Primary Election-time, Part 2

Aloha Friends. Welcome back. Part 2 during Primary season: highlights candidate finances and races to watch.

-August 8-10 RedState Gathering, Dallas

-August 9 Hawaii Primary Elections

-September 6 East Oahu Republican monthly meeting

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. Thank you.

-Sixty seconds will change what you think about Republicans in Hawaii, and the HRP.

-HRP unveiled VOIP phones and a new copier. Saiki says phones are “amazing new technology,” which I told you about using in Virginia five years ago. Copy machine has more capability (and a Catch-22) than the previous expensive machine; waiting for the FEC report to see how much it costs. Rec’d a candidate’s illustrative phone bank faux-pas (a hoot) which I’ll relate next report.

No one wants to work with Saiki. Last month, she lost a county chair (to Aiona campaign) & HRP secretary (he just quit). This month her Executive Director ‘poofs.’ Members find out from the SA blog Saiki quote ‘mutual agreement.’ So, Berbe got fired before she quit, or she quit before she got fired? Now, a person with even less experience than Berube is your ED, three months before the election. Parson’s is Finance Director AND Executive Director… one director job too many, especially considering the finance report. This party does not deserve respect.

-I don’t necessarily agree with ALL our readers: Clarifying candidate comment from last month “You’re right! [Ready] is a bullshi**er!” “I’d like to think we need to build coalitions to win. Kind of the opposite of what HRP leadership is doing.“ “Mahalo for the eyeopeners and updates“ “Please find out what happened to the GOP website. It got worse not better. You can’t find any info on the site. It will be more difficult to recruit Republicans than before.“ “I will go down today and ask to be taken out as a Republican.“

-Berube email “it was requested that all District Chairs be listed on the website so that local republicans can connect with their district leaders.” Your district chairs are elected to office in a public political organization. Posting their contact info is not an option.

-HRP website NEW, unimproved. District chair “District chairs should be identified; the platform; rules; and approved resolutions should be easily available. I can’t find them.“ District chair “No help for voters (voting places, district officials, etc). No mention about resolutions. Looks like the redesign was not timed well, not finished on time, or was screwed up intentionally. This was a waste of donor funds.“ Candidate “Hard to find candidates. Left off two Gov candidates. Missing candidate photos a month after filing, only four until the election. Some photos are 10 years old. When did Couch (Maui Council) and Aiona (HNL Council) leave HRP? Links don’t work and many candidates don’t have a website. HRP needs to do something as simple as a website if they hope to convince donors & volunteers to step up.”

-Supporters’ push for Aiona to ‘lead’ HRP post-election is premature. He avoided participating in party direction & operations for 12 years, invisible the past three years. This push infers he loses in November. Aiona push may indicate concern over Rohlfing as party chair because of his Hannemann support.

August 2 = 94 days to General Election

-HRP pleads for Rs to vote R in the Primary. There are few R primary races, some critical D races. Reader with HRP sample ballot “I thought that perhaps Abercrombie’s organization is paying someone in HRP to help him fend off being ‘Primaried ‘ by Ige.”

-Mormons and others working for Hannemann, attacking Aiona, should resign from HRP until after the election. HNL County secretary (when did this replacement get elected?) emailed a list of candidate events which omitted all Aiona activity.

-Reader “google Ahu’s testimony. Amazing.” Berube email “Ahu officially became an HRP member on 4/28/2014” explains Ahu’s dig that Sutton is a life-long Republican (vs a month-long one). says Ahu is a “fake Republican.

-LG debate. When offered, twice, neither had a question for their opponent. Ahu was visibly surprised, Sutton finally asked “Who dresses you?” Ahu favors more gun control which places him to the left of anyone a conservative can support. Neither prepared, or they did so poorly.

-Reader: Waikele Candidate Forum w/ 25 candidates, 100-120 voters. Dem Oshiro (strongly opposed homosexual marriage) took time to correct Aiona’s (absent during SB-1 session) timeline on GET sunset. Dem Har criticized House leaders for their lack of leadership and Republican (supposedly) Fukumoto cut in to defend Souki and the liberal direction of the House. New candidates failed to take advantage of their speaking opportunity, Ahu, for example, said not a word after his intro.

-’14 Candidates w/ data (in thousands) NOT INCLUDING PRE-PRIMARY RPT: Senate (Safe D): Schatz raised 822/1,455 CoH v Hanabusa 585+117 her own/767, Rs Cavasso 77+3 his own/12. Sabato “Since World War II, 2% of House incumbents who sought another term were not renominated and 5% of Senate incumbents. This year, 273 of 275 House incumbents (99%) and 18 of 18 Senate incumbents (100%) have won renomination.” CB “Republican candidates for the US Senate don’t have sufficient funds to pay for [TV] commercials.” CD1 (Sabato Safe D, Cook Leans D) Ds: Kim 201/582 v Takai 202/354. R: Djou 434/401. (Djou also leads in pre-primary rpt.) CD2 (Safe D): D Gabbard 239/965 vs Rs Capelouto no report, Crowley no account.

Candidates with data (in thousands) NOT INCLUDING PRE-PRIMARY RPT: Gov (Sabato says Toss Up from Leans D): Abercrombie raised 886/1M CoH v Ige 243/82, Indy Hannemann 159/147, Lib Davis 1/0, R Aiona 361/203 includes six computers & a projector, no paid staff, uses liberal’s PIRYX. Aiona headlines HCC candidates’ rally – no HRP ‘leader’ showed and no Johanson or Fukumoto. Aiona counts on non-partisan Let’s Do This Hawaii anti-SSM group and RGA, not HRP. LG Tsutsui 357/358 vs Hee 123/323, Sutton 17/1 v Ahu 69/25 spent 34% for food/beverage and only 45% for printing/postage and bought a projector, Chang (Indy) 2/2.

Stay with me on all these numbers. Augustin raised 7/0 CoH/4.7 debt; Allen 11/9/5; Dem Awana 10/1; Bateman 1/0; Lib Berg 0/(5); Dem Brower 6/(3)/6; Cheape 24/22; Ebert 0/0; Fale 42/43 (includes $500 from Kaauwai, uses liberal PIRYX); Fowler 47/26; Fukumoto 21/36 (PIRYX, uses military commissary); Dem Galuteria 27/30; Dem Golojuch 6/2; Dem Har 28/54; Grace 16/7 (PIRYX, appears Nonaka fired); Halvorsen 4/0; Dem Hashem 9/24; Lib Higa 9/6; conservative Hood 13/2 (PIRYX); Jeremiah 1/(1); Johanson 16/55 (PIRYX, 7k from Dem PACs, yet to assist House candidates); Kaapu 4/8; Dem Kobayashi (H19) 9/17; Dem C Lee 14/11/1; Dem M Lee 26/18/5; Lethem 3/3 (one donor); Dem Lowen 27/27; Dem Magaoay 7/8; Mathiau 1/0; McDermott 23/24 (PIRYX); Meyer 31/28/17 (PIRYX), Moses 0/0; Dem Ohno 24/28; Dem Riviere 17/22; Dem Say 4/63 (residency problem); liberal Thielen 34/42 (max from gay-rights billionaire Singer); Ward 11/54; Valenzuela 7+5 her own/6.

-“We don’t pay for landslides and we don’t invest in lost causes.” RGA chair Christie.

Find your candidate; if you don’t know your candidate it is an indicator. House: Hikida 30+3 his own/19; Kukahiko 9/4; Pouha 12/6; Wiggins 4/3; Svrcina 2/1; Poti 7/3; Helsham 2/1; Tagavilla 15/15; Marshall no report; Lam R 5/2; Amsterdam no rpt; Manutai 3/2 (PIRYX); Franks 3/3; Flores no rpt; Yoder 10/(2)/1; Pohle 1/0/1; Marten no rpt; Kapoi no rpt; Thomas 5/2/2; Dickson no rpt. Senate: Danner 0/0; Brown 1 his own/0; Roman 1/0; Perry no rpt; Ku 1/0; Kim D 12 (six illegal)/11; Dubois 0/0; Kamaka 2/2. This highlights HRP’s flaw of running people who are not prepared to campaign (or govern). When you see 0, 5 or even 10 at this point, you know they aren’t trying, are a strain on the Victory program (if HRP had a program) and a distraction for volunteers and donors. Nothing personal, we just need to focus.

Compare some Ds. Apana 22/8/2; Aquino 25/28; Cachola 38/178; Choy 7/53; Cullen 20/39; English 38/70; Evans 3/18; Green 88/481, Ichiyama 12/35; Ing 10/25/2; Ito 16/41; Jordan 9/15; Luke 42/98; McKelvey 0/20/1; Nishimoto 28/57; Onishi 14/24; Saiki 47/54. You may be interested: Arakawa (Maui) raised 166/358 CoH; Akina (OHA) 33/4 including 8 for a manager and 3 illegal raiser tickets; Iwasa (HNL) 5/(1); Couch (Maui) 10/13; Fukunaga 50/21 v Aiona S (HNL) 2/2/6 debt.

Watch: Sen Schatz v Hanabusa. CD1 Kim v Takai, then v Djou. LG Tsutsui v Hee. S4 Solomon v Inouye. S23 Fale v Meyer, then v Riviere. H4 Hanohano v anyone. H9 Woodson v Apana. H27 Fowler v Ohno. H36 Fukumoto v Lee. H38 Aquino v Sonson. H43 Awana v Tupola. H48 wide open. H50 Theilen v Hood. Couch v 3 for Maui Council. Adding Gov Abercrombie v Ige, H20 Say (wl residency issue) v Allen, Bonk, H22 Brower v Grace, H51 Lee C v Hikida, H48 Harris v Keohokalole, H47 Pouha v Fonoimoana. Changing H41 Cabanilla v LoPresti. Dropping H6 Lowen v Akaka and H45 Cheape v Magaoay.

-SA says Meyer is best for S23, over Fale, for “the best combination of experience and community rapport” which you should read as ‘she is the grown up, mature candidate in that race.’

-“Har said Golo­juch would follow her to the bathroom during same-sex marriage debates and hurl insults. His mother will sit in the gallery and make a slashing motion across her neck. They’re single-issue people and they’re bullies. They are a very, very vitriolic family.” Same when they were in HRP.

-Reader “Isn’t it possible that in the Cabanilla race the presence of Berg as a third party candidate may in fact take away a significant split of Rida’s voters to maybe cause the Republican candidate to win?” More likely, she loses her Primary. Then, Berg & Wiggins split the R vote. HRP blew it when they (1) forced out a guy who wants to run, (2) watched Berg jump in as an Indy because Berg and HRP hate each other, (3) found an unprepared R guy to run, (4) then had the original R with a criminal (and compelling) story return – all the last week of filing. A screw up, second only to allowing Cachola and Harimoto unopposed wins.

-The Republican State Leadership Committee names 14 state candidates to the Future Majority Project watch list. For Hawaii, Fowler, H27. Fowler is a good candidate to support.

HRA Ratings. Not surprised many Ds (and Libertarians) are more (gun) rights friendly than our Rs. Ratings highlight a difference between what a candidate says (survey) and what they do (vote), in both directions. ‘Less than truthful’ includes Hanohano surveys A but votes C, Hashem A/B. For the positive, Ito and Har survey A but vote A+, Say B/A. A rated includes Grace, Djou (A-), Crowley, Meyer, Tokuda, Tsuji, Ward, Arakaki, Jordan, McDermott, Hood, S. Aiona. Ichiyama, B. Kobayashi, Magaoay. Of interest = Aiona C, Ige A, Hannemann B, Galuteria F, Shimabukuro B, Poti F. Cannot be conservative and be afraid to submit the survey or receive less than a B rating. Many are afraid to complete the survey including Ahu (gun control advocate), Allen, Marshall, Kaapu, Fowler, Johanson, Helsham, Agustin, Fukumoto, Tupola, Cheape, Akina, Pouha.

-If you didn’t read about our candidates here, or from HIRA, or see them at church-sponsored forums you wouldn’t hear of them at all. Ask HRP to begin telling us (honestly) who are our candidates, why they are running and what are their platforms (in the absence of a party platform).

Quick hits:

-Holly (Hobby Lobby) Fisher. ‘Nuff said.

-Perspective. I loaded the Red Alert: Israel app that alerts of Hamas rocket firings.

-Reader “I saw all the walk pieces. Not ONE of our candidates mentions that he or she is a Republican.”

-Borecca SA “It was Thielen’s vote for gay marriage in the judiciary committee that guaranteed the bill would make it to the floor for a vote.”

-Conservative candidates continue to report HRP stonewalling.

-Reader “Pine kills a good bill (workforce housing) that could save a family – because of her pettiness.”

-FEC is auditing Hawaii Dem Party for multiple discrepancies with their finance reports.

-News? Rail costs more. CB “costs associated with delays could reach $250 million. [BoD] for Honolulu’s $5.2 billion rail project approved an additional $6 million.“

-Abercrombie signs financial disclosure bill and his friends bail. Twenty-six state board members resign, so far, including four UH regents.

-Pine release “Pine incorrectly voted against Bill 46, the urinating and defecating in public bill. She is in favor of Bills 43 and Bill 46 that prohibit urinating and defecating in public places.“

Friends: Bloomberg gave $250,000 to a [SC Senator] Graham super PAC. “Is this a typo?” Yes. Corrected

-Join NRA.

NRA protects your 2nd Amendment (gun) rights, if you support NRA. Even Ds run from anti-gun policies. CO D Sen Udall spokesperson “Bloomberg should stay to what he knows best “traffic jams and tiny sodas.” US Senate is the most important campaign this cycle. Join

Their fight song dates to 1937. I was hooked the first time I saw Jurgensen pass. Met Lombardi at camp in Carlisle. Loved Grimm leading Riggins in Gibb’s Counter-Trey. No one likes team owner Synder, but fans appreciate his determined fight against big government. I am a Washington Redskins fan.


ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



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