Relevance, Part 1

Aloha Friends. This is part 1 of 2.

Reporting on the HRP, there could not be a more full month. Faux-pas on top of misstep. For a political party wanting to be relevant, wanting to be competent, HRP couldn’t have more mucked up March.

-April 5 HD17/18 monthly meeting

-April 25-27 NRA Annual Meeting Indianapolis

-June 14-15 Sports Shooting Fair

-May 3 HD17/18 monthly meeting

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. Thank you. The Hawaii Republican Party can be better.

-CPAC. THE conservative-libertarian gathering. CPAC is my best solution to liberal (Rs & Ds) dribble. 11,000 attend, most under 30. Cruz, Perry, Carson, Palin rocked the house, Paul was serious. Too many politicians and politicos to name, dinner one evening with Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer. Honored with election to ACUF BoD with folks who do more than I ever can for the movement. Paul won straw vote with 31%, Cruz with 11%. Supporters want more ACU 100% legislators on stage and more time specifically on life. CPAC San Diego is August.

Chang canned, Saiki anointed. Kept secret to facilitate a ‘quiet’ coup. Saiki comes out of another retirement. HRP moves further left.

Confusion. Hellreich+ fire Chang. Exec cmte meets secretly to install Saiki. Hellreich gathers 100% of the Exec cmte for the first time since she gathered them to fire Kaauwai. Chang surprises Hellreich and leaks his ouster (same as he betrayed the Hannemann crew). SA posted first. HIRA alerted members Even AP told the public before HRP told members. Chang’s first press conference in three years is to announce his dismissal. However, Rule 407 is explicit – the cmte is clueless – I remind them that Exec cmte can’t appoint an interim chair. Ready alleges he knew the rules (and his job) but can’t lead. District chair “[Rohlfing, HNL cty] accepted the statements at the EXCOM meeting that they had the right of appointment to fill an opening. He had only become familiar with County Rules, not State Party Rules.“ When another member questions the lie and cover up, HRP creates a week of confusion. Saiki, unaware of rules, does a Haig-like ‘I am in charge.’ Finance Director Parsons blows it by emailing for money because Chang is fired. A week after Chang’s dismissal, HRP and Saiki inform HRP membership. Berube emails the night before the State cmte meeting that Ready, not Saiki, is interim chair. After, Berube’s release lists Saiki as interim and now elected chair.

-Chang’s life – family, business, military – apparently changed overnight. Only months after elected, and only months before the General election, Chang says he can no longer perform the duties, as if he had been performing them. Reader ”How amusing describing removing such a silly person as a “sudden resignation” Hellreich boots him, same as Helleich/Lingle booted Kaauwai in 2010. Twice HRP insiders skip the election process and tell us who is chair (and most could care less).

-Hats off to Scow, Hawaii Christian Coalition Executive Director, stepping forward on no notice to give conservatives a voice in the HRP faux-election. HRP gave the absolute LEAST amount of time for the State Cmte to ‘elect’ Saiki, hoping for no opposition and the appearance of unity.

-Scrvina “New Party Chairwoman was elected by LARGE MAJORITY by the State Committee. What is to me a pattern of obstructionism though is that this happened on such an incredibly short notice. On the other hand throughout the year majority district chair positions weren’t filled, but they were magically filled yesterday and magically all became the LARGE MAJORITY voting for Ms. Saiki. I’m sorry I had to live under communist party for half of my life, so I understand I could be bias about HRP, so I ask you isn’t there something wrong with this picture? Isn’t there a pattern of obstructionism here?“

-Less than half the districts were represented (most have no chair and others don’t participate). Rohlfing (the elder), advocating his progressive politics spoke of the 80’s with Saiki, opens with “The Republican Party is irrelevant.” Rohlfing’s son, the (irrelevant) HNL chair, was in line for party chair until his top-of-ticket support was questioned. Supporting Saiki – and abortion, increased social give-aways, and race-based initiatives: Johanson, Rohlfing and Rohlfing, Ready, Mukk, Fukumoto, Camilleri, among others. Klompus and Liu never bother to show for State meetings, Hellreich made them both attend. At least two Scow-supporting members were not notified of the meeting.

-Is she or not? Saiki wants to order the Platform Cmte to produce a non-platform but she isn’t yet chair. However, Saiki postpones the Platform cmte meeting. Huh? To give Saiki cover, both Moses and Berube lie about why the cmte can’t meet at HQ.

-As Chang, Hellreich, Liu, Ready have ‘shaded’ the truth about HRP status, Saiki tells AP that HRP and Hellreich have been doing nothing as “her goal is “to get back to basics,” including recruiting good candidates, getting voters registered and to the polls and winning elections.”

-Fukumoto must be crying, as at the state convention, as Chang now can’t focus resources on her campaign. In two weeks, Chang goes from party chair/”power” couple, to maybe LG candidate, to whatever he was four years ago.

-We’re learning. Saiki was state chair and in congress in the 80s, when our current house ‘youth’ were born. HIRA bio She was silent on SSM. She introduced abortion rights to Hawaii. SA editors “She is pro-choice and a defender of equal rights, and finds herself opposing the more socially conservative members of her party.” Borreca quotes “I am a liberal when it comes to equal rights and a conservative when it comes to spending people’s money.” CB “[Saiki] supports women’s reproductive freedom.” Great for a D candidate, not for a party trying to explain why we should govern. CB 2011 “GOP leaders, including [Lingle and Djou] and Pat Saiki, asked Kaauwai to step down.” … and now Chang.

-Chang’s ouster helps. AP “Chang says he hopes to be remembered for bringing financial and internal stability to a party that was in “open civil war” when he took over.” HRP has been in debt Chang’s entire term, and still is. Reading this report, ‘stability’ probably isn’t the word he’d use. However, NOTHING changed. Same do-nothing Exec cmte, same do-nothing national reps, same lack of a plan, resources, or platform. Not criticism, that’s just what they’ve (not) done. SA blog “Once again the lemmings of the Republican Party have been mesmerized into believing that you must forego your principles and refrain from distinguishing yourself from the other party in order win elections.“

-Trying to silence conservatives, while ‘saying’ they want to unite. HRP is “bad crust” (per Rand Paul).

Ego. Sent to HIRA “Saiki on Buck: HIRA’s assessment of Saiki is true, and there’s more. Saiki stated she is willing to accept and support ANYONE willing to run as a R, regardless of issues. This means she supports D’s, or others with left wing ideology to run as R’s. Saiki is definitely suffering from inflated ego. She even attempted to take credit for Ronald Reagan’s election to the presidency. Saiki needs schooling on what leadership means.  It means taking positions and backing them up with clear, concise logic as to WHY the position is the best one, and worthy of the vote of The People.” Aside – notice HRP has embraced Buck, not Hamada, and vice-versa?

-Credibility. HNL chair Rohlfing says he is conservative, votes for Saiki, not for conservative Scow.

-Victory lap. Saiki stammers and changes the subject when asked why she should lead HRP. HIRA FB “This morning’s interview with Pat Saiki on Hawaii News Now is REALLY revealing. When confronted with HIRA’s concerns about Saiki’s previous lack of success at running the Hawaii Republican Party, all she could do is change the subject …”

-HRP FEC Maybe why Chang got canned. February receipts $48,016 and disbursements 32,222. A month in the black IS good. Contributions are 38.4k: mostly LDD, RNC 3750 and 5.9k from state account. CoH up to 64.2k, mostly fenced for mortgage. Debt is 18.9k. Sustaining members showing: down to five Exec cmte (Chang gone), down to one of 51 district chairs, down to 11 members. When leaders don’t buy in, don’t expect others to do so. Expenditures include $1500 mortgage, 1697 copier, 3422 property tax, 2684 building maintenance, 2333 IMS accounting, 481 liability insurance, 500 debt payment, and Berube’s 3097 & Parson’s 2932 salary plus 2594 payroll tax+440 health insurance+110 parking+1157 unemployment tax. Surprises include 800 to Medved and 521 for ‘that’ video. Party of fiscal responsibility in debt for 41 consecutive months, HRP in the red 9 of last 14 months. For 2013, HRP spent 58.4k more than raised… and carried 20k debt into the election year. RNC’s bailout for staff pay means less to win the US Senate majority. Only 120k GROSS for two major events is concerning.

LDD. While Hellreich had reasons to fire Chang, LDD may be why Chang is gone. Chang “Lincoln Day Dinner is our largest annual fundraiser“ misses net $150k goal. LDD record net is $400k, in Aiona-Lee years net was 225-300k/year. Chang/Hellreich/Liu’s past two LD events netted <100k each, last year C/H/L were <60k. Based on sponsorships and attendance, 2014 net <$50k.

Caucus meetings. This could be why Chang ‘left.’ Following meetings, HRP has LESS leaders, with >45% district chairs unfilled.

-HRP unity. Some say this is why Chang is gone. As Chang and Moses, for example, continued their pro-‘moderate’ assault on conservatives and religious-oriented ‘fear & hate mongers’ (Chang & Fukumoto term), they get push-back. Saiki is also conservative-bashing with public comments.

-Reader: I receive nothing, nothing from the HRP.  I get more information from HIRA and you.  We have been chosen or elected delegates and again, nothing from the HRP to congratulate or something.  We had a conversation with several individuals that were running for office and they had received nothing from the HRP. That is the issue and the problem.  When you have a [Chang] that is all about themselves, nothing and no one else matters. The only thing from HRP that we have received was their fundraising dinners.  My complaint was the cost, $150-$175. That is $300-$350 a couple. Berube said that the HRP is planning a low dollar or free event.  She said that she will remind Chang that we need to be the party for the People.  She has to remind him, wow.  We did make the HIRA Medved and the Reagan Dinner, as these were more reasonable.  It is a difficult listen [to Chang on Buck] as it is all about, yes him and communications skills lack.  He doesn’t want to bring the HRP, Tea Party and HIRA together, he doesn’t want to communicate with them.  I’m done, mahalo.

-Sarmento Kauai “[Hickling] did this on purpose so that Christians would be unlikely to attend his Convention. (Answers my question of why Kauai had their convention out of Rules guidelines.) [Hickling] repeatedly harangued the 20 in attendance in Lihue with a constant drum beat against HIRA. The candidate training I helped put together had a greater attendance than the Kauai Convention. We have a motivated Pentecostal and Catholic base determined to help get Aiona and Ahu elected because the party won’t do a damn thing other than trash talk us for supporting people who we know support our views. [Aiona] knows the HRP is worse than useless. The moribund HRP is incapable of helping anyone other than their cloistered leadership and their twisted values.“ The other islands aren’t doing anything.

-‘Ad’ initiating HRP’s shock and awe? Gone. Not a peep. Maybe that is why Chang got fired. Brown “Inept communication aside, viewers will be able to identify this as a Republican ad by our characteristic habit of speaking in generalities, without articulating any positions on any issues.  Did we pay for this (yes), or is it a term project from some sophomore communications class?“ Reader “We need to communicate with and educate the young adults, not superficially pander to them.  If I were young, I’d be insulted by the recent GOP commercial.”

-These may be reasons Chang got ousted. Rules Section 417 “ the final month of each calendar year, the State Chair will present a state party budget to the state committee for approval.” April and still no budget. No finance plan, campaign plan, strategic plan…. from last year, much less 2014.

-Seventeen months into the election cycle and twelve months after Hellreich wrote “the need to use massive voter registration drives in all states to increase our chances of winning local and national elections.” No state voter registration drive, nor county, nor one district.

-Lack of integrity by leadership to address the five Rs – Theilen, Carroll, McDermott, Pine, Fenton – who endorsed Ds against Rs in the last election.

-Fourteen months since the 2012 required financial audit was to be conducted. Three month since the ’13 audit was to be conducted. Rumblings about a cover-up may be why Chang got canned.

Legacy. From Chang’s own briefing. Reader: “build long-term infrastructure to win the majority” FAILED, “build a robust system of coalitions groups” FAILED, “raise strategic amounts of money” FAILED, “recruit qualified candidates” FAILED, “develop a consistent, topical message” FAILED, “put aside differences to focus on common goal of electing Republican candidates” FAILED, “be part of history in changing Hawaii politics” PASSED (HRP is even less relevant today) .

-FB. Defend Marriage Hawaii to HIRA “The party is useless. It’s ridiculous to not link up.“

-If you believe Obama has 7M for OCare, you can keep your insurance, period. Hawaii Connector, $200M for 8,000 people, if you believe Abercrombie and if insured means insured. Slom wants GAO investigation.

-Voter ID upheld. Kobach (from Nat’l Platform cmte which Hellreich (he) walked out of because we were conservative) leads.

FreedomWorks endorses conservative incumbents. Senate: OK Inhofe, SC Scott, ID Risch. House: KY-04 Massie, AZ-05 Salmon, GA-14 Graves, OK-01 Bridenstine, SC-01 Sanford, TX-01 Gohmert, KS-01 Huelskamp, FL-06 DeSantis, FL-03 Yoho.

-After I joined 200 NH Pastors, Lane was just in FL with 400 pastors. TX in April. American Renewal Project Stand Up Sunday’s


ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.  Part 2 coming.



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