Suggest: recruit candidates.

Candidate FEC. For the past quarter: Schatz raised 915k with 1.6m CoH to Hanabusa raising 500k with about 600k CoH and CB Blair provided a superb detailed, by-name, evaluation of their donors. Per April report, Cavasso raised 8k, with 5k CoH and 144k debt. Chang (D) raised 158k with 162k CoH, Hannemann sitting on 35k. Gabbard (the younger) raised 150k with 410k CoH. Hirono, not up this cycle, raised 84k with 38k CoH. Lingle, not yet running, raised $43, spent 2.4k, has 1.8k CoH and $190k of debt. Djou, mum, with 6.8k CoH. Suggest: raise funds. Are the suggestions for improvement too obvious?

-Lingle’s campaign manager, Lee (not me), endorsed Dem Duckworth in ’12. Erickson, RedState “Duckworth’s talent is completely defined by her combat injuries. She is a political hack of the worst sort. She has coasted from obscurity to a House seat by ..milking her injuries for all they are worth. Her supporters..paint her opponents as anti-veteran simply because she is a disabled veteran. She is the poster child for how to use a service connected disability to mask your underlying mediocrity..”

Rail not done. HR gives rail opponents equal time when SA gave excuses for not printing

-When 2+2=5. Borreca SA blasts the state, county and everyone in Hawaii noting that we need better because CNBC ranks Hawaii the absolute worst state to do business, Chief Executive magazine says we’re over taxed and increasing regulations makes it worse, Hawaii’s ’10-’11 GDP declined while the national rose, people are leaving Hawaii with a net loss of tens of thousands from ’01-09, expected future economic activity at absolute dead last. He could have waited a week to add, CNBC now ranks Hawaii the 50th most expensive state to live. Dems have been in charge for 60 years.

-The Economist “A wave of anger is sweeping the cities of the world. Politicians beware…protesters have risen up with bewildering speed. They tend to be ordinary, middle-class people, not lobbies with lists of demands. Their mix of revelry and rage condemns the corruption, inefficiency and arrogance of the folk in charge.”

Sabato, UVA, GOP should win two-three US Senate seats but they need six for the majority. “Schatz is probably an early favorite.. ex-Rep Djou has been mentioned..but pickings are slim for” Rs. Ds need 17 US House seats for the majority and it appears Rs will increase by four. No mention of HI being even a question. At 30 of 36, the number of incumbent Governor’s running is a modern record. “With no solid R opponent [in Hawaii], this race is LIKELY D despite Abercrombie’s troubles.”

Heritage ratings. House 100% Salmon, Franks, Schweikert. 95% Bridenstine, Collins, DeSantis, Graves, Hensarling, Jordan. Compare to Cantor 65, Pelosi 21 . Average house Rs 66. Senate 100% Cruz, Lee, 95% Paul, Scott. Compare to McConnell 82, Schumer 0. Average Senate Rs 67.

RNCC CSC met. I know, too many letters. I am a founding member of the RNC Republican National Conservative Caucus. In ’08, 20 of the most conservative RNC members founded RNCC as we had a too-liberal RNC and liberal Steele about to become RNC chair. Our focus is national policy. The Conservative Steering Committee was formed the next year to allow members who say they are conservative (this includes some actual conservatives) to participate. Last month’s conference call in preparation for the RNC Summer meeting included discussion of several resolutions and two rules change proposals. Proposed resos include Protecting the Coal Industry, Securing the border, Opposition to the NSA Surveillance Program, Defunding Ocare, Review of IRS and tax system, and opposition to Common Core. Two rules proposals were Blackwell’s proposal to change some of the corrupt ‘Romney Rules changes’ from the national convention (the establishment is still pushing back) and another to completely dump the 2012 rules and revert back to the 2008 version.

FreedomWorks legislative ratings. 100% House Amash, Bridenstine, Brown, Gingrey, Gohmert, Massie, McClintock, Salmon, Sanford. For reference Cantor 29, Bachmann 71, Labrador 50, Pelosi 57. Senate 100% Lee, Cruz, Flake, Paul. For reference McConnell 92, Rubio 92, Schumer 0.

Washington screwed up or what? Steyn

Gun notes from July. CDC says youth homicides hit a 30-year low. Now, with Illinois, all 50 states allow some sort of concealed carry. Hmmm. Fun graphic showing carry law nationally

-Texas passes abortion guidelines “[T]he bill … will ban abortions after 20 weeks, require abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital and require all abortions take place in surgical centers.” Who could argue against these common sense measures, and routine in the case of admitting privileges and surgery, except for those of us asking for more?

-Liberals don’t believe their own crap. This vid is uber-liberal Melissa Harris-Perry complaining about the Zimmerman-Martin verdict. Watch the first minute as uber-lady refers to 20-week ultra-sound report as ‘her daughter.’ Not a fetus, not a thing, but her daughter. So much for the abortion-on-demand because “they-aren’t-anything-until they-are-born” hypocrites.

-Amending the Jones Act – leadership in Congress, not from Hawaii.

-113th Congress set a record for the least amount of legislation passed, ever. Congratulations. Next is to begin getting rid of ineffective, unfair laws.

-These reports began three years ago to fill a void left by HRP – no one was telling anyone what Hawaii Republicans were (or weren’t) doing. Conservatives had been thrown aside (to then be thrown UNDER). Nothing much has changed, still a void and HRP still not doing anything. There is a lot more work to do.

-If you have to show identification to board an airplane, cash a check, buy liquor, or check out a library book, but not to vote on who runs the government… you might live in a country founded by geniuses but run by idiots.


ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



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