Movement, Part 2/2

Aloha Friends. Welcome back, to Part 2/2.

-March 6 HIRA Roadshow

-March 6-8 CPAC Washington DC

-March 22 Maui Friends of NRA (sold out)

-March 22-23 Great Guns Gun Show

-April 5 HD17/18 monthly meeting

-April 25-27 NRA Annual Meeting Indianapolis

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. Thank you.

-Enjoyed Waikiki lunch with TEA Party Patriots National Finance Director Norman. Patriots are the second biggest sponsor of CPAC. The next week, Norman met with 20 TEA Party Maui members.

-I don’t necessarily agree with ALL readers’ comments:.“We have a problem with HRP, all of our districts are almost zero-based, we have no voters. We’re lacking of almost everything especially leadership, it’s pretty sad.“ “Our local GOP is a shambles.“ “I just have so little faith your trust in them.” “we are a laughing stock.” “They ask me for money all the time and [Chang] doesn’t even know or care about me.“ “Sounds to me like the party here needs to move out of that space and get a better copier cheaper and get rid of the gop supported employees.“ “the HRP is almost hopeless.“ “Thank you for the update, I for one am very happy to be receiving something from the GOP side.“ “What can we do to take the Republican Party back from the liberals posing as Republicans? actively recruit new party members and kicking people like heirliech out.“ “[Lingle] and her crew have destroyed the HRP, and for what? Not for Djou to succeed—he was a rising star but threw himself with her team and now has ruined his political career.“ “We need more aggressive and visionary leadership.“ “I’ve been preached at several times that “we” can’t address these issues during campaigns. I have tried to remind these individuals about what the national GOP platform states (I don’t think they’ve ever bothered to read it).“ “The few people who come to the district meetings seem to be very set in their thinking and don’t seem to even want people to talk“ (confirms Gutteling’s last report) “We have but a few people involved in my district.“ “one of the things that plagues this leadership is there is no accountability or expectations of outcome.“ “I’ve become increasingly convinced that the GOP is on the wrong track and have decided to leave the party.”

-HIRA helps HRP step up. After HIRA’s Medved event, he took his ‘moderation for moderates’ message to GOP HQ. After HIRA’s ‘coup’ with ACU’s Cardenas, HRP brought a mainland congressional hopeful. After HIRA Roadshow’s, HRP’s Johanson/Fukumoto/Chang spoke to a church group. Good for HRP. A year ago, I brought NRA President Keene to Hilo. Cardenas’ was on Maui. Ask HRP to begin including neighbor islands.

-Last report, HRP telegraphed threats of legal action against HIRA for using the word Republican and an elephant photo. This month, HRP accuses HIRA of taking donors’ phone numbers off finance reports. Uh, except, finance reports don’t have phone numbers. In caucus meetings, Chang cries HIRA is ‘stealing HRP members.’ Reader “’leadership’ perspective is of stolen members, as opposed to (1) you can be both HRP and HIRA and (2) HRP would grow if HRP did the work of HIRA.“

-Friend/conservative/RNC Secretary contributed vacation time to conduct county leader training and it turned into “any and all Republican Party officers, delegates, and friends are welcome.“ Thanks to DeMonte for sharing her expertise and time. Berube spin “Many of you were able to attend the County Chair Workshop.“ Staff and ten people showed up.

Medved at GOP HQ. Buck radio comment to Chang “My wife said she thought the turnout was good but wondered why everyone is so old.” Out of the mouth of ….


-In May, Chang promised a July Platform meeting to review Convention resos. Moses AGAIN intends NO Platform Cmte meeting. Reader “he’s not going to entertain any changes to the platform.“ As Ready does damage control, reader “A majority of those he sent [email] to are no longer in that position and he wonders why no one has responded.  Deliberate, incompetent or a way to claim plausible deniability whatever the case, just another reason the Party is failing.“ District chair “The non-Platform doesn’t work, and no one knows HRP. When [district chair] engaged people door to door, he was told by many people that they didn’t know what the Hawaii GOP stood for.  The Party needs to make sure that sufficient time is allocated to consider and thoroughly discuss all submitted resolutions this year. That hasn’t happened since [2011].

-Approved resolutions are supposed to be on the website. District chair Kulbis “how can we call it an “Issues Repository” when all it contains is the 2008 platform that was voted out in 2010?” While Chang and Moses turn a blind eye, Comms Vice chair Mukk called them out “We’ll need to follow-up on why they’re not there.“ OUCH. Reader “this just shows us the Chair of the Platform Committee has no clue.“ No one cares: Moses current cmte represents only 19 of 51 districts.

-Smart: HB1789. I didn’t see anyone from the Republican Party officials giving testimony.  This is a direct attack on Judeo-Christian values. Will the Republican Party weigh in on any issues that are a direct attack on their constituency? Since these are not social issues but affect our economic well-being, will the Republican party take a stand or will they let us be taken over by the socialist agenda?

-Co-opted by liberals, as if working for Souki isn’t enough. Reader “[Gabbard] knows she can buy Fukumoto because of her political leaning as a rino R. Can’t blame [Fukumoto] to go along with Dems because her own side of party and partner [Chang] aren’t doing enough to educate Hawaii voters.“ Fukumoto/Johanson love-in with Ohno/Chang (D)/Lee

LGBT shill Golojuch, who I (figuratively) threw off the HRP convention floor for his gay outbursts in the early 2000’s, Twitter exchange with Berube about transvestites. Burebe replies the transgender person “is highly respected member of the community.”

March 4 = 245 days to General Election

-“Hawaii Christian Coalition with Defend Marriage Hawaii is assembling a list of voters that are activated and prepared to elect Pro-Family candidates in the coming elections.“ Spending money which could be for candidates because HRP can’t & won’t perform. DMH is reaching out to HRP leaders/members to populate their dbase, called ‘coordination.’ Transformation Hawaii sponsoring/hosting a series of statewide Porno Choices briefings.

-Chang letter “Hawaii Democrats are going to face off against a Hawaii Republican who is more hungry, aggressive and advanced than anything they’ve ever seen.“ Hawaii’s GOP is preparing to unleash an unprecedented grassroot-level blitz unlike anything in our party’s recent history.“ No one has seen ANY HRP action, or even a plan. Reader “all Chang has to do is put ONE doorhanger on ONE doorknob of ONE house and his promised campaign would be more than the party has done at any point during the [Kaauwai-Chang] era.“ District chairs, candidates are asking Chang about the plan he says he has and asking why he announced a ‘plan’ which they haven’t seen, approved, or budgeted.

-’14 Candidates: Schatz and Hanabusa for US Senate, R Friel filed papers. CD1 Ds: Chang, Anderson, Espero, Takai, Xian, Kim and Manahan. Rs: Finnegan (loser, in LG race, absent on SSM) eyeing, and Djou (at LDD) is leaning in. Slom reports Djou meeting Feb 29 with decision this week. CD2, D Gabbard vs R Capelouto, Crowley. Hannemann STILL unsure over which race, or which party, to run.

-Abercrombie is vulnerable (if he had a credible opponent) v Ige for Gov, also Libertarian Davis, and White pulls for Rs. Shapiro SA “the likely scenario is that Aiona and Hannemann would split the anti-Abercrombie vote and hand the governor re-election by plurality.” Expect MANY Rs, prominent and grassroots, to resign HRP while they support Independent Hannemann. Aiona, with non-partisan Lets Do This Hawaii (not with HRP), has begun ‘working behind the scenes,’ with only nine months. Still ‘intending’ and not yet running, Aiona’s first email “I announced my intention to run for Governor.” SA poll encourages Aiona (suspect if 46% Union households vote R). Aiona website opens late-Feb, still part broken, w/ HQ at IMS accounting company. Jan 31 FB entry is first since May 20 which is why he misses Hamada’s double entendre “So, where you been since the LG years?“ Aiona on Buck Feb 18 says he hasn’t decided. Gets testy (i.e. loses temper) when asked why he didn’t speak against SSM. Hamada Feb 19, Aiona can’t say “I oppose SSM,” instead says “I am not a proponent [of SSM].” DePledge gets it on Feb 20 “[Aiona] is planning a Republican campaign.“ National Journal “the poll which shows Abercrombie trailing [Aiona], the man he clobbered four years ago, by eight points (it was 17 points), is flawed.“ A hurdle, Obama 67% approval (suspect if 23% Rs approve). CB has Obama at 74%.

-Office of Elections candidates no surprises, no names. Chang rants for ‘moderate candidates.’ Having kept HRP in debt & irrelevant, Chang supports Ahu for LG. First reported here, fmr House Republican Bukowski files as Dem. Few HRP candidates, most file with outside support. Leau HD6, after HRP pulled out the rug last time. Reported here first, Riviere files as D for House AND Fale knows he’ll lose to Riviere so he runs for senate (Hee again rumored to take his 400k and move), effectively retiring Meyer. DePledge SA Feb 26 (premium) highlights the race between two thugs. Finnegan rumored for Ige’s seat because her service is first to the people of SD17 or, no, Congressional District 1. M Lee has a primary. Several chasing CSC-challenged Awana. Nonaka, non-partisan Solutions “We have met or are in contact with over 40 people who are considering running for office in 2014.  We are engaged with top level community, church and political leaders from across the State to vet and recruit candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, US Senate and Congress.“ Heard that before when Nonaka bankrupted HRP; having been booted, he’s eyeing an HRP take-over. Hood to primary Theilen. Lib in SD1 and HD19. Possible Brower-Turbin match in HNL Council 4, Sutton or Marumoto eyes a race if Hashem jumps to Council 4. Georgi’s leave Kauai in a lurch, and she turns around to run for Council. R candidate FB “Yeah, I predict another disaster.“

-2012 stats Senate biggest spender Hee, 190k. Lowest to win, Espero spent 17k. Highest R, Meyer raised/loaned herself 41k.

House biggest spender Takai 113k, lowest win Theilen (R) 6k. Highest R, Fukumoto raised 35k.

Averages. Senate win=75k, average R spent 13k. House win=36k, average R spent 12k.

Ds not pressured to raise $. Watch if Rs contribute to candidates who failed to lead during SSM. Candidate numbers: First number is raised Jun-Dec, second is CoH. Republicans: Aiona 0/17k, Johanson 13k/46k (30% from PACs & unions), Fukumoto 18k/20k, Cheape 3k/3k, McDermott 5k/5k, Fale 0/29k, Ward 1k/45k (30% from PACs & unions), Thielen 7k/38k, Meyer 0/9k, Allen 0/.9k, Baron 0/11k, Ching 0/5k, Tupola 9k/8k (gov’t commissary for fundraising), Shimizu 0/5k, Hapai 0/13k, Pascua 0/4k, Finnegan 0/.5k, Moses 0/6k, Sabey 0/1k, Larson 0/2k, Hemmings no account, Vincent 0/(.1k), Leau 0/2k, Au 0/.5k, Marshall 0/0, Stevens 0/0, Kaapu 3k/5k, Fontaine 0/4k, Couch 39k/20k (15k on an Oct raiser). HRP does not acknowledge Maui’s Arakawa 141k/379k. Not sure: Pine 35k/26k, Hannemann 0/10k. Dems: English 4k/41k, Hee 53k/461k, Tsutsui 103k/357k, Green 56k/413k, Say 2k/75k, M Lee .5k/.5k, C Lee 8k/6k, Wooley 8k/14k, Ito 1k/29k, Har 2k/36k, Oshiro 1k/69k, Kidani 50k/109k, Riviere 13k/20k, Hashem 5k/17k, Baker 14k/108k, Ohno 2k/8k, Wooley 8k/14k, Evans 2k/15k, Awana 2k/2k.

Aiona spoke at GRIH, first time. Either his support for race-based initiatives and Jones Act changed or GRIH’s opposition changed.

-SA “..I do not intend to run for office again..” Lingle said in an email interview. Uh huh. Political-speak.

-Rs need to net six seats in the US Senate. Watch AR, LA, MT, SD, AK, WV, NC, MI, IA, CO. Six R Primary fights. Sabato “Since 1946, only 5 percent of sitting senators running for reelection have been defeated in a primary.“ GOP ‘clean’ debt ceiling bill + pathway to citizenship = more Primary challenges

-RedState “Primary Them All.“ 28 House Rs vote for a clean debt ceiling hike, 9 have primary challenges. Senators who moved the bill: McConnell, Cornyn, Murkowski, Thune, Hatch, McCain, Collins.

Ocare insurance company bailout going down, CBO forecasts 2.3M MORE lost jobs. Planet Fitness health center “The reason [your] accounts are forced to charge the new tax is because they include the option for members to tan at the clubs.  Obamacare has a tax on tanning salons.  It doesn’t matter if the member uses or does not use the tanning facilities.”

-Politico “The U.S. abortion rate declined to its lowest level since 1973.” Don’t stop fighting.

Jindal ‘We’re at War.’ One minute

-1980 days (March 4) to Pres election. Sabato has Walker, Paul and Christie first tier; Rubio, Cruz and Kasich second tier; Bush, Ryan and Huckabee “wild cards,” and Santorum and Perry “also-rans.”

-Boy Scouts of America down 6% a year after allowing gay scouts. Walt Disney World drops BSA from volunteer program.

-Three years of HRP at Not my posting but makes HRP’s history transparent.

-“Local” CPAC. Attend ACU’s San Diego regional CPAC Aug 9, 2014.


ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



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