Relevance, Part 2

Aloha Friends. Welcome back. Part 2/2.

-April 5 HD17/18 monthly meeting

-April 25-27 NRA Annual Meeting Indianapolis

-June 14-15 Sports Shooting Fair

-May 3 HD17/18 monthly meeting

-HIRA helps. All volunteer, no paid staff, no mortgage – If HIRA can bring in speakers, have $75 major events, can speak against liberals, make ads, give members info, and host Roadshows, HRP should.

-I don’t necessarily agree with ALL our readers “Pat Saiki is the epitome of the demise of the Republican Party!“ “many (Platform) members are also District Chairs, and they might have their hands full with spinning the Chair’s resignation just before a landmark election – the first one in memory with a Senate Seat not filled by a Dan.“ “can’t stand the racist, socialist, hypocrite known as Fale.“ “I have no idea what to do in a district. I am willing to do the work but no one trains or prepares us for whatever a district is supposed to do.” “What ARE the current views of the Hawaiian Republican Party?“ “I continue to be appalled at the level to which the GOP has sunk in this state. Chang and Fukumoto must go!“ “All contributions to HRP have been cancelled as of 3/4/14.“ “[Chang] either knows he is a phony, or tries to not make contact to keep you from discovering  that fact“ Really new district chair “I attended the caucus meeting, I would volunteer to be a delegate. I was the ONLY person that showed up. I volunteered to be the District Chair. I appointed myself as Platform rep, and I’ll be the sole [district] officer. I’ve received zero correspondence from HRP, despite attending training, and signing a confidentiality agreement. Their website is woefully out of date, I wouldn’t expect that to change much.” “I assure you that I am working diligently outside the party to see conservative candidates win.“ “RNC told Chang to go because he was eating up the budget, literally eating the budget.”


And, the flags are improperly displayed.

Platform rough start. Member “[Moses’] refusal to schedule a meeting seems to be a blatant act of control over those who have anything to offer which contradicts the party leadership.” Dysfunctional cmte began bickering with nasty comments. Moses (he) to member “Thank you for your very unproductive snide and frankly quite childish remarks and innuendoes.“ Previous members know how HRP and Moses refuse discussion. New people try a naive ‘why can’t we all get along.’ Berish “people who call for “working together” and “unity” do not work as hard as [Moses] to keep the Committee separated.“

Credibility. Moses says he could not for two+ years get resos on the HRP website. In four hours after Saiki is announced, the site is updated with her name. Platform member “I was unable to find any of the Resolutions passed in 2011.” Resos are still not posted.

-She wants no platform. Saiki in SA “The Republican Party does not have to take one side or the other.” Richard HD12 “it does seem that our platform should be something that Democrats would not also be able to agree to.“

-Responding to Moses: I am one who has long-challenged his integrity. Member “[Moses] lied to us and sabotaged our meeting last Saturday. Division continues to this day, because Platform Committee doesn’t have a leader.“ Saiki says Moses and Berube lied on her behalf.

-Sutton “we need to change this over rated pamphlet into a real state Platform.“ Rohlfing, HNL cty, “I interpret [Saiki’s] statements to mean that she does not believe HRP should have a platform any more detailed than the current platform.“ Sutton “What’s the point in spending our time away from family and work, if Saiki already announced she doesn’t want the party to take a stand on issues or to stand for anything so that candidates can do their own thing?” Member “The Republican Party will have no values different than the Democrats, just a different label.“

Saiki opens meeting: “We’re not here to try and debate the issues and take one side or the other.“ Member “[Saiki] and [Moses] shamelessly and inappropriately used over 80 minutes of our all-too-short time lecturing us, often dishonestly, to shut up and just pass the L-LIFE story.“

-Berish: “.. Party Officers have made a number of last minute appointments to our Committee, i.e. people who did not show up to be elected at Caucuses, as the rest of us did, but who have been added (without a vote among Republican Members in those Districts) to stuff the ballot box.“

-Moses (she) unity “like Pat said we have a general issue for everybody, we are the big tent, it doesn’t matter if you’re lesbian or homosexual, we don’t disparage the people. We have to put aside personal agenda and go for the Party…if you don’t like what the Republican Party is doing, GET OUT, go be a Democrat…” Saiki accepted her statement.

Motion to table LLIFE passed. Members left. Moses reopened voting and passed LLIFE. Only 18 voted of a cmte which numbers 54. Saiki owns it – Moses and LLIFE. Shapiro SA “[Saiki] and said she’ll avoid taking positions on issues in the fight to unseat Democrats. It’ll be a battle of which party stands for the most nothing.“

-HIRA: Republicans, [HRP] now officially stands for nothingagain.  Eighteen members of the committee aligned with Saiki and Hellreich and voted against a motion by HIRA member Palcic to create a real political platform which would contain ‘planks’ telling voters where our party stands on issues.

-Reader: “Pity the Republican Party won’t benefit because they are seen as more dangerous than the lib democrats due to their siding with liberal dems in the house. Moses believes he has no culpability, not even a smidgen, for resos not being posted on the HRP website. He’s been running Platform for Chang for several years, he has done his best to shut down discussion, any exchange of ideas, or even scheduling a meeting. Now he blames his lack of professionalism and competence on an unnamed convention secretary, on a temporarily absent party ED and anyone else but himself. Sounds like Obama.” Reader “[Kauai chair Hickling] insistence on creating a Republican Party devoid of common sense family values is just plain wrong. He is condescending and won’t listen. Any liberal position is fine with him, rebranded as a big tent quasi-conservatism but conservative values are trashed and rebuked.“

April 2 = 216 days to General Election


-Shock and awww. This lie may be why Chang is gone. “Hawaii’s GOP is preparing to unleash an unprecedented grassroot-level blitz unlike anything in our party’s recent history.“ No plan, no action. District chairs (and candidates) ask Chang about a ‘plan’ which they haven’t seen, approved, or budgeted.

-Saiki “Our candidate recruitment is going well and we have found some outstanding people who will take on Democrat incumbents.” District chair “I have 1 candidate for sure and 2 others that said they were thinking of running.  None have received a call from the Candidate Recruiter, Regional Chairman, or County Chairman…so I don’t know what she’s talking about, she may want to revisit her EXCOMs performance.” Walden writes that Saiki promises to win 10 House seats (total 17) and 8 Senate seats (total 9). HRP choosing which candidates receive support and which they don’t like. Conservative candidates pulling, in spite of Chang and Saiki’s call for liberals, though she’ll take credit. HRP irrelevant as Let’s Do This Hawaii, Defend Marriage Hawaii and HIRA are competently working.

-’14 Candidates: Schatz v Hanabusa for US Senate, R Friel filed and Roco pulled papers, Cavasso raising. CD1 Ds: Chang, Anderson, Espero, Takai, Xian, Kim and Manahan. Rs: Out-of-state Levene, Finnegan (loser, in LG race, absent on SSM) eyeing but Saiki steals Djou’s thunder and leaks Djou’s announcement for CD1. CD2, D Gabbard vs R Capelouto, Crowley. Hannemann unsure which race, or which party, to run.

-Abercrombie is vulnerable (if he had a credible opponent) v Ige for Gov, also Libertarian Davis, and White pulls for Rs. Expect Rs to resign HRP if Hannemann goes Independent. Waiting to see if Aiona, with non-partisan Lets Do This Hawaii (not with HRP), files. Kauai and Maui report Aiona progress. Aiona expects $250k from Maui donors.

Candidates Meyer – conservative, honorable, a grown up – pulls for senate against Fale. Ahu runs with Lets Do This, not HRP, for LG and Yamashita pulls. House Fmr R Bukoski files as Dem. HRP seeking ‘moderate candidates.’ Candidates are running from HRP. Leau HD6, after HRP pulled out the rug last time. Fmr R Riviere gets raiser email out. Finnegan might seek Ige’s seat. M Lee has a primary. Several chasing CSC-challenged Awana. Nonaka, non-partisan Solutions “We have met or are in contact with over 40 people who are considering running for office in 2014.“ I don’t donate to any campaign or PAC using Nonaka: Integrity issues, never paid back donor money, nor apologized to HRP. Hood may primary Theilen. Waters, Turbin join Council 4 race. Georgi’s leave Kauai in a lurch, now she runs for Council. R candidate FB “I predict another disaster.“ Reader “.. these guys are novices and easily misled by people they believe to be trustworthy, such as Nonaka and Chang and Moses.”

Watch: Schatz v Hanabusa, SD4 Solomon v Inouye, SD23 Fale v Meyer. HD4 Hanohano v anyone, HD38 Aquino v Sonson, HD43 Awana v Tupola, OHA Aiona v Akina. Walden says Theilen may go D.

-Reader “..I should not be surprised at the level of hatred being put out by [Fukumoto]. Fukumoto has only pretended to be conservative, she wanted Hillary to president in 2008, probably wants the same in 2016. As soon as she could after winning her house seat in 2012, did to those two socially conservative groups what one of Jesus’ apostles did; deny and disavow any relationship with them.“

-Credibility. Sometimes ‘we’ make donations we wish we hadn’t. Reader: “[Fale] voted in favor of every racial entitlement bill that came to committees where he was a member, and also on final passage for items that got that far.” Akaka Bill opponent Burgess gave to Fale.

-FB “[Akina] spoke at the [OLWR] luncheon. He told us a lot about the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii and then announced that he is running for Office of Hawaiian Affairs. Conflict of interest?“

-Credibility. SA editors “We are especially dismayed that lawmakers have advanced a bill that would allow [OHA] to develop residential high-rises… This is a clear betrayal of the will of the people,“ Hypocrites ignored the peoples’ will during SSM.

-Rs need to net six US Senate seats. Where to send money: AR, MT, SD, WV, LA, NC, AK, MI, CO, IA. Silver (back, with ESPN) “Republicans are now slight favorites to win at least six seats.“ VA 95% chance D wins, NH 75% D, IA 75% D, CO 60% D, MI 55% D, AK 55% D, NC 50-50, LA 55% R, AR 70% R, GA 70% R, KY 75% R, MT 80% R, SD 90% R, WV 90% R.

-1951 days (April 2) to Pres election. GWU poll has Paul, Bush, Christie at the top. TWT “[Sabato] says Walker is the person to beat in the GOP nomination race.“ I am a Walker guy.

ACU is committed to constitutionally limited government, individual liberty, free markets, a strong defense and traditional American values. Only 18 scored 100% last year. Senate OK Coburn, TX Cruz, UT Lee. House MN-6 Bachmann, FL-6 DeSantis, SC-3 Duncan, NJ-5 Garrett, SC-4 Gowdy, OH-4 Jordan, ID-1 Labrador, CA-4 McClintock, SC-5 Mulvaney, KS-4 Pompeo, FL-19 Radel, AZ-1 Salmon, LA-1 Scalise, AZ-6 Schweikert, TX-36 Stockman.

-“Does our Constitution guarantee the freedom of religion, or does it merely allow a more limited freedom to worship?“ Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby

-Erickson, RedState: A shareholder pushed Apple CEO on the issue of global warming. The individual wanted to know if Apple would stop doing things that put the environment, etc. ahead of profits. [CEO] rebutted him forcefully, and rightly, that if the guy didn’t like Apple’s commitment against climate change the guy could ditch the stock.

Slom is only senator to oppose bloated $23.8B state budget.

-HIRA on Jones

-Politico “For many state parties, the party may soon be over.“

-Health Connector failure is Abercrombie’s excuse to suggest Single Payer. This is why Obama isn’t fazed by OCare failure – he wants Single Payer.

-Three years of HRP at Not my posting but makes HRP transparent.

-Best reality show ever. NCAA Basketball Tournament.

-“Local” CPAC. Attend ACU’s San Diego regional CPAC Aug 9, 2014.


ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



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